Tuesday, September 30, 2008

JE*Republic Does Halloween!

Earlier this evening, Jungeun Vella of JE*Republic [SLurl] IMed me to show me this fun Halloween set that you can get for the low low price of $10L!!

JE*Republic - 10L Halloween Outfit

Everything I'm wearing [except the hair & skin, of course!] is in the set, from hat to boots. Even the cutesy little pumpkin and the magic wand are included!

I'll admit, I put it on and I was thinking, "WOW...this is a LOT to be wearing!" But the more I looked at it, the more it made me smile. It's just such a fluffy, ruffly, poofy, GIRL outfit!!

Here's a closer shot of the boots & little ruffled boot slouch.

JE*Republic - Halloween Boots

And yes, I know. It truly is a lot of ruffles and stuff. :) The one thing that I didn't really care for is that the neck bow and the boot slouches have little signs attached to the back. But if you're wearing long hair, you don't really see it, and it's not very noticeable on the boots.

If you really don't like the whole poofy look, you can always just wear the shirt & underpants for a tucked in, more subtle Halloween look. For just $10L, you'll want to hop right on over there and pick up this outfit!!

JE*Republic - Halloween Outfit Shirt

JE*Republic [SLurl]

Other items worn:

Skin: Free Speerit - Scarlet makeup in Desidelia
Hair: Wonderhair - Delilah in Brown
Eyes: Miriel - Anime Blue

Looking cute & feeling down.

I'm kind of hitting a wall with what to talk about today. There are so many things I'd like to say, but I just can't. Not in the blog, which is kind of hard since I'm used to talking about so much in here. It's nothing BAD, I promise! Do you ever just have those times where you're ok and then you're not? Something sparks a thought or a feeling out of nowhere and then you're down? That was my Monday.

I am, however, determined to clean up my inventory somewhat. I spent most of my SL hours today doing that until I was pulled out of my home by my friends for this and that. The biggest problem I have with inventory cleaning is that sometimes I don't know if something is really ugly or really nice, or if my eyes are just glazed over and I can't tell anymore. Emerald said she has a similar problem, and she was wanting to do an inventory cleaning party, which I think is a totally fab idea. I know I stood there staring at a dress earlier thinking, "Is it me? Is it ugly on me or am I crazy?"

The good part with inventory cleaning is that sometimes you come across something you didn't know you had. I stumbled across a super cute hat by /fuel/ from the Ravenwear hunt that happened...oh, ages ago, and I never knew I had it. Or at least, I forgot about it. But more than likely, I never tried it on at all. That led to me putting together an outfit to match the hat. I don't spend a lot of time thinking about how I look lately, usually just throwing on a tshirt and jeans [much like in my real life], so it was nice to look cute, even if I didn't feel all that cute.


Cute hat

The little mice on the hat are just too precious. But if the hat is copy/mod, I might mod a copy of it and take the mice off.

Both poses are from this little shop Sai found called Double You. [SLurl] The poser is just starting out, so not every pose is perfect, but most of them are very cute and good for pictures. AND, not only that, they're just $1L each! I picked up every pose in the shop and spent less than $30L. I love poses, so yay. :)

It's almost 6am and I have a massive headache, so I'm going to go lay down. I had been really sleepy earlier, but once I get my second wind...that's it.

Monday, September 29, 2008

Rare? Me?

I saw the meme Cen put on her blog about "What's sexy about your name" but it was just SO NOT ME. It basically said I was a superficial whore who likes to sleep around. And as anyone who knows me could tell you, that's absolutely not who I am, SL or RL.

So I decided to take another one. LOL Not sure how true it is, but hey, at least it didn't call me a slut.

Your Personality is Very Rare (INFP)

Your personality type is dreamy, romantic, elegant, and expressive.

Only about 5% of all people have your personality, including 6% of all women and 4% of all men

You are Introverted, Intuitive, Feeling, and Perceiving.

Soooo sleepy...but here's a food meme!

Not a lot to say for Sunday because I wasn't in SL all that much. I took a tour of the Ch'Know group members homes on the land a bunch of them seem to be staying on, got caught doing a breaking & entering with Quaintly & Nikki at Laleeta's place, and got Sehra moved into one of the beach cottages I'm renting. Then I took a few hours off to go hang with a RL friend, came back, and sorted through some inventory. Not all that of an exciting SL day. ;) Although I did manage to get rid of over 700 notecards in my inventory. But by the time that was done, my sugar & caffeine buzz had worn off, and I am totally worn out.

But, since I love doing these [especially when I'm not asking the questions!], I decided to do Dyami's food survey before I headed off to bed.

