Monday, June 30, 2008

End of June

My last post of June - #102. I'm actually surprised I made it into the 3 digits. After all...wasn't I supposed to have taken a break after the BBBC? :)

But rather than recap everything that was sooooo good about this month, and there was a LOT, I thought I'd just show some pics. :) Because as wonderful as June was, I have a feeling July is going to be even more so because I'm entering it with many more friends, and of course my wonderful partner who I cannot imagine living without. :)





Lots more coming up for July - including my involvement in a new blog that I think you all will get a big kick out of. :) Thanks for sticking with me this long! :)

Sorry, have to. LOL

All the other girls are doing it!!!!

You Should Be In Atomic Kitten

Cute and stylish - you're the perfect little pop package.

Oh, and you can sing a little too :-)

Shy? Why?

I've been thinking about the comments about the friends thing I posted in one of my previous blogs.

Do we blog because we're shy? I was talking to Levi last night and I told him that I thought that many of us in SL share many similarities. A lot of us ARE shy. A lot of us are loners in the "real" world. And we come into SL where it is, by nature, quite a social place. But as brave as most of us appear, or as outgoing, a lot of us brought our shy selves in here as well.

Levi never seems to believe me when I say that I spend a great deal of time at home by myself when he & Cen aren't online. I see some members of my loud and chatty group get almost shy when certain members send an IM. I read blogs where people say that they're lonely. And I get messages from people who seem to think that they're bothering me by IMing me or that they're shy around ME.

The question is - Why? Why do we come into this world and we get shy? It can't be like in the real world, where we might be too fat or have a huge nose and we're shy to talk. It can't be that we're embarrassed of our clothing or our voices or the fact that our hair constantly has an oil problem. Because in this world, we can have a beautiful or handsome appearance. We can have the hair of our dreams, the clothing we've always longed to wear, the body that only 6 hours a day with a personal trainer we could attain. How many times have you said "If only *this* was better about me, my whole life would be different." Didn't you come into SL and make it so? I know I did, and yet I am still shy.

Just something to think about. :)

One thing I do want to say is this - PLEASE for the love of Blingis! don't be scared to IM me or talk to me if you see me out and about. Chances are, I'm more shy of you than you are of me. :) But I do enjoy meeting people and trust me, I am not any more special than any of you. In fact, once you talk to me, you pretty much find out what a goober I really am within the first 5 minutes. If I do happen to be busy, I will still take the time to talk to you for a couple of minutes and then tell you that I need to get back to work.

I think Cen said it best last night:

CeNedra Rivera: it's a good thing I think you're a goof or we couldn't be friends LOL j/k


Ok, so Tymmerie says I should use one of my posts today to talk about the toast fad that's been hitting the grid. So here we go.

The truth is... I have no idea. Toast didn't seem to hit my group since we seem to be Blingis! and fishing and various desserts oriented. So either we're ahead of our time or we're just crazy. I'm betting on crazy. LOL

I did a little research on SL to see if I could figure out what's going on. I was going to ask Akasha Wachmann of Catnip, as she's made a lot of toasty items, but she wasn't online and I think that would be the craziest offline ever. "OMG, what's up with all the toast?!"

But I did discover that there are groups dedicated to toast. There are gestures and sounds and lots of toast items. However, there was no one set answer.

The most I can get out of it is that someone decided toast was the new black.

Oh, and this song from the Bob & Tom Show may have something to do with it, but that's just speculation on my part.

If anyone knows the real answer, we'd love to hear it.

Guess what?

Ok, so guess what? I'm 3 posts away from doing 100 posts for June.

But Levi, who knows a lot of math, told me that I could do 99 posts or 102 posts so that my average per day is even. And I like even numbers, so that's what I'm going to do.

However, I want to break into the 3 digit numbers so...

Today you'll get 5 posts from me.

Woot! LOL

Sunday, June 29, 2008

3 Things

I've been finding myself not shopping as much as I used to, or even going on freebie runs. It's not that I don't go out and look around. I do. But it takes something extremely special to catch my eye lately. It takes an unbelievably special freebie to catch my eye. But combined with the fact that I pretty much hate all my clothes lately, I'm in a very anti-fashion state these days. I look at a few fashion blogs, but everyone blogs the exact same stuff. And half the time, I can't tell what I'm looking at anyway, or it's just crap and shouldn't have been blogged in the first place. Just because something is free or on sale doesn't mean it's blogworthy, you know.

I don't know what the deal is. I have an inventory full of beautiful clothes. And I know there are nice things out there. I just... I don't know. I hate the way everything looks on me these days. I'm sure I'll get over it but I hope I get over it quickly because it's getting REALLY hard to get dressed lately. LOL


Do you ever see people in SL or read their blogs and wish that you were friends with them? Or maybe you have them on your friends list but you're not actually friends, but you think you could be if you weren't shy?


I'm getting addicted to showing you all YouTube clips. LOL Anyway, some people say this one was fake, but I don't care because someone falling down is funny.

