Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Fun & Secret Reflections

I was going to go to bed right after Levi logged off [which was about an hour ago. I kept him up too late again!] but I suddenly had a huge craving for french toast. I didn't make really great french toast, it was basically just egg & bread, but it managed to knock the craving out. [Don't get any ideas. I just had a craving because I saw a commercial - no other reason!]

LOL...that reminds me of a conversation Levi and I had tonight. Sorry, baby. I have to post it. You crack me up. :)

Levi: if I had been here more
Levi: we prolly woulda already had kids
Me: lmfao
Levi: :)
Me: well since tymmerie hasn't sent over the SLondoms yet... lmao
Levi: do you know how much i had to pay for that delivery to get lost!
Me: :-O

Tonight was really fun. I don't know, I felt a lot, I guess. But without any club events to distract me, and without any really great sales, and since I didn't want to build, and Levi wasn't online...I actually had a chance to be bored. It does NOT happen to me often, believe me! I usually have loads to things to occupy my time. So I decided to occupy my time tonight by playing with our new shooting range at the pit, and generally being annoying to everyone hanging out there. :) Ok, I PROBABLY could have been more annoying, and I could have just randomly shot people with my new guns, but I have some manners. Luckily, Levi logged in and managed to take me off everyone's hands. :-p

He and I went out to this place called Secret Reflections tonight. It was so pretty! If I was going to make a sim, it would be like this, I think. With lots of trees and waterfalls and very fairy tale. It was also a great place to take some pictures!

Leaf Cuddle

Windlight is fun!

Pick me up!

He grunted in that last picture when he had to pick me up. No, really! We were in voice together and I heard him. I think it's time for me to go on a diet. :-p

Of course, everywhere I go, I usually end up seeing some fashion disaster. This girl couldn't stop running all over the place for some reason. I think it's because she had what appears to be strips of toilet paper embedded in her butt.

Crazy girl

We stumbled into a little camping area [like, real camping, not $L camping] and settled in a bag for a while so we could talk. He makes me smile so much, my cheeks pretty much hurt for ages afterwards. :) It's not just that he's kind, and smart, and sexy, and puts up with my infatuation for corny love songs...he's all of those things, but the best part is that he's got this sense of humor that just makes me laugh so much and I'm telling you, that is priceless to me. I'm so lucky.

Ok ok, enough mushy. :)

Don't forget, tonight at 8pm SLT, it's time to GET HUMPED at The Viper Pit! We're gonna have so much fun! Our parties are usually loads of fun so I hope to see a lot of you there!! There's no theme this time around, so wear whatever. :) Bring your friends and prepare to Get Humped!!

I better get in bed or I'll be too tired for Hump Day!! LOL

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

I'm Unemployed! For now. LOL

So Liquid Rage is closing its doors. But, no worries. It'll be opening again, or a new version of it will be, in the near future. Smaller, more intimate, and hopefully without that long walk to the stairs that I know some of you didn't care for. :) And yes, I'll be rejoining them as a host, and probably a DJ, and maybe more.

[Um, and "intimate" doesn't mean they're reopening as a strip/escort club. LOL]

But until that time comes, I'm on a brief vacation, which means I can spend more time at The Viper Pit, and working on my own products, and having some fun. I think it's a great move all around, really.

Speaking of the pit, don't forget to Get Humped tomorrow with us! :-D I'm going to be actually putting a tentative playlist together, but like Cen says, I do pretty well on the fly. But it's helpful for me to kind of know what to at least start with. If you look over to the right, you'll find the SLurl for the pit. Come visit anytime!

Well, since my afternoon is suddenly free, I think I'll go shopping for guns. We have a great new shooting game at the pit in the back, and I need to drop some $L on some decent weapons.

Not creative enough for a title today

SO... Since my normal 7pm event had been moved to 8pm, people either got confused or had made other plans, because if it hadn't been for 2 lovely ladies of the Ch'Know group and one awesome blog reader, the event would have been dead in the water. Insert big fat sighs right here. Big thanks to Andria, QueenKellee, and RedIce for coming out! It was quiet, but at least I got to know you all a little better. :)

After the event, we all hopped over to The Viper Pit to meet a newbie Cen was dancing with. I almost felt bad for him because suddenly he was surrounded by all these gorgeous women. LOL And not just gorgeous women, but gorgeous women who looooove to shop. If he hadn't logged, I have no doubts that we would have gone on a makeover tour.

I hopped over to do the Seasons hunt that was blogged on Free*Style. It was a quick and easy hunt, which I loved. And I got some great items out of it. The dresses I picked up had to be edited and moved around so I didn't look like a big cupcake, but that's ok. :) And I got to sit in a Lucky Chair and picked up another dress! My letter almost never comes up in Lucky Chairs, so I'm always excited when it does.

But even better, when I went over to Raglan Shire, I got my chance at another Lucky Chair and ended up with a Raven-Phoenix shoulder pet. He's sooo cute. I actually ended up with 2 of them, because after I sat the first time, my letter came up again, so I sat again. LOL

My new pet

I'm wearing one of the dresses I picked up at Seasons. It's either from the hunt or was just a gift. I forgot now. They showed it off a bit differently on Free*Style, but if I wore it like it came out of the box, I'd look...well, like a cupcake.

