Thursday, January 31, 2008

Calling in the calvary

I feel gross tonight. I think I ate too much pizza. lol

Tonight was...interesting. I hosted an event, and of course my DJ didn't show. That's the second time in a week that that's happened to me. 2 different DJs! But we have a new greeter who is getting set up to DJ and he told me that he'd be sure to be there for me. I think I'm cursed, so we'll see. Oh, and we got hit by a rolling restart too. That's also the second time that's happened during one of my events. Cursed! But we did have some interesting guests towards the end, including these two.

He got schooled.

I'm not sure how I'd feel if I got smacked down by a kitty with peanut butter & jelly hanging off her belt.

Someone I am not interested in at all and haven't talked to in a couple of weeks showed up on my porch tonight. Cen sent her man over and my friend Troll [who is also my landlord, I guess? lol] came too and before I knew it, the guy was gone. It helps having huge intimidating looking guys as friends. :) No, no one was rude or anything at all. No orbiting, nothing. It was just suggested to him in IM that I'd like my privacy, which is true. There are a few people who CAN just show up at my doorstep whenever they want, but they know who they are. Or they should, anyway. And I swear, calling in the calvary is not something I'd do just to be a bitch. I've never actually done that before. But, if you tell someone that you intend for them to be your girlfriend, and they don't seem interested in the slightest, and you show up uninvited at their house anyway...well, you probably deserve to have two huge men stare you down. lol Ugh, I'm such a wench. Now I feel bad. But probably just because I feel icky tonight anyway. I'm sure I'll be over it in the morning.

I've been in a black & white photo mood today, so I took a couple of shots out by the new little fire place near my home.

B&W Fireside

B&W Fireside - Eyes

I like the way the second one came out. The eyes are more muted than the blue of my eyes normally, but I think it fits the photo well.

I'm really tired now.

On The Soapbox

So in the midst of all the fun we were having yesterday, one designer who shall remain nameless decided to ban a a few avatars for simply having a good time in the store while they were stuck there. If you were part of all the madness yesterday, you know that a lot of the time, if you were able to get into a store, there was a good chance you weren't going to get OUT of the store for a while. Why not make the best of things? But apparently this designer wasn't about having fun.

So when one of the banned talked about it in her blog [I won't name names, but if you read the freebie blogs, you've probably seen it already], she got the comment from someone who said that if we "freebie obsessives" bought something now and then, store owners wouldn't kick us out.

Well, I don't know about this person, but I know PLENTY of the "obsessed" who spend 10 times as much as anyone else.

I know that I don't have to justify why I set the $5L challenge for myself. I don't have to justify why I personally enjoy the gifts that the wonderful designers of SL give so willingly. But this comment really got to me.

Yesterday I saw many of the "big names" of SL out and about with the rest of us. They were laughing with us with the lag, picking up gifts from their fellow designers, and really were just nice people. It was wonderful to get to meet some of them, even just briefly, while we muddled through the whole thing. You can't tell me that they never spend money in this game. They were getting free gifts because it is FUN to get things for free.

Are those of us who regularly hit the shops where gifts are being advertised obsessed? Depends on your definition of obsession. A lot of the time, I go out there just to look and to say hi to the other group members. We've all been on each other's heads at one point or another. :)

If you're in SL to make money, then I would guess that you're in the minority, as most people I know are here to have a good time and to escape a first life where things may not be so wonderful. There are people with families and responsibilities that may make it impossible for them to spend extra cash on buying $Lindens. Remember, a dollar isn't always just a dollar. You may think nothing of spending $10 to purchase something in SL, but another person may need that same $10 to buy bread and milk for the week for their family. Getting these gifts here in SL is the way that people can enjoy the game, look the way they want to look, and have a fabulous life for a few hours.