You never break ranks!!

All you need

After a shower, a pill, and a 2 hour nap, I woke up feeling a bit better. But then I felt tons better after getting to spend some time dancing and chatting with Levi, Cen, and Dyami. Then after they left to say goodnight, we went home to decide what to do. But first we had to cuddle on the new pose I bought last night from Sai's store, Imperial Elegance.


I have to adjust it some, but we really like it. :) But then I put down a pose from Meya and ... well, no pics to share of that.

Sometimes all you really need to feel better is a good conversation while dancing, and then alone time with the one you love. Because I do feel better.

Of course, I'm also still feeling the pill. LOL But now I'm going to bed.

Saturday, June 28, 2008

Blah, take 2.

Home again, home again, jiggity jog. I am still not feeling very relaxed today and it's starting to really bug me. I don't know what the deal is. Maybe I'm just tired.

Mr. Kitty brought in a bird to kill sometime this morning. There's nothing like having to clean up a mutilated bird.

Surfline Aloha is closing at the end of the month, and I'm really sad about that. Not just because of the awesome freebies I've been allowed blog each week for the past couple of months or so, but because it was a great place to go hang out at. It really made you feel like you were at the beach. It wasn't one of these run of the mill beach clubs that are half advertisements and half crap.

Btw, the Blingis! is free in my store now, if you want to go pick one up. I'll probably only have it in there for the weekend. They are full perms, so feel free to pass around.

I think I'm going to go take a long hot shower, then maybe lay down and watch a movie or something. Of course, I'll probably end up popping back into SL soon enough to see if Levi is online [because I could really use a cuddle from him right now] or to just sit and sort inventory.

Oh, and just so this post isn't totally devoid of smiles, here's another one of my favorite YouTube videos.


I am so tired this morning. 3 hours of sleep really does nothing for me. lol Plus I feel all tied up in knots today for some reason. I'm guessing it's just the lack of sleep, but I think it has to do with there being a lot of not so good stuff going on with my extended family right now. I was on the phone with Levi last night when my mom called and while I had him on hold, in about 5 minutes she dumped 3 major things on me so I could calm her down. But unfortunately, when she does that, it's like I take them on my shoulders. So as a result, I feel a bit weighed down today. I'm sure I'll relax at some point but I woke up just...tense.

Anyway, as most of my friends know, I love YouTube. And I especially love random people on YouTube who are just crazy. A few months ago I ran across a video on there by Lana McKissack, who is not only beautiful but a very very good singer, and a bit of a nut. But she's never as funny as when she's with her friend Chester See. Some of you might even know Chester from the Disney Channel show, Disney 365. Whenever I'm feeling tense or upset, I just watch one of their crazy videos about nothing, and instantly it brings a smile to my face.

Have a good Saturday everyone!

O hai, we're just comin' to vizit.

Whenever Cen and I are left alone too long [like, longer than 5 or 6 minutes] we end up coming up with some crazy idea. Tonight's crazy idea would probably get us arrested in RL. We decided to go to some of our favorite bloggers' homes or stores or offices and take pictures. We only hit up 5 places, but it was still enough to keep us giggling all night.

She already told you guys in her blog that we were at Ari Blackthorne's store, so I'll show those pics first.

I dance


We must have played on that throne for ages. LOL We love poses and animations, so you can pretty much just give us a loaded posestand and we're good to go for a while. So I guess that's what people should do to keep us busy.

I think I'm NOT going to tell you guys where we were for the next few pics and see if you can guess, or recognize your own places. :)

A tree inside?

You're welcome. LOL

Mmm Melons

3 [This one kind of ties in with #2 but it's a different place]



Hangin' out

Ok, so by the time we hit #5, the Ch'Know group was giggling with the new pose that Sai had made for the Blingis! I think that everytime I say the word Blingis! it should have the exclamation point because that's how it sounds in my head. LOL


Cen took off to go to bed, so I went to find a place to take a Blingis! picture. I ended up at an infohub that had been my last homeless home before I had moved into my first apartment. There was a chimp just hanging out. Perfect photo op!

Hai Chimp! BLINGIS!

I headed over to Risque Animations after that because I wanted to just look around. They have some great sexy stuff. :) And their bellydances have the best stomach moves I've ever seen. But I almost died when I fell into this....


I managed to make it out and imagine my delight when I found some free scooters! They're like the ones that old people use at Walmart. LOL There are 2 sizes of scooters, and then a shopping cart. Fun stuff!


I didn't find anything out there that I wanted [plus I was lagging like crazy so I really only tested the belly dances before leaving] so I headed over to Sai's store to pick up a pose I wanted for our couch, and now here I am, doing this post.

I'm so lucky to have a friend like Cen, who not only keeps me occupied when Levi isn't with me [well, when she's not with her own partner :) ], but who enjoys being crazy with me.

Watch out....we could be coming to your place next!!!