After my little trip to the Shire, I decided to make a pitstop to a nice little garden to see if it's a place I'd like to take some pictures at with my honey. Turns out, it is. Guess where I am! ;)

Garden Posing

I know ONE of you will know where that garden is. LOL

The sun is coming up, but I'm still not tired. One of these days I'll give up caffeine again, I promise!

Monday, April 28, 2008


My DJ curse has returned. This time, 25 minutes before the event, an "emergency" suddenly came up with the scheduled DJ's brother. Mmm, I'm sure. Whatever. LOL

And of course all the other DJs were booked tonight. Naturally.

This just pisses me off to no end. Of course, he gave the obligatory "I might just be late" statement. Well you know what, sucker? If you're late, you miss out.

I'm so done with unreliable DJs. Especially THIS one. You know last week when I had to suddenly fill in? He was online. He was AT the club when I showed up. He just chose not to take the spot.


Goodbye Traffic?

From the Blog: Second Life Showcase, Popular Places and the Future of Traffic

It is clear that the current Traffic system is not an effective means of determining the success or popularity of a parcel, nor does it provide useful information about Residents visiting those parcels.

Thank you! I've been dealing with traffic numbers the past few weeks, both for the club and for the pit, and it's sooooooooo annoying. You can't look at those numbers and know anything about the place. If they just got rid of traffic, I know I'D be a lot happier. LOL It would be nice not to have to be struggling with traffic numbers when there's no way a regular cool place can compete with the freebie mess places, the free sex places, and any other place that relies on 20 bots or campers to stand there like zombies and increase traffic.

I'll be watching this topic with real interest. :)

PSA #183

Ladies, your ding dang bling blang belly rings do not - DO NOT - go on the outside of your shirts. If they do, it means you have ripped a hole in your shirt. If you are that proud of having a pierced navel, get shorter shirts.

Belly ring no-no

Thank you for your time, and remember - Friends don't let friends look like crap...unless they're your bridesmaid.

Shoes, Cake, and lots of pics

Lots going on around The Viper Pit. The back part of the land where we had some rental houses has been cleared out and it's going to turn into "the wrong side of the tracks." We've always had weapon vendors on the side of the club, but we're going to move them back there and a shooting range is going to be put up, along with a few camping spots. But the thing we really want is that it looks dirty and very much like a place you wouldn't go to after the sun sets. LOL I think it's going to be amazing when we get it all set up.

We got to spend some time with a couple of girls who fit in very well with us. :) I know Mena reads my blog, not sure about Amiyah, but hi to both of you! These girls are not only really fun, but really fabulous because look what I got!!

My new shoes!

I couldn't have been more surprised or pleased!! And man, do I love these shoes! I am going to spend forever changing the looks of these shoes with all the texture options.

Speaking of gifts, earlier today Aisuru Rieko sent me the cutest thing she's been working on. A cake chaise!

Cen on Cake

Isn't it adorable? The strawberry looks super real, too. Made me soooo hungry for this summer cake I make every year for the 4th of July. I just love strawberries.

And if you were wondering, yes, my store now has a building again. LOL I have to retexture the insides, though, so that's my Monday project before I have to go host. My Monday time slot at Rage has changed from 8-10pm because of the DJ I have now. This is going to be the first Monday that I've hosted without Punisher. I'm really bummed about it still. :( But...nothing I can do about it now. Well, aside from quitting. LOL

Outside in the courtyard of the pit, we have basketball now. We're athletic! Well, ok, not me so much. So I ended up changing clothes to cheer my man on.

We're b-ballers.

I'm not distracting!

He said I was distracting. I didn't think so.

But the best part of my night is always when we get to just hang out at home together. :) He thinks I have a great voice, but I think he's got an even better one. Soooo sexy. [Am I embarrassing you, honey? LOL] We got caught up in taking pictures while we were on the couch. I couldn't resist fancying some up and so you all just have to deal with that now. :)

Kisses - Double Orton

Kisses - Orton, B&W

Kisses - Ortonized

I'm going to make him do some couples poses with me soon. And I'm going to make him a profile picture. :) I haven't had the chance since Cen & I did our pictures together to really have fun with photography. Levi took some pics tonight too with some pretty cool effects, which you can see in his Snapzilla.

It's time for bed...which is what I said about 2 hours ago. lol

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Oops. LOL

The Ch'Know store is currently closed for .... um... unexpected remodeling. LMAO


Living together and kimonos

Well, I haven't been to bed yet. LOL But, I blame that on diet coke and the fact that this was our first real night together in what is now OUR place. :) I dunno how long he'll be able to put up with me, though. I mean, look at this pic.

There she goes...


I did finally get to meet one of Levi's friends tonight, the very sweet and modest Jet Bates. Jet is a woman of many many talents, and she was nice enough to give me the gift of one of her kimonos. It even came with shoes and hair! I put on my Junior Geisha skin from Layniewear and hopped up on a posestand.

Me in a kimono

The picture doesn't really do it justice at all. It's a great piece of work! She came over wearing the latest kimono that she's working on. I LOVE the sculpty at the bottom. So awesome.

Jet in a kimono

She's going to be opening a store, but is still working on making more kimono before it opens. I'll keep you guys updated, since I know some of you love to dress up. :)

Ok, I'm starting to get really tired. lol So I guess I'll wrap this up and say bye for now to my guy. Yes, I'm writing this while I'm voicing with him. He likes to hear me work. LOL I'm making that up. I think. Oh oh oh, and if you'd like to see some of Levi's pics that he's taken of me, I've been given the go-ahead to share his Snapzilla with all of you. :)

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Random Pics & Big News!