Also consider this - The gifts that you as a designer give away are free advertising. When someone tells me that they like something I'm wearing, and this does happen frequently, I almost immediately tell them where I got it. [Provided that I remember. Sometimes I don't, but I'll gladly tell you if you'll wait a moment for me to look in my inventory.] Those of us who love freebies almost always end up going back to the stores that were good to us and spending money. Although I do not spend all that much in SL, when I do choose to spend on my "investment pieces," it's usually at stores that I have been given things from before. For example, a couple of weeks ago I was at Miriel picking up her cute free jewelry and I noticed that she sells really pretty eyes. I was wearing some lovely eyes from Sin Skins that were free in an avatar pack, and I always got a lot of compliments on those, but I decided to try Miriel eyes. Yesterday, in the middle of all the lag and craziness, someone tells me that they really love my eyes. How she managed to see them in all of that, I don't know, but I was happy to tell her where I got them from. And because it was in chat, everyone that was around me could hear it. So check it out, free advertising. :)

Cen and I were discussing this, and she said that at least the stigma of the freebie is going away, although there are still the "If it's free, it sucks" people. Why?? If someone gives you a sweater as a gift for your birthday or Christmas, do you not wear it because you didn't pay for it? No! It was a GIFT. And that's what the designers are doing. They are giving us gifts.

[Not that there aren't sucky freebies out there. There are. But if you aren't fresh off Noob Island, you probably know what is and isn't good quality.]

It's very simple in the end. Either you give gifts or you don't. Either you love gifts or you don't. If you don't give, then that's totally fine and you don't have to ever explain why you choose not to. If you do give, give because you love it and have fun seeing people happy, not because you feel obligated. If you receive, be polite and say thank you and have fun. If you don't like to receive, then don't bash the ones who do because you don't know them.

Now if you will excuse me, I have 20 prims surrounding me that won't delete.

I need food!

I sat around tonight and attempted to unpack all my boxes from today, but it's just so much. I ended up just climbing into my PJs and chatting with my two favorites while I laid on the couch, looking at pictures. :)

Thinking :)

Now, I did end up hitting a few more stores that I realized I hadn't been to yet, and I picked up some nice things. Actually, almost every single thing I picked up today was great. Most of the designers really took to heart the birthday thing and gave just the best gifts. I even got some bangle bracelets that have jade, and I love jade. My inventory is crazy and I'm still kind of dazed from it all, but I'm so happy. :)

After everyone went to bed, I started thinking about earlier this month when I went and weighed myself. I was 123 pounds then, and wondered if I'd be the same weight after such a hard day of shopping. I couldn't find the hospital that I'd weighed at before, but I found this really great scale!

Let's see here...

After taking off my slippers and clicking buttons, my weight registered. 107 pounds. I've lost 16 pounds!

I lost weight shopping!

Oh no, now all my new clothes will be too big! So I set out to try to put some weight on.

I was going to drive around, since that would not make me burn as many calories, but wow, even in SL gas is high!

Gas is HIGH!

But I found a diner and sat down to enjoy some greasy diner food. Mmm!

Time to eat!

I was so excited to get a meal. After all, I'm very busy, and rarely have time to eat. No wonder I've managed to lose 16 pounds! I was so excited, in fact, I had to dance.

The Burger Dance

Then I realized that dancing would burn calories, and that's not what I was going for. I finished my meal and came home.

All in all, it was a pretty cool day. I'm headed to bed now so tomorrow I can tackle that inventory!

Wednesday, January 30, 2008


What a day. I don't plan on going to any more stores unless it's a reeeeeeeeally great gift now. I've been stepped on, pushed around, banged into, stuck in stores, forced to restart several times... But it was loads of fun and I got well over 100 gifts. The only things I didn't care for were the free boots from the store that would not rez, and the skins from Minnu. Yes, I said it. I don't care for Minnu skins. :-p With my shape, they never look right on me, and the one I got today makes me look mean. What's funny is that I know I don't care for them, and I still put up with this to get them.

Glam World

It was pretty bad. lol Plus I kept getting a message saying I didn't have enough money. For a freebie. Not sure what that was about since I'm pretty sure I have enough for something that costs nothing. :)

One thing I noticed today, and it made me a bit sad, is that a few of the designers seemed to not want to give gifts and did it because others were. You know, if you don't want to give anything or it's going to leave you destitute, then don't do it.