Friday, June 27, 2008


So the best conversations come out of the Ch'Know group. LOL Earlier today we were talking and I don't know how it came up, but we started laughing about a blinging penis - or a Blingis.

Well, you know that I can't get a really silly idea out of my head, so tonight I made a Blingis and passed it out. LOL

Then Sai dared us to take a pic wearing a Blingis at the Armidi tp point. So....

Blingis @ Armidi

And yes, there were people around, including this super blingy guy who had followed me in. LOL I also saw some girl out there wearing the ugliest shoes ever, but I'll show those later.

Then Joonie sent me a picture of her and her friends having a Blingis party. LOL

Joonie's Blingis Party

That poor girl on the skates looks like she is blinded. LOL

So yeah. Blingis! LOL

Waiting around, so...

I was on the phone with Levi but he's working and I think he was on another call which was taking a while [either that or he wasn't talking to me], so I came back out here to wait to see if he calls me back. So while I am waiting, I took that tarot card test that is making the rounds. :)

You are The Sun

Happiness, Content, Joy.

The meanings for the Sun are fairly simple and consistent.

Young, healthy, new, fresh. The brain is working, things that were muddled come clear, everything falls into place, and everything seems to go your way.

The Sun is ruled by the Sun, of course. This is the light that comes after the long dark night, Apollo to the Moon's Diana. A positive card, it promises you your day in the sun. Glory, gain, triumph, pleasure, truth, success. As the moon symbolized inspiration from the unconscious, from dreams, this card symbolizes discoveries made fully consciousness and wide awake. You have an understanding and enjoyment of science and math, beautifully constructed music, carefully reasoned philosophy. It is a card of intellect, clarity of mind, and feelings of youthful energy.

What Tarot Card are You?
Take the Test to Find Out.

Dear Men...

The single ladies of the Ch'Know group would like you to please join our crazy group.

Meara has even offered a pole dance if you join. :-p

But not if you have bling on your boy bits. They're totally against that.

Actually, if you're not in the group and you want to be, just IM me. This goes for anyone, not just men. :) We're really a lot of fun and we love random chat. In fact...the whole group is pretty much random chat. We never yell at you for IMing the group to ask a question or say hi or yell about something funny you just saw. Free to join, but it's not open enrollment so we never get the "ALL CLOTHS FREE LINDINS AND $50L BEST DEZIGNERS" spam that so many groups end up with.


I ended up putting most of my blogroll in the whole "updatey" blog roll list to the side, but if you see that I still have my old blogroll list at the very bottom of the blog, that's mostly for me so I can remember who was doing the BBBC. At least until I write down everyone's names and blogs. LOL But I felt it necessary to do the update list because I found myself using other peoples' lists to check blogs and missing out on some others.

Talking about nothing since I can't talk about something.

I hate when I have news that I can't blog right away. LOL

So we'll talk about the Calla drama. What a mess business in SL can be, especially fashion business. Of course, most business anywhere can turn into a mess...but at least a RL business usually has all the legal documents in place to protect both partners. Usually.

But holy crap, what a lot of money has been made off of virtual hair! It reminds me that if I really set my mind to it, I could make real money in SL. But the thing is, I have no desire to. I just want enough $L to play with in here. Because when SL becomes your bread & butter...where do you go to play? As most of you have said from time to time, this IS your escape. If it becomes work, then...what? Of course, that's just my take on it, but I didn't come to SL to make money and many people have.

OK - I need something. I have this thing I'm modding and it's got noise in it. And I deleted the noise script that was in it, but of course it's still noisy. LOL Does anyone have a kill script for sound? I have the one for bling but I don't think that would work for this. I think. Hmm... I really need to learn scripts. LOL Ooh, I didn't check the script library. But if anyone has one, I would much appreciate. :)

/me checks 2 blogs.
/me finds nothing.
/me pouts that she still can't blog news so she goes shopping instead.

Lovely night...until the pineapple

I got to spend hours with my partner tonight. Sorry, I'm still all giggly that I get to call him my partner. :) He is, without a doubt, one of the easiest people in the world for me to talk to and that is really saying something.

But after he logged off, I stood up and felt kind of dizzy. Oh silly me, I forgot to eat! In fact, the last thing I could remember eating was some popcorn around 3pm, and it was at least 12 hours since then. While I was waiting for soup to heat up, I shoved a pineapple ring in my mouth. I forgot that citrus fruits on an empty stomach make me totally sick. So now I'm sitting here trying to not feel icky.

Levi took me to the place where he got his awesome disco outfit. Oh man, talk about some disco clothes. I saw gold sequined hot pants! He bought me a bikini, so we had to go home so I could try it on. Of course, that led to me trying on some lingerie and dancing for him, which led to other things. Luckily in SL, we don't have to worry about the effects of eating Taco Bell and having fun. LOL

Cen emailed me some pics from disco night, so as soon as I get those resized and stuff, I'll have them over in the pit parties last week's party too. LOL I've been a bit procrastinatey lately on a lot of things.