Mr. Kitty has a terrible vice. He LOVES to grab the roll of paper towels and just go to town. I'm staring at a half ripped up roll of towels on the living room floor. I know I should be mad at him...but he's just so darn cute when he's playing with it!!

I was at Awesome Designs the other day and something struck me. Do you have to have a big butt to shop there???

....i don't get it.

Also, that blingy girl wearing the shoes I hate is wearing what I THINK is supposed to go along with a skirt, but with all that oil she's greased herself up with, she looks like a walking oil slick because of the fabric of her outfit. LOL

We have this bodega on the grounds of The Viper Pit. I'm sure you've all seen it before, since it's freely available. Cen and I went in there yesterday. I think she's found a new job. :-D

Cen's New Job. LOL

Oh, and for some reason, this picture cracks me up. Especially with ZZ being armed. LOL I love those posters. I changed mine and put a donut texture on it that I'd planned on using for some build that I've discarded, so I was holding a giant donut later. LOL

Free hugs!

And now for my BIG news. :) Levi and I decided to live together!! He's always at my place anyway, so it was just the natural next step. :) I should have taken a picture last night after we decided it, but I was pretty tired, so I kinda forgot. He took a couple for Snapzilla, but I'll wait and ask if I can share his Snapzilla with you guys. My backside looks really great in one of the pics!

I've got some cleaning up to do before settling down for the night, so I better find some "cleaning up" music and get to work.

Friday, April 25, 2008

New a rental space?

We're looking to bring in a few new vendors at The Viper Pit. [SLurl] What we would LIKE is for the merchants to be new designers, maybe just getting their start here in SL, or ones who just aren't ready for big time mall space. $100L a week for 20 prims. We can't offer a hell of a lot of traffic, but we can offer fun, weekly parties, and the people who hang out at the Pit like to shop. :) We have 4 spaces available, just open stalls, but the one in the corner does offer more of an enclosed feeling.

Here's the deal, though. It has to be stuff you've made. You can't be selling Business In A Box mess. And believe me, we'll know. ;) The Viper Pit is not high class. It's comfortable, it's a bit grungy, but it's lots of fun. At any given time, there's usually someone hanging out to chat with. The stalls are directly across from my store and from the diner, so it's a pretty good spot. :)

If you're interested in renting, just head on over and pick out a spot, or IM me and I'll give ya a tour.

Oh, and we also have a couple of apartments for rent in the way back, and a small one room "efficiency" apartment above the bodega. LOL I'll be putting some furniture in there, but it's also $100L a week for 20 prims. If anyone's interested. :)

Waiting On SL

Logins are shut down to SL right now, which totally sucks because there was a whole bunch of free t-shirts I saw on Free*Style that I wanted to go pick up. It IS a Friday, so I guess I shouldn't be too surprised. :) I'm not going to run around screaming and tearing my hair out like SOME PEOPLE are doing. I think that may be the most amusing part of the whole "Logins down!" thing. Reading the comments by the crazy people.

So I've been reading a lot of things lately from people who want to help newbies. The problem is, they don't seem to have any idea HOW to do it other than flooding them with notecards, landmarks, and freebies. You can't do that. You can't give them a notecard on how to open a box when they don't know how to open a notecard. :) And it's cool that people WANT to help. We just have to realize that not everyone is on the same level of experience. Cen and I know a woman and she's "lost" her bald base several times. We've never been sure how. All we know is that when she asks for help, usually she's got brown Ruth hair again. LOL

Helping newbies = Good.
Helping newbies by holding their hand and showing them step by step what to do = Even better.

Hm. Logins still down. Well, ok then. To give you all something else to watch, check out this link.

Sn4tchbuckl3r's Second Chance

I don't know how many of you are Digg fanatics like I am, but I came across this series called You Suck At Photoshop on Digg a while back and as funny as the videos were, they were also kind of helpful. But in the last Photoshop video, the host of the series "disappeared." So in another video, his guild buddies were talking and Sn4tchbuckl3r wanted to give him a tribute. But then Sn4tchbuckl3r disbanded the guild and went to a game called Peopleburg. Today's video shows his arrival in Peopleburg. I almost fell off the chair laughing. :)

I just got a group notice to a club I've never been to before, so I'm guessing SL is back up. LOL

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Oh not again.

I ate another DJ. :-p Ok, kidding. But the guy that's been my DJ partner the past month or so has decided to move on. Different reasons as to why, which I won't get into. So now I'm DJ-less again.

I'm really bummed out, though. Punisher is a great DJ, and he never missed a set, even when he had a kidney stone. If I'd known this was going to be our last set together tonight, I'd have tried even harder to make it into a huge party. I'm really going to miss working with him. We always had a lot of fun together.

So I was thinking, maybe I should offer to DJ my own events. At least that way I always know I'm going to be there. [Unreliable DJs is one of my biggest pet peeves and I swear if I get stuck with one again, I'm quitting.] But as much as I enjoy rock and metal, I think I'd get REALLY bored always playing that, and that's no good.

I need ice cream. Or chocolate. Or chocolate ice cream.

I got to see Sam!