Breakfast Food: Pancakes! But I never turn down french toast, or omelettes, or hashbrowns, or... Oh heck, I LOVE breakfast foods!!!!
Pizza: Supreme, light on the sauce, heavy on the cheese. LOL
Ice Cream: Strawberry. Or peppermint, but that's not always easy to find.
Caffeinated Beverage: I drink diet coke mainly, but I LOVE real Coke. Actually, I really love the Mexican Coke, if I can find it, because it uses real sugar!!
Vegetable: Hmm...I can't pick one favorite! I eat broccoli a lot, though.
Fruit: Strawberries!! Or grapes!
Dessert: Maybe some kind of cake? I'm not really a big sweets eater.
Fast Food Chain: Sonic
Store-bought Beer (or soda if you don’t drink beer): Coke! LOL I hate beer, but if it's the only thing around, I'll just drink what everone else is having.
Type of Cuisine: Mexican, Italian, or Chinese.

As you can see...I'm not picky about what I eat. That IS a bad thing. LOL

Sunday, September 28, 2008

It was a great day. :)

I have.... too many pictures to show. LOL But my Saturday didn't go as I'd planned it to go, RL or SL, and in fact ended up being a lot better than I could have guessed. :)

But since I have so many pictures, I won't try to type up a big long post. :) BUT...lots of pictures!!!!

Cen took me to Tempura Island to do tai chi and lay in the flowers because I was all antsy and stressy again.

In the flowers

Then I went to a club to watch Bellalera in a Rat Pack cover show. It was pretty cool, but almost as soon as the show started, I got caught up in rental stuff and then a very much needed phone call. :) But I did get to sit with Ms. Emerald Wynn!

Bella the showgirl!

Dean's - Rat Pack Party

Emerald & me being pretty.

So I finally got around to modding houses for the beach on the part I'm renting out. Afterwards, and after going out to dinner and doing some other RL things, I got bored and started dancing on our party deck. I invited the Ch'Know group out there just for dancing, talking, and inventory sorting. Emerald and Laleeta pulled out their "men" from Weird Shit [oh yes, I said it] and then we decided to take some pictures.

The thing is....no one should ever leave us alone for pictures.

Just dancing...

They have men.

Pretty girls!

Uh oh.

Here we go... LOL

Chuck Norris takes up a whole picture.


Oh dear.

Because we can't leave well enough alone, we had to get into full boxbot avatars and spent some time running around the deck before deciding what to do for the night.

We decided to hit up the Glamour Expo.


(Sorry for the crappy quality of this. If the better one ever processes, I'll switch out.)

Boxbots - On the move!

At the expo

We stopped to dance to "Celebration." This woman just stood there pretending not to watch us.

Don't look the other way!

JamieNoah Breguet of Ci:Di asked us to pose for a picture in front of his shop sign. We willingly obliged. We'd lost some of the boxes at this point because they got sleepy.

We model for you! LOL

Also a special shoutout to Pixieplumb Flanagan of Baby Monkey for being so awesome to us little boxes as we went scurrying past her.

I have said often that I don't think I could have gotten through the past few weeks if not for the friends that I have in SL. Their kindness and compassion to me in times when I didn't even have the words to tell them what was wrong has been wonderful. But it is their craziness and their willingness to go out and be nuts and laugh until we're all crying that keeps me strong. :) I love you guys!!


How does a night go from an innocent dance party on the beach....

Oh, just dancing.

....TO THIS?!

Boxbot Army

Oh...you'll find out. :)

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Playing Decorator

I thought there was a dress code over at the Seven club? Because I was looking at pictures from the Homme party and someone was there in coochie cutter shorts and thigh high boots. I'm not sayin' it's bad...I'm just sayin'. LOL

Last night I was working on a room in the skybox when I thought, "You know, a bedroom set would look SO GOOD in that one room near the fireplace." Not that I have need of a bedroom. Heck, I barely have need of the living room that I've set up since I just seem to sit on the counter of what is supposed to be a kitchen area most of the time, if I'm not just standing around on the beach doing nothing. But I think I was bored and listening to the group chatter on and on about their new homes that they're setting up made me feel like I should be doing something rather than just putting a picture up on the wall.

When I had been out at Mudhoney stalking the lucky chair for a beach house [which turned out to be too huge for me] a few days ago, my eye had fallen on this bed that was sitting there in the bargains section. I loved the colors, but I just didn't know where it would go or how it would fit into the skybox. We have pillows and rugs up in the loft, and I plan on putting in some home office furniture into another room. Not needing a bed at all, I just let it pass me by. But last night I was out there again looking for a papasan chair and I just kept coming back to this bed. After looking around, I finally saw how I could have the bed and make it work in the room.