I think I'm feeling ok enough to lie down now, so it's bedtime. :)

Thursday, June 26, 2008

I'm so easily amused.

I understand sometimes you type things in an IM or type in the local chat when you mean to type in IM. But sometimes when you type in a group IM, especially when there was no group IMing going on in the first place, it cracks me up.

From the Fabulously Free group:

[17:59] Clueless Girl: /22 color red
[17:59] Clueless Girl: /25 color red
[18:00] Helpful Person: try typing this in local chat :)
[18:01] Clueless Girl: oops
[18:01] Clueless Girl: lol
[18:01] Clueless Girl: oops sorrya
[18:02] Clueless Girl: /25 red


Surfline Freebie of the Week!

You know what time it is...It's time for the Surfline Freebie of the Week!

This week's dress is just adorable! I love it!

Surfline Freebie of the Week - 6/28 - 7/4

The HangTen dress is just so cute with its muted understated colors, and it is definitely a dress that you could take into fall with you. I love the edging on the dress, and the back is low, but not TOO low. It's perfect for showing off some skin, but not so much skin you get the reputation of being the slutty girl on the beach.

This dress retails at $275L, but can be yours free starting June 28th until July 4th. If you're looking for just something cute and simple, you MUST go to get this one!

Surfline Aloha - SLurl

In the picture I am also wearing Sueshoo sandals in white from Periquita, 'Sweetie' hair in blonde from *Flair*, and my skin is 'Scarlet' in the Desidelia skin tone from Free Speerit.

Today's color is...

To the hair designers that give away packs of hair:

I am always very happy to get a pack of your hair, but please stop labeling your hair with weird names so no one can figure out what the hell color it is.

I am a blonde. Usually a platinum blonde. I will also accept Beach Blonde, Light Blonde, Bleached Blonde, and Wheat Blonde.

However, if I have to sit there looking at Iced Happy Creamy Mix or Creamed Buttery Spread, I won't know whether to drink, wear, or put the hair on toast.

Do redneads and brunettes have this much trouble? LOL

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Damn you, electricity!!

So I was getting ready for the party tonight when a sudden storm swept up on us. Sudden storms aren't uncommon around here, so I didn't pay too much attention. But power.

"What the hell?"

Then click click, power.

"Whew...I was ab..."

Whoooosh. No power.

"Oh damn."

And it stayed off. The house filled with the sounds of beeping as various battery backups tried to work, but they're all old, so things were beeping and wheezing and you would have thought I was in ICU or something.

So I waited. And waited. Annnnnnnd waited. Nothing. Thunder, lightning, all that stuff that scares me was going on. Then on the police scanner we heard it. "Yeah, some trees fell on the power lines. Cut the power out all over this area."

Damn damn damn!!

So I ended up becoming a total whiny nightmare for hours and ended up missing all of the disco party except for the last 10 minutes. Sighs. I felt so bad. I felt even worse that people worried about me. I had sent Levi a text message, but I really should have just called him. I fail.

But we WILL reschedule it! I have a disco outfit and I have almost 3 hours worth of disco music. We are GOING to reschedule this sucker!

Huge thanks to Cen for doing such a great job and to Meara for finding a disco station and to Levi and Dyami for helping out with the welcoming. :) If there had been any way at all I could have been there, I would have. You know it would take some kind of destruction for me to miss these parties. :)

When is it truly stealing?

I was listening to music and poking around the SLExchange forums when this thread caught my eye:

I've Been Accused Of Content Theft!

Always interested in that, I opened it up. It seems a hair designer has been accused by another hair designer of ripping off style of hair. We've seen it before, right? Who hasn't noticed ETD hair in freebie shops? I still remember a newbie proudly showing me her new hair she'd picked up in a store and she couldn't believe it was so cheap at only $50L for a few colors. She was wearing the ETD Airy hair which you can pick up for $1L for a huge pack at ETD. The hair she was wearing was so badly textured, where it should have been transparent at the bottom, it very much was not.

But the thing that got me about this story is that the hair in question was not copied prim for prim. The textures were not copied. In fact, the only thing you could say is that Designer B may have been inspired by Designer A.

So if you read the forum, you see Designer A come out and say, "Inspiration is one thing- using sectional stylistic elements is another."

Oh? So no one in SL can make a ponytail because the first hair designer in SL made a ponytail? And no one in SL can put a barrette in some hair because someone else did it first? I don't THINK so.

I went to Designer B's store to check out the demos. She does very good work. Nice textures, and the hair is fairly well made. If she had hair that was a little more faerie and a little less warrior princess, I probably would have bought some. But while I was standing there, someone just happened to wander in.