Tonight didn't go as planned. Ah well. :)

BUT... SAM CAME ONLINE!!! I was so happy!! But not happy at the same time since this was his last visit with us until he gets out of basic. :( He's heading to basic training on the 30th. He stopped in to do a few things and just check in on us. It was an all too short visit. I'm so glad that I got to see my buddy, because you all know how I've missed him so. But now I'm sad that I know for sure that I won't be seeing him until at least July. He was sad about that too, but I think he was even MORE sad about the fact that his head will be shaved. LOL

And I finally got to kick out the reseller that we had as a vendor at the pit. That store has been a thorn in my side since he showed up. I didn't just kick him out. lol I didn't mean for it to sound like that. He was over a day late in his rent and since he'd been complaining [allegedly] about the low traffic numbers, I'm sure he doesn't mind that I sent all his incredibly overpriced junk back. I'd like to get 3 or 4 smaller merchants in there... maybe designers that are just starting out, since really I'm just starting out myself. But they have to sell their own designs, not just be reselling freebies.

Other than that bit of excitement, it was a quiet night for me. I got caught up on group gifts, and of course spent quite a bit of time playing Sweet Tooth. lol Rick kept me company for a while by showing off a house he built and we flew in his helicopter. I'm amazed at how few vehicles and other things I have. I have that Mercedes that was given away for free some time ago, and I've been trying to find that bicycle that I picked up with Cen when we were in Paris, but my inventory is hopelessly enormous and I can't remember the name of it. So I'll have to go back to Paris to get another to see what it's called. And I have a hobo bike from Arcadia Asylum's collection, plus some cheap motorcycles, but that's about it. Sometimes I really don't know what exactly is taking up so much inventory space. lol

Oh look, another Release Candidate viewer....with over a 100 comments in the in SL Blog that it's crashy as hell and people are crashing when they go into appearance. Thanks for testing that out for me, guys. Now I don't have to download it. ;)

I guess I'll lay here on my couch and play some more Sweet Tooth before bed.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008


I have a new addiction besides SL lately. Pogo's Sweet Tooth 2. It's just like any other game of that type, Bejeweled or whatever. But I love it. I play game after game, just moving candy around. I think I love it because it doesn't take much thought, or skill, and that's great for me because I suck at most games. :-p

So if you catch me on SL and I'm not answering an IM, there's a good chance I'm sitting on my couch, playing this silly game in another window.

Visiting Koreshan, and other stuff from Tuesday

Talisman - Head Bag!

Ever have one of those days where you want to just throw a bag over your head? :-p Today wasn't exactly one of those days, but it came close. I pulled a double shift at the club, because 30 minutes before our 7pm event [which is usually our "prime" event of the night], our DJ decided he was not coming in and may not come in again. But, no big loss, I think, because that sucker was almost NEVER coming in. It did leave us in kind of a lurch, though, since most of our DJs have other jobs. So I got to fill in. It was kind of a scramble at the last minute since the past 2 times I've DJed at the Viper Pit, I play anything and everything, and actually don't end up playing a lot of harder rock and metal stuff. But, it went well, and people had fun, so that's what counts.

Afterwards, I was laying down at home when my baby logged in, so I got to spend some time with him. :) No no, you pervs, not naked time. Not tonight anyway. ;) LOL But tomorrow, since I don't have ANY work to do, we get to go out and have some fun in SL. :) I am SO LUCKY because he doesn't seem to mind that I like to just hang out at home or hang out at the pit. In fact, I start to feel bad that we seem to do everything I want, but he says it doesn't bother him. I guess just as long as we're together. :) But I do want to go somewhere fun or photographically pretty for our date. that a word? Spellcheck didn't catch it, so I guess it is!

After Levi logged off, I did some gift hops, and somehow found myself in the sim of Koreshan. This is the home of stores like Gritty Kitty, Draconic Kiss, and Chicanery. Isn't that a great word? Chicanery. I love great words, like serendipity or illuminate. Anyway. :-p After I looked in the store I was there to look at, I took a walk around the sim, which is set up like this run down old amusement park. It's pretty awesome. I love that grungy dirty look. I also got to play around in the Chicanery store, which is great!! Check out the pics. :) I'm making them small since there's a bunch, but you can of course go to my Flickr to look at them at a decent size.

Koreshan - Condemned

Koreshan - Ack! Clown!

Koreshan - Dirty!

Koreshan - Chicanery

Koreshan - More wheeee!

Koreshan - Whee!

Koreshan - Reaching

Koreshan - Waving

I highly suggest going out there to check things out. It looks like they're doing construction...but it's kind of hard to tell.

So after THAT, I hopped over to the pit and used my trusty Mystitool to rez a sky platform so I could build in peace. I finished my semi-practical little thing, and passed it out to my group. :) I'm going to have it up for sale in the store, but I'm gonna let my adorable group members let me know what they think of it first before letting everyone know what it is. It's really kind of silly, but I think it's kinda useful. Almost. Not extremely so, otherwise I'd have gotten bored and wouldn't have finished it. :)

I just realized how LATE it is! It's so late, it's almost early!!

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Randomosity - Part 3 - Photos

I never got a chance to finish working on my build from earlier today. But that's ok because it was a very nice night. :) But since most of the good stuff that happened tonight, I can't discuss [hehehe], I thought I'd just throw down some random pictures that happened to be on my desktop.

Now, this first one was from an infohub and I guess I took it some time ago. This guy is sporting a double penis. I'm making the pic small just so no one gets in trouble at work, but if you want to see it a little more clearly, just click on it. WHY he's got a double one, I have NO idea. I guess he thinks it's going to double his chances?