The biggest "What the hell?" move of the day came from Tami McCoy, who worded her notice so that people figured that they only had 10 minutes to get free hair. Heck, that may have been what she meant. She said that the fastest TP got free hair. So, not even a minute after her notice...

Dixie - Tami McCoy's Hair

No one could move, no one could tp out, and definitely no one could be bothered to go hunting for free hair. I ended up having to crash my viewer just to get out of there. From what I heard as I was at some other stores, I wasn't the only one.

And certainly, that's the prerogative of the seller to put a time limit or make something limited edition. However, Honey had said that just to give everyone a chance, to leave the sales for 24 hours and not limit how many of one item they're giving. Certainly it's not going to do anything if 10 people or 100 people have the same of a free gift, right?

I really did enjoy today, though, and I have SO much good stuff now! Big big big thanks to the fabulous designers who give so much, not only today but all the time. And big thanks to the crazy members of Fashion Consolidated for being so cool because seriously, this could have been a huge grief-fest. go through all my stuff!


When you say "Free Boots...."

5 minutes later, this is what your sim looks like.

When you say free boots....

Extra! Extra! Read all about it!

Today, shock and dismay as Evie's Closet offered only 21 dresses to a group of over 4000. Fashionistas were sobbing into their little flexi hankies as they slowly made their way out of the store, prim attachments firmly embedded into their rears.

As sims suddenly slowed to a stop under the weight of the beautiful avatars of Second Life, FashCon founder Honey Fairweather made this statement:

[11:19] Honey Fairweather: oh my! i'm sorry SL, FashCon broke your sims....

Is she truly sorry? Only time will tell.

LOL! I really make myself laugh sometimes.

This whole day has just been really amusing to me. Everyone has been really great, apologizing for bumping into each other, pointing out where items are, etc. But it is so crazy! Why do we feel the need to run like sheep to each drop? I really don't have an answer. But it is fun! And I think the designers are playing with us. There will be 30 minutes or so when there are no notices, and then they come 7 at once. LOL

There's been a slight break I guess I better get ready for the next run.


It has been wild today! I think 4 gift notices came out in a row. I decided today to call these gifts, instead of freebies, since that's essentially what they are. This is great stuff too. And don't worry, don't worry. If you're at work right now, just wait till you get home and join the group and go to all the places. I don't think a lot of it will still be free tomorrow, but you have time tonight still. :)

But this really has been fun. I've run into some people who read my blog [Hi!] and seen a lot of others that I know by name/blog only. I also got to see the funniest thing ever!


I guess she couldn't get a babysitter on such short notice. I HAD to take her picture. I should have screencapped it, because her title was something like "How Drunk Was I?!" Totally fabulous.

By the way, just a note to the designers: We all appreciate SO MUCH the gifts you are giving today. It's so generous and wonderful and everything is lovely quality. But today is probably not the day to say "I have freebies hidden! Guess where!" When 25 people ascend upon your store at once, it's hard to walk, much less run around looking for where you may have put your gift. I really do enjoy hunts, as I've mentioned before, but not today. :)

Oh brother. Not all the group notices are popping up for me. I see several in the group notice archive I haven't gotten. Guess I better get to work. :)

Just a note...

January 30th [today, for most people] is FashCon FreeDay, so join the Fashion Consolidated group because designers are going to be giving away a lot of stuff. Yay!

I haven't had my caffeine yet, so I'm going back to being quiet now.

EDIT: I just went to the first of what is probably going to be many freebie runs. It was hysterical! Mere seconds after the notice went out that there was a free pose & set of eyes [in MY color!!] at Corrupted Innocence, about 20 FashCon members fell on each others' heads. I'm wondering if it wouldn't be easier to just drop the freebie in a box and send it that way to the group. There are over 4000 members to this group. I don't think the sims can hold everyone. So, here's some tips, especially for those of you who don't regularly go to these big freebie drops. Those of us who belong to the Free*Style group already kind of know what this is like, although this is kind of bigger than what we're used to.