Random Stranger: LOl so much content theft
Me: From this store?
RS: oh yeah
RS: all the hair
Me: Prim for prim, or merely inspired?
RS: they are all ripped pieces of Dark Artistry hair
RS: oh hair ripped pirm for pirm and the put together different
RS: recombining hairstyles basically
Another Stranger: That's generally what art is.
Me: Hmm... Guess I should go to the other store then and check out their demos.
RS: well yeah but like obviously so
AS shrugs
RS: I mean like I own the hair she used here
RS: it is litterally taking a peice from that and adding to piece from this
Alicia Chenaux smiles. Well....since no one owns the rights of a ponytail or a crown, I guess I'll hop over to the other store and check it out just to see for myself.

Most people don't strike up conversations with me unless they read my blog. Especially when I'm only trying on some demos. Don't tell me that was just a woman who happened to come by and start talking about content theft.

In fact, I think she needs a course in what content theft really is. Had the hair been ripped prim for prim, I would have agreed with her. Had the textures been ripped, I would have agreed. But when you run around accusing people of stealing when they have not, then that is very very wrong.

I have your name, Random Stranger. I don't think you were in there telling me about "theft" out of the goodness of your heart.

Being a good blogger, I did go out to the other store and picked up some demos.

Designer ADesigner B

1designerB2Designer B

Are they similar? Sure, why not. But you find many similar hairstyles in SL. How many long straight styles are there? How many styles with the two little buns on top of your head? How many pigtails and ponytails and curly hair and hair with flowers and ribbons and crowns are there? Are these direct rips? No. Are they similar enough to have Designer A shout and scream, ban Designer B from their store, and basically show their ass because there could be competition? Absolutely not. In fact, I spent $3-4L in Designer A's store getting demos and feel that was too much.

Just to double check, I went to a sandbox and threw both wigs down on the ground to inspect them. Designer B not only managed to create a lovely hairstyle, but she did it in less prims AND she labeled every single prim in the hair.

Did Designer B get inspiration from Designer A? Possibly. But how many fantasy book covers and fantasy movies and fantasy games are there where these styles are common? Those loops I have seen on HCT hair. And I have seen many styles where the bangs are swooped to the sides like that.

Content theft is one thing. Someone possibly being inspired by someone else is another. And who is to say that Designer B was inspired by Designer A at all? I had been working on something silly [a wearable grill, which Sehra saw me in a few weeks ago] and the other day Levi and I went to his friend's friend's store and right there on the wall was a wearable grill. Should I scream that he ripped me off? I'd be ashamed of myself if I did!! Also, I was working on a belt and Catnip came out with a similar idea a couple of weeks later. Should I throw a fit? Hell no, because they did it a lot better. LOL

All I know is, you better REALLY watch your mouth before you say something was stolen. There could be consequences for your actions.

As always, feel free to discuss. :)

Look into my brain...

Ever wanted to know what it's like to be me when I'm sitting here reading blogs and stuff?

* I'm really happy with how the Ch'Know group is turning out. I debated for months on if I wanted to start a group for my store, because I don't update all that often and I didn't think people would want to use a group space just for me. But after looking at all the other groups, and seeing how often people joined groups to try to talk to people with similar interests only to be screamed at with "NO! You can't talk in here! You're bad! Stop talking!" I decided to make the group and state very plainly that I want you to talk in it. I want people to chat so that they can meet others and so they don't have to be lonely in SL. Even if all you do is sit at home, at least there's a silly chat you can participate in.

* I really need to start putting together a disco music folder. LOL I don't think tonight I can just randomly pull stuff out like usual. Besides...I have a lot of disco music.

* Why don't I really like gold? I like the color yellow, for all that I don't wear it often. But I don't like gold. If I were in the Olympics and I won the gold medal, I think I'd ask them for white gold.

* I really need to start hopping in IM boxes of some guys I know to ask them embarrassing questions for a blog post that has been formulating in my head for a while.

* Oh man, I really need to finish up on the secret project.

* I wonder what Levi is doing right now. Maybe I should surprise call. No, he's been super busy at work lately. Maybe I'll just IM him instead.

* I still can't believe I'm partnered. :)

* I need sandals. I went shopping the other night for sandals and ended up with some really cute shoes from Periquita but they're not what I set out to get.

* God, why do I still have a tummyache? Did I eat tomatoes too soon?

* Cen and I should have taken our teaser pic last night while we were in disco gear.

* Should I do something to make the party ball more disco?

* I'm hungry.

* Did I give Mr. Kitty his flea meds for the month? Oh yes, I did, because he gave me a dirty look.

* Pets in SL are so much easier to take care of.

* I can't believe I had another SL dream. I wonder if that dance is really in SL, though. I bet it's not.

* Is my disco outfit disco enough? It's short enough, that's for sure. I can't bend over.

* I need to get in world and answer some of the overnight IMs.

* I need new dances too.

* Why haven't I been in NWN lately? Oh yeah, because I haven't been talking about anything important lately. That would do it. LOL

* Where's Kellee? And Andria? And Kharisma?

* You know what's worse than having a tummyache? Having one and being hungry. That's so stupid. My body totally fails.