We had a birthday party for one of the regulars at the club a couple of weeks ago. Vixi [aka Puppie] liked the cake. A WHOLE LOT.

DON'T eat that cake.

I went out to check out what my friends Sidonie and Erasmus have done at their land. They offer some pretty great apartments and skyboxes. They've done some great work out there! I suggest if you're looking for somewhere to live, go check it out. :) [SLurl] I should have turned my draw distance up higher, because the view is actually tons better when you're there. :) If you look hard, you can see Ras and me on one of the balconies!

L & W Apartments

I bought a new pillow at Pillow Talk a few days ago, and there are two animations in it, just a cuddle and then a kiss. The first night we used it, I was too far from Levi's mouth. So the next night I adjusted it before he logged in, but I went a little too far in. I look like I'm trying to eat his brain. Or he's trying to eat mine. I'm still not sure. LOL

Eating Brains

Cen and I went on a teddy bear hunt Sunday night. After we finished fighting the lag and finding bears, we came back to my place to try on all our finds. Then...we got really tired.

We got tired

Tonight after my blue event, Levi and I decided to go over to the Viper Pit to dance since I can control the music there. Well, who should already be there but another one of the awesome SL bloggers? See if you can guess who he is! ;) Oh hey, Cen. I got that hair from Free Speerit that I said was the Walk of Shame hair. I think I really like it! I wore it all evening and it just looks really cute on me. At least from the front. I'm still not sure about the messy back. But it doe...oh you know...nevermind. LMAO


Now I'm off to bed to have some nice dreams. :)

Monday, April 21, 2008

Free Hair, No Q, New Build, and Come Be Blue!

So if you didn't hear the news, Free Speerit [SLurl] has allll the hair there for free. I managed to make my way in late late last night. Not all of it is great, but some of it may work. It's just female hair. Sorry, guys. :)

And in other news, RaC is now Laqroki. [SLurl] I don't know why. lol I went in last night and picked up a few of the demo skins, but they didn't look very good on my shape. I don't think they're new really. Just RaC skins but now you can buy them one at a time. Before, you could only buy a pack of 6 for $4000L. Of course, I'm sure some justified it as "Well, that only comes to approximately $667L per skin." Now they're almost $1300L each. I'll stick to my La Sylphide skin, thank you. :) It's cheaper and I like the way it looks a whole lot better. I may end up going back to RaC [Laqroki seems wrong to be because there's no U after the Q] to get the "Saturday" hair, which was really cute on me.

I spent some time today building a little something that made me laugh. Once I get it finished, I'll be passing it out for free in my group and then putting it for sale in my store. It may be one of the slightly more practical things I've made lately. If you're interested in being in the Ch'Know group, just IM me in-world or leave a comment here. There's just too much spamming from the "super great designers only $10L!" crowd in the groups lately. But don't ask to join if you don't know that we might just start randomly talking or if you don't like me popping up notices about parties here and there. :-p

And speaking of parties, it's Blue Monday today at the club. I'll be hosting and my buddy Punisher will be DJing. IM me if you want a tp out there to hang out with me and maybe win some money. :)

I just realized I'm OUT of peanut butter and that will NEVER do because I almost live on PB&J. LOL I know, it's sad. Plus, and this is more of a tragedy in the making, I'm almost out of diet coke!!

Sunday, April 20, 2008

A Day Off

I took the day away from my computer today. I don't do that too often. I should, but I don't. I like ya guys too much. :) But I felt myself getting annoyed too much by little things, so I knew it was a necessary thing to do today. I'm feeling tons better now. Although I'm really bummed that I missed the blogger party. :( I was looking forward to it and even had my name tag ready.

One thing that I realized today is that I need to stay away from forums about SL that are primarily frequented by those who are in business in SL. They're smart [most of them, anyway] but they also tend to lose sight of what is fun. They don't build for pleasure usually. It's only about business. When SL has issues, it's like a crime against humanity in their eyes. They can't wait it out without screaming and ripping their hair out and blowing a vein. That is so not what I'm about. :-p

Since I don't have much to talk about at the moment, I leave you all with a quiz! :)

You Need Some Orange in Your Life

Orange will make you feel open, lively, and artistic.

And with a little orange, you will project an aura of friendliness.

If you want bolder experiences, you've got to get a little orange in your life!

For extra punch: Combine orange with red or yellow

The downside of orange: It's too powerful and unusual for some people to deal with

The consequences of more orange in your life:

You will become more creative in almost every aspect of your life

You will find humor in the most serious and dismal situations

You will feel like life is exciting, even when you're doing ordinary things

I think I'm in a bad mood, but I can't tell.

I'm so tired tonight. I shouldn't be, but I am. Tired and quiet.

Today we had a Guns n Roses tribute band up at Liquid Rage. It was so fun! I wasn't able to go for much of the last tribute band we had up there, but this time was just crazy fun. Here's a few pics.

GnR Tribute - MOSH PIT!!!

GnR Tribute - Axl Rose

GnR Tribute - The Band

If anyone is looking for a DJ job, IM me in-world so I can give you an application or a LM so you can go check the place out.