1. Don't wear huge formal gowns. When you drop in and you have 25 layers of flexi, it's not good. Jeans & comfortable shoes, ladies. You're going to be running around today.

2. Don't wear 10,000 tiny prims.

3. If you're really nice, take your AO and any other scripted attachments off.

4. When you teleport in, move a few steps to the side. You'll probably end up getting pushed anyway, but at least you're out of the direct landing spot. Do NOT run like a bull in a china shop and knock everyone over. Some of us are small. :-p

5. If the designer is on site, say thank you! It's because of their generosity that most of us don't have to spend millions of $L to look so darn good. :) Actually, just be nice in general while you're going to these. You will end up seeing a LOT of the same people, so you don't want to be known as the witch who slapped someone for a freebie at the last store or the Lag Whiner.

Here's a couple of pics I managed to get at the last 2 drops.

DeFleur Free Drop

InStyle Free Drop

I get in and get out quickly, so I'm sure the places were even more overrun after I left. At least, until the next gift notice. :)

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Say Cheese!

Because there was no Primtionary tonight, I headed over to my job to hang out for our punk event. Of course, it wasn't very punk and there was just a few of us. I was busily chatting in IM with someone when I look over and there's a giant toothbrush strapped to Rage's back. LOL Suddenly, Punk Night became Dental Night.

Dental Night!

[Click on it to see it bigger. Blogspot wanted to cut it off again.]

So we're dancing around with toothbrushes and I'm IMing with Wrath and we finally decide to meet. :) I didn't think the first time I met him, I'd have a giant toothbrush strapped to my back, but what can you do?

I will fully admit it. I was nervous! We've been IMing since last week and I don't know why I was nervous since it's basically the same thing but it wasn't.

He's great, though. :) And even though I look bored in this picture, I swear I wasn't bored one bit.


He's having fun sniffing that tire. :)

For once, I'm kind of at a loss for words. lol

Um, moving on... Gurl 6 has some free hair for Valentine's Day! Big braided pigtails. It has the kind of hockey puck bangs, and that doesn't look good on everyone, but hey, it's free, so go check it out. There are loads of Valentine's freebies out there right now. Just check the blogs!

I'm really sleepy since that telemarketer woke me up so early, so I think I'm off to bed.

Guilty Pleasure

As I mentioned last night, I have a dirty secret to tell you all.

I love reality tv.

Yes, I walk around like I'm cool, but the truth is, I love to see people on tv acting like fools to get money or 30 seconds of fame or whatever they get. Wife Swap, The Biggest Loser, The Bachelor, and of course American Idol. I love them all.

I like to watch these shows and I laugh and cry and I wonder what possesses someone to go on television and do things like live in someone else's home, or eat baby fetus ducks, or have a boob job done. Is it worth having millions of people asking "What the hell was THAT?!" when you do something stupid?

But I was wondering - with voice in SL, is it possible one day we'll have SL Idol? Oh please oh please oh please let me be a judge for that!

If you're watching American Idol tonight, feel free to IM me to talk about it. :)

Cen signed on for a bit today and she showed me where to pick up some free vehicles. I got a pink helicopter, a monster truck, and a couple of other things. She showed me her monster truck.

Just like the Titanic

I can't say much. LOL After she left to go back to work and I got my truck, I ended up in the water, too.

She did give me the landmark to a racetrack and you can rez out your own cars, or get a vespa or a motorcycle there to drive around.

Woo woo woo!

I should have put on my cop outfit!! But I did rez out one of the cars I got today, and some random guy jumped in. I made him laugh because of my terrible driving that had us airborne more than a few times. I hope he didn't think that when he got in my car, uninvited, that he was in for a good ride.

Wow, that sounded dirty.

Lord, won't you buy me a Mercedes Benz...