* Why don't more people go after free gifts? Some people think that they're too good to accept a gift? It's a wearable demo, for pete's sake. If you like it, you can shop at the store. If it's crap, you never have to go back and you can delete it from your inventory. I wish it was permissible to just slap people.

* Actually, I wish I could just slap RL people too.

* I really need to start putting together my disco playlist.

* I'm still hungry!

Randomosity - Part 7 - Just Pics...and other babble.

I think I ate something at some point that didn't agree with me. I've been feeling kind of icky all day. And of course I can't just feel icky and be done with it. I have to feel icky and get anxious about it, which makes it worse. I fail. LOL

I was checking my DVD shelves and noticed I have Saturday Night Fever - still unopened! When I go to bed tonight, that's gonna be what I watch, I think. I have to fall asleep with movies or tv shows. It's the weirdest thing.

So I have a bad habit of taking pictures and not doing anything with them for a while. Here's some that have just been hanging out on my desktop for the past few days. :)

A couple of weeks ago, a bunch of us went to Calla to get giftcards. This was hanging out there. and no water...I don't get it. But I have that shirt, in white.

I went to New England and a bus almost ran me over. So I thought I'd take a ride. I didn't know I'd be driving the sucker.
Driving the bus

There was a great little cafe in New England, with movie trivia and music trivia, and bagels! I love bagels with cream cheese so much.
Bagel time!

You probably don't want to use the outhouse that's near the fishing hole...

Out at XD Fusion, where I got my kitten, there's a magic 8 ball on the table outside. I didn't know if you clicked it, it turned into this little guy.
He dances

We went out to SLeek tonight to dance. Cen and I were so not dressed for the beach, but we had fun with everyone!

BUT...the lag at SLeek was incredible. I ended up turning all the prims off to help with the lag [a little trick I learned while working at Liquid Rage] but the funniest thing is that when I did that Laleeta's hippo costume was gone and ... well, THAT was left. LOL! Um...Laleeta's the gray one.
Soooooooo not good.

I'm going to go lay down now and ... hold the phone! Check it out! Dutch Touch is having a store card sale like the one at Truth a few weeks ago!

50% Discount!,
Pay 150 LD and get a 300 LD StoreCard!
Pay 250 LD and get a 500 LD StoreCard!
Pay 750 LD and get a 1500 LD StoreCard!
Pay 1500 LD and get a 3000 LD StoreCard!

The display with discounted StoreCards is located at the
::DT:: Seperatesstore at Willow Beach ^^" [SLurl]

Ooh, I needs. But I need to lay down too. I have much to do before the party. :)

Edited to add: If you are interested in being in the Ch'Know group, and like to chat randomly or spontaneously break out into a party, and sometimes get free crap I make, just IM me for an invite, or comment here. I don't just invite people unless they ask, but it's free and you don't have to write an essay or provide references or anything. It's a fun group, I think. :)

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

You should be dancing, yeah!

Don't forget, tomorrow night's party is a DISCO party!!

Now I know some of you have been wondering what to wear. But honestly, do NOT stress about what you're wearing! Just come and strut your stuff with us. :) But if you do want to dress in a disco fashion, please read the following:

"Disco looks began in the 1970s and was memorable for its hot pants look and Spandex tops. Shiny clinging Lycra stretch disco pants in hot strident shiny colours with stretch sequin bandeau tops were often adaptations of professional modern dance wear that found itself making an impact in discos as disco dancing became serious. Gold lame, leopard skin and stretch halter jumpsuits and white clothes that glowed in Ultra Violet lights capture the 70s Disco fashion perfectly.

Satin jackets that reflected the light and a medallion resting on a tanned chest in an open neck shirt with the collar turned up were de rigueur, however awful such fashions might seem now. The latter is a fashion male individuals will never admit they followed, yet for many men it was the equivalent of the iPod accessory or mobile phone of today.

Films like Saturday Night Fever of 1977 as John Travolta illustrates in the header, emphasised how important it was to release all the pent up energy of the working week on the weekend. Posing clothes designed to show off the body and made in materials like figure moulding stretch Lycra were ideal.

The elevation provided by platform soled shoes which were the epitome of the spirit of the seventies, also gave an air of theatrical space age fantasy as individuals in Lurex and satin flared silver trousers shimmered as they swayed to the music beat."

So basically, dress shiny and tight. LOL Guys can show their chest, and of course platform shoes are good. You can also check out eHow's page on how to dress for a disco. :)

But really, at the end of the day, just come party. Don't worry about your outfit.

I'll be DJing, as usual, and we're going to be up in the party ball. If you didn't keep your landmark from the last party up there, you'll be able to pick one up from the courtyard at the Pit tomorrow evening.

I'm a Yankee Doodle sweeeeeetheart....

I was sitting around staring at my profile when Mairead Fitzgerald of Simply Silks at Prim & Pixel Paradise dropped their new freebie on me. I love freebies, and I especially love when I don't have to leave my home to get them!