Not sure why, but I'm feeling kind of overwhelmed with the whole "business" aspect of SL lately. I talk to a lot of business people in SL on a day to day basis and it's always the same. Traffic is the big thing for a lot of people. But if you really look at the high traffic places, they all have a common theme. Camping, freebies, and free sex. It doesn't mean they're awesome places. It doesn't mean that there's anything there worth looking at. It just means someone can foot the bill for a full sim of zombies, or that they don't mind naked noobs running around boinking each other on cheap poseballs. A lot of vendors only seem to want to rent in a very high traffic area, and then wonder why they don't sell anything. Because the people there are usually bots or they aren't there to shop!! If I were going to rent a place somewhere else for my store, I wouldn't rent in a place just because they had super high traffic. I'd rent in a place that has REAL traffic. Real people who come in because they like a place. Just my two cents.

Not that I've actually had the time or the creative energy to work on my own products lately. :-p Ok, so I do have time usually. But there is a certain amount of passion you need to muster up before beginning a project, or pulling something out to work on. I've had a design for a chain necklace in my head for almost a month now, but yet when I went to work on it yesterday, I just couldn't do it.

[I did, however, spend a happy hour a few days ago making a very primmy birthday cake hat. So it's not that I don't want to build. Apparently it's that I want to make things that are completely useless.]

I was waiting to see if SOMEONE would wake up early, but I guess he's not. :-p I'm going to bed. I want to go out and get some sun later. I was watching Sunset Tan earlier and I realized how pale I am. But I'd rather be tan than orange. Besides, I read recently that caffeine can kill sun damaged cells. I must be set!

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Tesoro Mio - My Sweetheart

I was shopping around last night, and getting a bit fed up because I couldn't find anything new. At least, not anything new for me. So I went home to set up my new Pillow Talk pillow [I believe at some point I'll have every couples pillow from there!] and then I laid down to do a little SLX browsing for something cute and sexy to wear to bed. I saw a picture of a cute little set, and it was so cheap I immediately had to search out the store in-world.

Tesoromio [SLurl] doesn't appear to be a really new store, and in fact when I typed in the name of the store in my inventory search [the only way I can find things most days], I had a gift from there from FashCon Day already and had never opened it! There's just such cute and mostly casual items there. And talk about inexpensive! Look at this darling black dress I bought for just $90L.

Tesoromio - Black Diamond

Isn't it cute? It came with stockings and long gloves, but I didn't feel like wearing them. It matches the free shoes from Fuel I got at the Ravenwear hunt just perfectly. Btw, those shoes have an ARC of about 200, which leads me to believe that sculpties are killing SL. I'm just throwing that out there. Cute shoes, though.

Oh! Sorry to cut this off in the middle of my store talk, but I got to meet QueenKellee yesterday and that *BP Big Bomb hair that is shown in some of the posts at SL Free*Style is an absolute ARC hog! Kellee was just over 1400 ARC when she showed up. The moment she put that hair on, she soared over 4000! So if you wear that hair and you're lagging, take it off!

Back to the store. :) This next set was what I saw on SLX and I knew I just had to get it. I don't have a lot of lingerie or anything, since I was never really home much before and who wears underpants in SL anyway really? :-p But this was just tooooo cute!

Tesoromio - Pink Cotton

It's the Pink Cotton set and it comes with the bra, panties, and little robe with a belt. The only thing that would make this set perfect is if the panties came on the pants layer so that I could still wear my hip tattoos. I have the tats on the pants layer, but the panties are higher waisted and the tats would be on top of them and I freaking hate when people layer their tattoos over their clothes. But oh this is just the cutest set and it looks so incredibly comfortable! I would love this set in the real world! Levi logged in as I was finishing taking pictures and well...he really liked it too. :) And did I mention that the set is only $30L?

Like my hair? It's the Whitney hair from Celestial Studios. Just another step on my way to making my avatar look more like Holly Madison. :-p

Holly & Me. LOL

We could be sisters, right? LOL

Ooh, and Stephanie Misfit of La Sylphide sent out demos of her new makeup for the Ingrid skins last night! I absolutely MUST get the Sultry Nude Pink. I've been dying for her to come out with a nude lip because as much as I love the candy pink of my lips right now, sometimes you don't always want a lot of lipstick. I just must get one!

I'm going to go nap a bit, I think. SOMEONE kept me up until almost 7am. ;) 2 hours of sleep isn't going to cut it today.

Friday, April 18, 2008

Hey baby, what's your cost?

One new little feature of the RC viewer is that we can check our Avatar Rendering Cost, or ARC. The ARC is basically how much work your computer has to do to render your avatar, and the avatars around you. The lower your number, the less work your computer has to do, and you pretty much get less lag. The higher the number, usually the higher the lag you're going to have.

The brilliant Mr. Paine is the one who first let me know about the fun that is checking ARC numbers. I'm pretty much addicted to it now. :-p It's the only thing that keeps me from screaming about the bright blue of the RC viewer. [Which actually doesn't bother me much anymore.]

In the privacy of my home, I stripped down to watch the number drop. Hair, shoes, skirt - gone, gone, gone. I dumped every attachment I had on including my beloved AO. Basically I was one bald, naked, sad little avatar. But my ARC was 1. 1!! As I put things back on, it crept up, but I remained just under 1100 as an ARC, which appears to be fairly average. If I'm just in jeans and my favorite-of-the-moment Chandra hair from ETD, the number is around 800. That's pretty good.