I am a firm believer that unless I'm in love with you or you're family, you should never even think of calling my home before 12pm. Unfortunately a telemarketer got the rough side of my tongue for calling BEFORE 9AM. The only thing that would make me feel better is a good freebie, and that's just what I got. I am now the proud owner of a Mercedes. And because she looked so cute in her outfit, I copied Creamy Cooljoke's outfit a bit. [Feel better soon!!]


[Thank you, Blogspot, for cutting the pic. Click on it to see the full size.]

This car is so pretty! It comes with a HUD, but I'm not sure exactly what the HUD does. I've seen it said in a couple of places that the car is hard to handle, but this is my first car in SL, so I wouldn't know. I just think it looks good.

Not a hoodrat!

And yes, I think I look good on it. ;) Even the inside of the car is very nicely detailed. It took me forever to get my camera in it, but I managed. :)

Pretty inside

I took that baby out for a spin. But unfortunately, much like in the real world, I'm a danger on the road.

I don't know what happened!

Maybe I should just hire a driver.

I was on my way to bed...

But before bed, I do a run down of all the blogs I read. I have rituals, ok???

Anyway, Tymmerie posted this quiz on her blog and I just had to take it.

Guys Like That You're Charming

You're the girl most guys can't get out of their heads
Even if they met you on a bad hair day :-)
You just seem to "click" with everyone you meet
So even if a guy forgets about you for a second... his friends haven't!

I admit it, I laughed.

But I'd like to push all of my wonderful male readers over to her blog to take the sidebar quiz she's put up for the guys. C'mon, help the ladies of SL out and answer it! :)

Now it's bedtime.

Monday, January 28, 2008

Now I'm unstoppable! Well, not really.

When I'm out and about, I see a lot of women with guns. I'm not sure why they feel the need to be packing heat while going to buy hair, but they do look cool. I don't really feel the need to shoot anyone in SL. Not yet, anyway. But I did go and pick up some freebies from SLX and hit the streets of my home sim. It can be rough out there, you know!


What are you looking at?

I look cool, huh? :) But it's not really me. I guess deep down, I'm just sweet & innocent.

Speaking of which, check out this cool thing I got today!

Ballerina Globe

I click on a lot of subscribe-o-matic things when I'm exploring. I don't remember clicking on the subscribe-o-matic for the store All Dolled Up [SLurl], because I don't remember ever going to that store, but I go to a lot of places. I was really surprised to get the snowglobe as a gift today. It's so nice! You just hop in you're a ballerina. I got the outfit from Spirit [SLurl] for $1L and it was just perfect.

Tomorrow...I'll let you all in on a dirty secret. ;)

Alicia's Tip Of The Day: If you see a Subscribe-O-Matic sign, click on it. It doesn't take up any of your groups, you aren't annoyed by chatters, and you usually end up with some really great gifts.


Hey Wrath, you can quit worrying about me not sleeping. I managed 10 and a half hours last night. Sheesh.

So keeping on with my tour of the sites that Natalia Zelmanov has on her blog as places to go visit, I hit up Aiot's Toon Wonderland today. It was very bright!

Candy Lane

It's just a very brightly colored, big, cartoonish place. But it's pretty cool to visit. You can have seat in a big dragon skeleton.

Dragon bones

I also managed to find a huge voodoo doll. I wonder who this is supposed to be!


It's supposed to have a lot of things from video games, but I've never really been a big game player, so I didn't know most of what was out there. Still, go visit. You might know some of the things. There's also an arcade out there and you can play games for tickets that you can redeem for prizes. Unfortunately there's no prizes to be had until you get 25 tickets.

Oh, and I had to share this picture because the whole thing just amused me.

Where's her pole?

When I first log in, I usually hit up all the stores that I've gotten landmarks to in group notices [if it's something I need] and I came to this place to pick up a couple of freebie avatar kits. This girl was there, just doing a pole dance - sans pole! I don't know if she knew it was going on or what.