The 4th of July bikini set is a 34 piece freebie until July 1st. That's right, 34 pieces. :) You get the bikini, a jacket, a shirt, a skirt, some shoes, jewelry, and a hat. It's a huge set for being free!

Review - USA Bikini

Review - USA Bikini, hat , jacket

Yes, that's Maestro on my shoulder, along with my new puppy, Duke. :)

So I'm not going to blow smoke and say that I love loved this set. I LIKED it. I love when designers put everything from top to bottom in a set, along with clothing pieces on different layers. But some things could have been better, such as a better hem on the jacket. The jewelry is low prim and done with a texture, which some people don't care for, but I don't mind. There's copies of the jewelry with different attachment points, which is nice so that you don't have to take off a belly chain to put on the skirt. The bikini itself is pretty darn good and well worth going out to the store to pick up. Be sure you waxed, though, because it's skimpy! :) It also has prim ties for the sides, which is super cute.

If you're looking for something for that patriotic beach party, be sure you run over and get this set by July 1st!!

Simply Silks @ Prim & Pixel Paradise - [SLurl]

In the pictures I am also wearing 'Camie' hair by Aden Breyer, 'Smokey Azule' skin in the Desidelia skin tone by Free Speerit, butterfly hip tattoos by AITUI, 'Movie Star' glasses by Fawn Fotherington, and my pets are by Todd Borst of XD Fusion.

Last Night :)

Thank you all so much for your comments to my last post. :) I am still freakin' smiling!!

To answer questions... We're not having a ceremony. I would not say no to a reception or something, but we didn't really talk about that. And no, I'm not knocked up with a prim baby! LOL!!

Cen says that the whole thing was very ME - just random and fun. To illustrate, let me show you how my night went last night.

First, I went to a meeting in Gamilia. After that, we ran off to party because that's just what you have to do, I think. :) Plus I was already giggling because Calista had teleported in on the Queen's head before the start of the meeting. LOL!!

Partying in Gamilia

I ran off to the pit to hang out with Cen and then Dyami logged in. So we went back to look at my hole [gigglefits] and we were trying to decide to fish when Levi logged in. Well, this made us happy as anything because it's rare that the 4 of us are logged in together and it's not a Wednesday. Then Aisuru came over to join us [and she seriously has patience because we're all a bit silly] and then we decided to fight.

One lyric comes to mind for this picture... "2 trailer park girls go 'round the outside."


But of course, someone could get seriously hurt on land like that. So Cen and I wasted no time stripping down to bikinis so we could jump in the water. Plus you know how much we love the shirtless men. ;)

Water fight!

You can see more pics of the fight on Levi's Snapzilla. :) He takes much better pictures of me than I take of myself. :)

So after all the fighting and giggling, and after we helped Cen reposition the mud wrestling poses, we were standing around talking and out of the blue... he asks me to be his partner. [insert huge grin here] Immediately I IM Cen with what just happened, and she grabbed Dyami and ran off so Levi and I could alone. :)

Right after the partnering, we headed off to Midnight Reflections.

Right after :)

But unfortunately it was laggy there, and the positioning of the poseballs was completely off, so we went home where we could be alone and with our own things. :)

All in all, last night is not a night that I will forget, that's for sure.

[Although...I do wish I'd been wearing better shoes than flip flops. LOL!]

News :)

I had enough to talk about, and enough pictures to show, for 2 posts at least. But something happened tonight that takes priority. :) I already told the Ch'Know group, because I couldn't stand it anymore, and big thanks to them for not posting about it before I could. :)

Tonight, out of the blue, Levi and I got partnered. :)

It wasn't how I thought it would happen. It wasn't how he thought he would do it. [He said he's been thinking about it for a while. :)] But it was just...perfect. I don't think I've stopped smiling in about 4 hours. LOL And yes, I cried. I am SUCH A GIRL.

You and me, baby. Me and you.

Monday, June 23, 2008

This is why...

...people shouldn't leave me alone for too long.


I end up covering myself in prims and going out in public. Well, ok, the pit isn't public public, but I did start my prim covering while I was out shopping.

Oh, looks like I have to be a faerie tonight for a meeting...but that's not for 2 hours still.

So I can either go out for a RL walk [which I should do] or I can wander around doing nothing and stay covered in prims.

Or I can do the 3 things that I've been procrastinating on. LOL

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Comedian George Carlin, dead at 71

I was checking the news right before going to bed [habit of mine], and I about had the wind knocked out of me when I saw that George Carlin had died. Yes, crybaby me cried. George Carlin, for all his foul language, was our constant traveling companion when I was a child. On cassettes, of course. My family and I would listen to his comedy routines and it made the trips shorter.

Rest in peace, George. And thank you for the laughs.

Work work work. lol

Cen and I have been busy busy today. I have pics to show, but um...they're not resized or anything yet, so that will have to wait. And I"m lazy. :) Plus I'm fishing.