Today I was digging in my inventory and I noticed I had a lot of demos of hair from Cake. I put one on and... Holy cow! My ARC shot through the roof to over 2500! What the heck?? How could a simple, sleek hairstyle do that? The flexi on the hair is just too intense, I guess. Crazy! I tried on a bunch of the demos I had and wow, it's just nuts how much of an ARC hog the hair from Cake is. If the price wasn't enough to keep me from really shopping there, the rendering cost is far higher. :-p

When you have the ARC meter turned on, you can also see the ARC of other avatars. That's pretty fun because when you see some blingtard walking your way with a red ARC on their head, you should TOTALLY scream at them for lagging the sim. :-D And, you know, for having bad fashion sense.

If you want to read a much better article about ARC, checking out Tateru Nino's post at As for me, I'm going out to see who I can yell at for lagging me down.


A little update on the whole trademark fiasco on the Second Life® blog.

More On Trademarks

"We've seen some blog posts using ® after every mention of "Second Life." After the initial reference to the trademark at issue, there's no need to use the symbol again."

See? So stop it. :-p

Actually, this seems to be the best thing I've read on the issue.

"3. Is there an easy way for bloggers who focus on Second Life to take care of this? So they don’t have to worry about including a trademark symbol every time they post about Second Life?

There is. Check out the SLED Blog banner at as an example of proper usage. This is a blog we support with a license that has a lot of great contributions by education-oriented Residents. You’ll see that under the blog name, in smaller text, there’s a descriptive byline that explains what the blog is about: “K-20 Education Using the Second Life® World.” You’ll also see that this byline takes care of the trademark symbol and the first noun after “Second Life” for the blog posts."

That means that someone like Tymmerie who has put the symbol right in her blog header wouldn't really have to use it again in any of her posts, if I'm understanding this correctly. I've changed my header as well.

If you read through the whole blog post, you also don't have to go back and change all of your previous posts. LOL You can talk about Second Life. You can say the words. The blog post that was done about trademarks previous to this one stated that very clearly. The big thing is that they don't want you pretending that you are Linden Lab. And who in their right mind would even WANT to?!

If I seem to have completely missed the point or I'm misunderstanding something, please feel free to tell me more. I know some people are saying that we don't put the trademark symbols after we use the words Pepsi or Dell or Aquafina, but just because we don't do it doesn't mean we're probably not supposed to do it.

The Blues

After that last free gift from MUISM, everytime I log into SL, I get an email saying that I have a message waiting for me from Ai Hienrichs, who is a manager at MUISM. I don't know what they did to the box from the last gift, but I'm not the only one it's happening to. I put the poor girl on mute just to stop the emails. Hopefully they get that cleared up for her soon because I'm sure she's just been completely swamped with IMs and notecards asking what the message is.

For some reason I've really been missing Sam today. It's just been such an odd month, so many things have changed. But that is life, first or second or eleventy-third. I just miss him.

I haven't been keeping up with all the gift giving lately. I used to be almost obsessed with checking the free blogs to make sure I wasn't missing anything good. Now I just glance over them and wait for something to catch my eye. And unfortunately, nothing really has lately. That's not to say that I don't want to shop, because that is one of the extreme pleasures in my life. And I'm not saying I don't like gifts because I do. But I'm just tired of the same things getting blogged, maybe? I know the same things get blogged because the generous designers are always generous and give things out a lot. But how many more things from Baby Monkey or the Gnubies store do I need to see? Or how many treasure hunts do I really need to go on? I think I need to branch out and look at new stores or something. There's got to be some out there, right?

Or maybe I'm just feeling blue today. Maybe I'll go to the sandbox and try to work on something.

You can stand under my umbrella

I was telling Levi tonight that I couldn't think about anything to blog about before heading to bed. Ha. I forget sometimes that I can make a 5 hour story out of a 30 second visit. :-p

I am officially OFF for the weekend. No events to host, no parties to DJ, nothing. Just 3 days to hang out and do nothing but have fun. Not that events and parties aren't fun. :) I'm not saying that at all. But there's a certain amount of pressure when you do that to make sure everyone's having a fun time. Of course, sometimes you just have fun on your when someone stands still for too long and you run and jump on them.

Humping Rage

And Levi got to do the "Official First Boyfriend Appearance" tonight at the club. LOL I was almost scared for him because people can be a little overwhelming at times. But no one was totally crazy and it was an 80s party, so everything has to be great at an 80s party, right?? But it was loads of fun and he actually likes dancing, which of course makes me like him even more. ;)

80s party

After that, we headed over to listen to one of my friends do his first SL DJ set. It was pretty fun! We even got to hear some of his original songs, which was awesome because I had no idea he was so talented!

And was of course cuddle time. :) I kept Levi up again WAY too late. It's a bad habit of mine, but I just can't seem to help it. Especially since he's incredibly easy to talk to, whether we're type chatting or voice chatting. And here ya go, Quaintly. A better pic of his face. :)

Cute Cuddles

Like my shirt? He got that for me. :)

So after I FINALLY let him go to bed, I hopped over to pick up a free gift from a store and forgive me, but I can't remember the name of the store right now. If you look in the Fab Free blog, you'll see it. One of the gifts in the box was a cute umbrella. But that got me thinking. Why is the weather in SL so freaking consistent? Why don't we have freak storms and earthquakes and stuff? What's the point of an umbrella if it never rains? I did a quick search and ended up at a place called Tornado Island. There's a demo HUD there [you don't wear it, it's on the wall] and you can summon a tornado!! Check it out!


Watch out!

I don't think my little yellow umbrella is gonna save me. I had to go out there twice, actually, because the pictures from the first time just looked ridiculous with the sky blue and the ocean shining and clear. LOL The sky I'm using is the Blizzard preset. I thought it worked well.