I'm hosting an event tonight. I'm sad because that means I'll miss Primtionary tonight, but I do have to work sometime. :)

Sunday, January 27, 2008


This will be a short post because I am actually going to bed EARLY tonight. I'm tired and I don't want a certain someone worrying that I'm not sleeping. :)

But before I go, I wanted to tell you all about this great little store that sells my favorite things - pajamas! It's called PajamaRama [no question over what they sell!] and the pajamas are all basically the same design of pj pants, a top, and some slippers. The prices are very reasonable at $75L each, but the best part is that there are two lucky chairs and the chairs are set at 2 minutes each. So if you have some time to kill, just wait around and wait for your letter or the wildcard round to come up. I got a free pair, but I couldn't help myself, and I ended up buying ducky pajamas. You can also go to The Free Dove and pick up free Elmo and Cookie Monster pajamas.

Ducky PJs

This photo was shot at T&S Designs because I was also out looking at furniture and thought this specific set matched the colors of my pajamas very well.

Night fountain

Out in the sim where I live, there's been a lot of decorating going on around the rental homes. This fountain showed up tonight. I think it's great. :)

I'm off to bed now. :)

Horses & Space

I had the chance today to meet up with Casius Masala, who was a blog groupie, but has now become one of us. :)


He has built the most magnificent sim! It's just gorgeous. If I lived there, I'd probably never leave! We had a great afternoon hanging out. We went to the Oracle at Svarga [I still don't understand my fortune], and he took me horseback riding!


Before barrel racing

You can pick up a free demo horse at the sim. I think it's a lovely horse, don't you? :) And of course if you'd like, you can buy your own horse, plus accessories too. The sim was way lagged with all the people and horses, but we still were able to ride. There is also a steeplechase track and a place for barrel racing. I think I make a lovely equestrienne, don't you? :-p

After our ride, he took me to Inspire Space Park, which was really neat! There are some balls that you can hop on and float all through the place.


The place is just really really cool and the music is very chill. Definitely a great place to go, if you can get in the sim. It's very popular!

Before he left, he introduced me to Curious Kitties and this adorable little dress.

Cute dress!

I think I'm going to wear it to Primtionary tonight. Oh my, it's in 10 minutes!

So thank you, Casius, for being totally cool and hanging out with me this afternoon. And everyone else, go check out his new blog! It's over there in the links with the other blogs I read. :)

Since others are doing it -

You Are An ENFJ

The Giver

You strive to maintain harmony in relationships, and usually succeed.
Articulate and enthusiastic, you are good at making personal connections.
Sometimes you idealize relationships too much - and end up being let down.
You find the most energy and comfort in social situations ... where you shine.

In love, you are very protective and supporting.
However, you do need to "feel special" - and it's quite easy for you to get jealous.

At work, you are a natural leader. You can help people discover their greatest potential.
You would make a good writer, human resources director, or psychologist.

How you see yourself: Trusting, idealistic, and expressive

When other people don't get you, they see you as: Bossy, inappropriate, and loud

I don't know how inappropriate people see me. That almost hurts my feelings. :)

Anyone have a valium?

Either I need to give up the caffeine, or I need sleeping pills. It has just been one of those nights! I took a shower, got into bed, and was just about to drift off when my mind started racing with a million thoughts. I figured I was doomed, so I got up and logged in.

My thoughts weren't exactly exciting or anything. In fact, they were fairly dull in retrospect. Such as...

Who am I going to vote for in November? I'm a woman. Shouldn't I want to vote for a woman?

Should I?!


Could I have done better on a test in school and perhaps that one test would have changed my entire life?

School in pajamas!

So, to try to relax myself, I headed out to my favorite sim - Pillow Talk! I know, I've been out there so much. Bear with me. I'm sure eventually I'll find a new favorite.

Pillow Talk Bed

I completely want this bed, but it's ridiculous to get it when I'm never in bed with anyone. I think I just like the blanket. I got to see some things there that I hadn't seen before, like a little cottage attached to a lighthouse, and a charming little picnic shelter. I also made a new friend. But the sun started to come up, so I figured I better say goodbye to my friend and run off.


Speaking of the sun coming up, it's probably time that I try bed again. Or I'll make a nest for myself out of tons of pillows and blankets on the couch and see if any good infomercials are on.