We have 4 new apartments at the pit, all furnished, and in different themes. There's an Asian inspired room, The Kitty Cat room that doesn't have a a bed, but a carpet and pillows and some kitty pics on the walls, a gothic themed room that is all black and red and stuff, and what was going to be called the fashionista room, but it's actually very girly and pretty so it might need a name change. They're really just starter places for people who need a place to call home but don't need a lot and don't have a ton of money. $100L a week for 20 prims. Not bad, I think. :)

And I fixed the fishing hole, much to my own amusement, with statements as "It was a small hole but I had to expand my hole in case someone wants to slide their boat in." My mind has been in the gutter today for some reason. Anyway, so the hole is bigger [gigglefits] and there's a bit more seating. And we put some slummy playground equipment out there too, swings and a see-saw and a spinny thing. :)

We had a lot of fun and got tons accomplished in just a few hours. It was like playing a big game of dollhouse.

But it did start me thinking about home decorating. See, Levi and I may be moving out of our skybox within the next few weeks, and so now I'm thinking about where we might think about going, and if we'd want to get a furnished place again. Because while it is MUCH easier, I think I'm ready for us to maybe settle into our own personalized home. But then I wonder if we should buy land, or rent land, and where, and how much do we need, and it's just a pain in my head. lol I know very little about SL real estate.

Gosh, I'm really sleepy. Too much sun today, I think.


First of all, a very happy birthday to HawksRock!! I know, a bit late. But better late than never, right? :)

After many suggestions, and much debate, the name of my mean little kitten is Maestro. This is in honor of every cute, but terribly pissy, musical director that I ever had.

Sometimes I do some exploring on my own just to give a quick check-out of places that I think would be fun to go to later with Levi or Cen [and one day we will have our double date!] and I ran into this pretty fun park. It had go-karts, dancing, skydiving...just all kinds of fun stuff! With Maestro at my side, we enjoyed some time at the park.


Skeet Skeet Skeet

Chillin' With Maestro

It's definitely a place I want to go back to to race with people and do some dancing.

The rest of the evening was spent ... FISHING!!

I already know that I'm going to need to adjust a few things out there to make more room for people to sit. But it was so much fun! A bunch of the Ch'Know group members came out to fish or just to hang out and chat. I was laughing pretty much the whole time.

At the fishin' hole

We had someone pop in, but even though I have a picture, I won't post it. Let's just say that this guy changed 3 times during the course of the evening...and this really wasn't his BEST look. LOL But we'll forgive him, since he's Calista's, and because he gave his fish such names as Fishy, Swimmy, and Bling Bling.

Push him!

And Meara, after studying her blueprints, ended up catching enough parts to make a boat!


I made it up to level 4 tonight. I have about 240 more points to get before making level 5, which is currently the highest level. It's a goal! LOL

But one of the funniest things that happened is that Cen stopped by a couple of times during her inventory sorting to show us a couple of just wild outfits she managed to pick up. The first one was just tacky and looked like some kind of 1980s "classy professional" bridesmaids suit dress. LOL It was terrible. But the second outfit that she pranced in with... well, she showed a picture on her blog too, but I have to show it here. LOL

Flowery Cen

She's a freaking flower! LOL!! You just don't expect a walking potted plant to come around the corner.

I'm really sleepy, so it's bedtime. I wanted to get up at a reasonable time tomorrow and go get some sun. Blah blah skin cancer I know. :-p

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Dancing through life

As I've mentioned before, I totally love 7Seas Fishing in SL. The lovely Meara gifted me with a pro rod the other night, and now I'm on a quest to level. But although people have told me that I can fish at their homes, I don't usually take them up on it because I don't want to just be at their houses all the time bugging them. LOL Soooo.... I set up a fishing hole at the pit. Well, I suppose it's not a hole really. Oh damn, that would have been awesome. Just a hole in the ground. LOL Maybe I'll have to go back and see what I can do, even though I've crazied up the land over there. The fishing spot is in the Ghetto, so cross the tracks and turn right. I built a little deck, and put out 2 of the fishing poses that the awesome Sai Pennell made [although I need to find a boy pose, as this pose is a little too cute for a guy] and the vendor is there so you can buy rods and bait if you use it and all that. If you've never fished, you can buy a demo rod for just $1L and I believe it's good for 5 casts. That's how I started, but well, 5 just wasn't enough!! And I know those of you with the fishing areas have set them up all pretty and everything, but mine is more fitting with the theme of our land. lol

So as much as I love to dress up, I think Cen may love it even more than I do. A lot of times we're standing around and suddenly she's all dressed up in something. LOL But today we were trying on our hair we picked up from the Calla hunt, and most of it was in some crazy color. The more we tried on, the more costumey we got, and suddenly we were just... well, take a look at the pictures and see for yourself. :)

Oh so dramatic



Now now...

Still pretty famous

For some reason while I was editing the pics, songs from the musical Wicked kept running through my head, hence the title of the blog post. :)

That's been my fun for the afternoon. I better log back in and get out of costume.