Wow, for someone who couldn't think of a thing to blog about earlier, this is a long post!!

Thursday, April 17, 2008

There's nothing like...

...heading off to bed after a long cuddle with Levi. :)

And have I ever mentioned he has a very sexy voice? ;) Yes, honey, I did just say that to embarrass you. But you know I think it's true.

Morning Cuddle

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Strike? Me?!

This whole "blogger strike" thing...I understand that a lot of you are upset about the whole trademarking thing. And I understand the point you're trying to make. But I am not striking. If I did strike, it sure wouldn't be a blog strike. I'd fly to San Francisco or wherever LL is and march around with a sign over my head chanting, "1 2 3 4, we don't wanna use little bitty symbols no more!" You know, something loud and annoying.

Here's the thing. What does a blog strike mean to Linden Labs - really? This isn't like when the Writers Guild went on strike and we were stuck watching reruns and they were pulling really horrible shows out of the "Really Crap Shows" room to put on tv. This isn't like a garbage strike where the garbage isn't picked up and it overflows onto the streets. And it sure as heck isn't like a hunger strike where someone could die like Bobby Sands for not eating for 66 days.

But, I respect your right to strike, and I support you. I just don't personally feel the need to do it. At least, not until someone gives me a REALLY good reason and tells me what it's REALLY going to accomplish. Besides...and this is not a jab at anyone and I'm not trying to be offensive...but with most bloggers, would you really know if a strike was going on? Come on, be honest. :) You know good and well that a lot of bloggers don't post every day. Maybe I SHOULD strike. Give my blog a little rest. :-p

The party tonight at the pit was quiet. A lot more quiet than I guess we would have liked, but it was still fun. Dyami showed up, as did the sexy Tristan wearing some absolutely CUTE shoes that buckled way up her leg and I forgot to ask where she got those from, and Celeron Voom of Urban Trash came towards the end. Cel's the one who made me my blogger shirt. :) And of course Cen and Rick were there, along with some of the others in our dysfunctional happy family. lol I had fun playing the songs I like and we had sploder wars with the timed sploder I bought earlier. I'm actually about to hop back over to the pit and do some skydiving.

One bad thing about my DJing tonight was that I missed the party at Orcas. :( But big big big congratulations to Casius and Margo on their partnership!! :) I wish I'd known that the party was tonight. I'd have moved things around to be there. :)

I just realized I've been so occupied with finding party stuff tonight, I haven't even made it through the freebie blogs! I could be missing out on some wonderful gift!

Just a lil party reminder!

Just in case you didn't manage to make it all the way through my last post, Viper Pit party tonight starting at 7pm!!

We'll have music, dancing, skydiving [I bought a skydiving pod. I couldn't help it.], a timed sploder, and ... whatever else I manage to get my hands on before the party. LOL

I always love our parties, although I'm sad that this is the first we're holding without Sam. :( all have to come and make me forget that. :)


Bouncing Topics

You guys make me smile, ya know that? :) Thanks for all the congratulations!! Let me try to run down some of the questions.

Yes, the new boyfriend does read my blog, but no, he's not a blogger. He's actually a bit shy. :) I don't know if he's coming with me this Sunday to the party. I guess it depends on if he can log in that afternoon. [RL comes first, of course!] Although he might, if he doesn't fall asleep early since I kept him up WAY too late last night, be coming to the party we're having at The Viper Pit tonight. No, he's not going to cut into my shopping time because I'll just drag him with me if I have to. :-p Yes, Cen, we'll be needing the bananas most definitely, and yes, Tymmerie, send the SLondoms over right away! :)

So last night since I was too excited to sleep, I finally made my way over to Archange. It was almost strange going in there because I kind of expected to see all the Last Call stuff on the walls. There was only one other person in there wandering around, which I kind of thought was odd since the night before I think they crashed or almost crashed the sim for the opening. Looking around, I noticed 2 things. 1, the outfits are very Last Call inspired. And 2, it's kind of pricy. I'm not really well acquainted with the whole "couture" thing in SL, so maybe it's average, but the lowest priced outfits I saw in there were $295L, and for those of us who delight in dressing as great as we can for as cheap as we can, it's kind of sticker shock. I did end up buying an outfit, so I ran over to my store to take a picture of it. [Btw, upstairs in my store where the Tasty Packs Cen & I put together are, I have a posestand against a black background. Anyone is welcome to come snap a pic of themselves if they want to. I don't know if I've ever mentioned it before.]

New outfit from Archange

This is called Lesya, and is one of the "cheaper" outfits in the store for $295L. I ended up editing the prims on the jeans because they were super flared and looked ridiculous on my frame. The jeans are what drew my eye to the outfit in the first place, since I like the design on the leg. In terms of quality, this outfit is pretty much perfect. I wouldn't have expected anything less. However, I don't know if it was really $295L worth.

Was it worth it?

It's not that I can't afford outfits from there. It's just that I'm not sure if, for me personally, it's worth it. Great clothes, though. :)

Viper Pit Party tonight!! [SLurl] It's Best In Red & Black, I'll be the DJ for it, and I hope you guys come out to have some fun! I'm looking right now for some stuff for the party...raffle balls or trivia or something fun. Not that we're not fun just on our own, of course. ;) But I always like games and things.

Whew, I'm starving. I think it's late lunch/early dinner time.