A little bit of fashion..and a victim of it.

The sim where I live has opened up a sandbox! I am so excited about that because now I can just walk over when I get the urge to build. I was in there today working on my newest bed [the pillows on it, anyway] when these two women came ripping through on various vehicles. Immediately I knew what must be done. One of the women was what we will now refer to as an EFV - An Extreme Fashion Victim.

Fashion Victim

Let's start with the skin. This skin I've seen a lot in SL for some reason. It looks like it's supposed to have oil on it. Why you'd want to be an oil slick when you're riding your bicycle [which is what she's doing], I don't know. But this skin is just bad. The "oil" streaks look like she took a piece of sidewalk chalk and just drew lines on herself. Actually, I think this is a slightly better version of another oily face skin I've seen on women. I want to pin them down and shove a nice skin on them when I see them, but I'd probably just slide off.

I won't talk about the hair because that's a personal preference on if you like hair such as the ones from Bewitched, or if you don't. I pretty much don't, although I do like the flexiness of it.

The dress itself wasn't too terrible, except that it was much too short for her since she had the obligatory "supermodel" shape. She paired it up with thigh high fishnets. Also another thing you want to wear on a bike trip.

But the most glaring thing here is that she chose to wear her nipple rings and belly button ring on the outside of her dress. In what world do you wear your piercings on the outside of your clothing? I see a lot of women with the belly button ring on the outside of their pants, but I like to think that maybe they just forgot. If you are wearing black and you have three piercings outside of the dress, that is not something that you just forgot to take off.

If you see this EFV walking around, please help her. I'd have done it, but I was building.

So going into better fashion, tonight those of us in the Pixeldolls group got a try-on dress dropped on us. I didn't like it. I thought the skirt wasn't very figure friendly to those with smaller avatars, and probably not very good for those with bigger avatars. I tried modifying it, but it just didn't modify very well. I could probably create my own belt for it, and that would probably help a lot. I was about to delete it when I realized that I liked the top of it, and because the top & bottom are both on the underpants/undershirt layers, it was a "tuckable" shirt.

Thrown together

I paired it up with one of the free corset belts that was in a Pixeldolls group gift, and some pants that were part of a free outfit that I didn't really like enough to wear a lot, but liked enough to not delete it. Instant nice outfit! So those of you who are big freebie shoppers like me, look at your finds piece by piece. You probably have a ton more separates than you know.

[By the way, I'll give one shiny $L to whoever can tell me what is wrong with me in this picture. I didn't notice it until I put the picture in Flickr and by that time I was already logged out of SL.]

I'm off to bed, because I told someone that I wouldn't stay up too late. :)

Oh, since I haven't done one in a while...

Alicia's Tip Of The Day: Don't be afraid to mix designers! You don't have to wear a whole outfit just because that's how you got it. Create your own style! Just make sure your piercings aren't on top of your clothes.

Saturday, January 26, 2008

Bow chicka wow wow

If you don't read the SL Mean Girls blog, you have missed the first awesome SL porn video ever. [At least, I'm guessing it's the first ever.]

The only thing missing is the money shot.

Not work safe. Unless you work in porn.


It was one of those nights where I couldn't sleep and then got up early for some insane reason. [The insane reason being my kitten, who was insanely hungry and wouldn't be able to walk another step without some morsels of food in his tummy according to his meowing.] So I'm feeling a bit punchy.

I stopped over at Symphony Skins today to pick up their free skins. Very cute makeup on the Masquerade skins. It's not anything I'd wear on a normal basis since I'm still very much in love with the skin I got at <3Cupcakes, but for fun, it's lovely. I would have pictures to show but SL started to act crazy on me and when I logged out, I was wearing jeans, no shirt, with my head in my <3Cupcakes skin and my torso in the Symphony skin. Not very visually appealing.

Of course, I have a small suspicion that the Symphony Skins are actually modified Another Shop skins. The belly button looks near the same. But if they are, they're modified enough to where that's not your first thought. Plus, I like the shading of the Symphony Skin a lot better, especially on the butt. Again, I just have a small suspicion. I'm not saying they are or aren't. If they are, who cares? If they're not, then the belly button is just similar. People go so crazy over the modifications of Another Shop skins. It's ridiculous. If the modification is enough to where you have to stare at it and flip back and forth between skins to try to tell the difference, then . . . you have too much time on your hands. Go find something to do.

The lovely Sidonie Larkham has a blog now and didn't tell me about it! :) Honey, I'm blonde. I don't see things right away! Go check her out, especially since she's met a boy and you know you all love to read about things like that. Sidonie, beware of the Hulk! If he gets too in your face, I think I know some guys with guns. :)

I'm going to finish burning some CDs and then go real world shopping. I know. It's not quite as fun in the real world when you go shopping and they don't just LET you take something home for free. Oh, by the way, I believe the ETD $25L hair sale is over today, so try to get in there if you can. I now own every ETD style that I liked. I don't think I'll be needing new hair for a long long time.

Skipping Around The Topic List

Just a random question, but what is wrong with the bottom of a lot of shirts?

Whats with the bellybutton?

I understand that this is an attempt to show that I have a belly button, but what the heck? It kind of ruins an otherwise lovely shirt. I have seen this on a lot of people, too, so I'm assuming that the designers are all working off the same template?

Lately I've been running into, and getting IMs from, women who are also petite. There are more of us out there than I thought! But then, just when I stop thinking I'm so small, I tp in next to a woman like this.

Hey, I'm still short! LOL

I was this close to asking her what her height was set on. But I didn't, because basically I'm chickenshit.

Primtionary was fun tonight! Great words, and I even got to build! I had to make candy. I think I'm almost - ALMOST - ready to start asking for the hard level. Maybe a few more games first, though. I'm more confident in my building skills than in my vocabulary skills!

Cen and I went to this little place tonight and got a bunch of free funny shirts. My favorites would be "Will Work For Shoes" and "Under House Arrest - You Never Saw Me Here." I have a landmark for the place so I'll post the SLurl tomorrow or you can IM me in world and I'll pass it to you if you want to go out and pick up shirts. They're not super high quality but who can't use some funny casual t-shirts? We put on shirts and jeans and headed off to this virtual reality room. It's kind of strange because it's... Well, just look at this picture of us.

Coffee in the park

It's real and we're fake and yet we're real people behind avatars and . . . oh, this is making my head hurt.

Don't worry, that guy behind us didn't try to jack us or anything. He didn't even talk to us.

I have a secret. Do you want to hear it?

Ok, come closer.

You can't tell anyone.

I'm going to whisper it very quietly in your ear.

I have a crush on someone.


Friday, January 25, 2008

Ev'ryone Deserves A Chance To Fly!

I have a confession to make.

My name is Alicia...and I am a lover of musical theater.

/me runs off to hide.

This week's obsession is the musical Wicked, which is the story of the witches of Oz before Dorothy showed up on the scene. It's pretty much changed my perception of the movie. But since I'm so into it this week, I thought I'd go and see if I could find Broadway in SL. As it turns out, there is one! It's a little disorganized, in my opinion, but that's theater. Still, I found a great little museum that has Victorian and Broadway items. I thought it was fantastic because I've always liked things from the Victorian era.

As long as I'm confessing, I will confess this as well. I actually squealed in delight seeing a poster for Wicked.


There was also a charming little room with old Valentines on the walls.

Valentine Room

Definitely worth a look. I also got to tour the Broadway sim [2 sims, actually] in a flying thing and I just LOVE when sims have those! I'm easily amused, I suppose. But I always have to take the tour.

It's almost time for Primtionary!!

Defying Gravity

[And to show where I got the title of this entry, here's some lyrics!]

So if you care to find me
Look to the western sky!
As someone told me lately:
"Ev'ryone deserves the chance to fly!"
And if I'm flying solo,
At least I'm flying free.
To those who'd ground me,
Take a message back from me:
Tell them how I am
Defying gravity!