So I bought the bed, 2 prints for the wall, a chest of drawers [or "chester drawers," if you're from the South], a little uneven table, a vase with some flowers, and a magazine basket. I hopped home and started to set everything up, then put some of my favorite pictures on the wall and poof. I was done.

Bed closeup

New bedroom

The best part? I only spent $195L last night. :) If you want to get REAL technical, the entire thing is $245L because of the pictures, but who gets that technical with pics that are months old? :-p

I plan on going out to +mudshake later and see if I can't find a chair and a rug to match the colors in the room. But for someone who is not really good at decorating, I'm pleased with what I've done. There's a good chance I'll only be in the room once in a while, because I do all my building work and inventory sorting while sitting on the kitchen counter or standing on the beach, but at least I know that there's a nicely decorated room in the place where I can sit and think.

My next step, since I DO spend so much time sitting on the kitchen counter, is to create a lovely warm kitchen. When I was little, we were constantly in the kitchen - whether it was at home, my aunts' houses, or my grandma's house. I'd like to recreate something like that here in SL because I think it'll make me feel better.

Friday, September 26, 2008

Mini Challenge End!

I want to apologize for this being such a crappy challenge. LOL Thanks so much to those of you who have bothered to do it. I promise the next one will be loads better. :)

Shopping for me in SL is something I've been thinking about a lot lately. For a while, it was almost ALL I did in SL. Log in, check notices, start my rounds of gift getting, and usually spend some money in stores where the gifts rocked. But as I watched my inventory grow higher and higher, I started to get scared. Why was I shopping SO MUCH?! When would I stop?!

I'm not a shopper in my RL. Oh, there are some things that I can't seem to resist buying - like scented lotions and flavored lip glosses. But clothes and things like that, I don't really shop for. I think part of it has to do with the fact that I hate the way everything looks on me. In SL, I don't have that problem. :)

One store that has definitely contributed to my ever-growing inventory is M&R Cupcakes, or back in the day, <3Cupcakes. I stumbled into this store in early January when I was still living on $5L a day because of some freebies. It was not a $5L day. LOL I ended up purchasing a $100L skin from there, which I stayed in until March because it was just very ME, with the neutral lip and smokey eyes. Since that first day, the store has gone from this cute little boutique to this huge store that is now a combination of both Mimi Coral's and Rosemary Galbraith's talents.

Outside of Cupcakes

One thing that I love about this store, and something that I'm glad has never been given up despite the many changes, is that this is just a heaven of cute, flirty, little dresses. And the BEST part, at least for me, is that they're all sized small! If you were in a real world shopping mall, this would be the store that all the slender petite girls shopped at and you pass by thinking "Anorexic wenches..." Ok, so maybe it would be the store I would say that about. ;)


I can't say how many times that I've had some event or somewhere to go and I think "OMG, need a dress!" This store is the first one I hit up because not only are the dresses unbelievably cute, but they are so affordable!! There used to be more sales than there appear to be now, but the group gifts are often wonderful and well worth the $250L enrollment fee. Lucky for me, I've been in the group since January, and it's one of the few I've never ever taken off my list. :)

I do find that my shopping has slowed down as of late. Part of this has to do with my *gulp* 30,000+ inventory, but part of it has to do with the fact that it's taking bigger and better things to catch my eye these days. [Such as the Zaara jeans!] There have been days in the past couple of weeks where I don't shop at all - and that includes picking up gifts. My group is usually buzzing with sales and hunt information and talking about clothing and shoes and hair, but I find myself thinking, "Is it any different than anything else?" Lately I have been purchasing more prefab houses and landscaping items than anything fashion related. The notices that come out in FashCon show me items that either I already have, or are just a big mess and I wouldn't pick up even if they were free. [Seriously, can we have some kind of regulation on who gets into FashCon? Or can I just start slapping textures on system shirts and get myself in there?] I never read fashion blogs unless they're written by friends. I do most of my shopping on SLExchange or OnRez.

I don't know that I could go a week without shopping in SL. But I know that I don't HAVE to constantly shop. Unless it's a limited time item...I no longer compulsively need to add to my inventory just for the sake of having things.

New Zaara Jeans :)

I woke up today feeling bratty. Well, ok, I was WOKEN UP by the phone, which probably led to me feeling bratty once I was finished talking. But then Strawberry Singh said on plurk that Zaara was releasing new denim today. I love jeans, and I love shopping when I'm bratty, so I ran right over! It was crowded, of course, so I cam shopped from outside. Bratty, see? :) And remember, I'm not a fashion blogger, so you'll probably see these jeans on the fashion feeds reviewed by better people than me. :)

I'm SO glad I went, even with the crowd, because these are wonderful!! Hand drawn, the amazing Zaara texturing we all know and love, and 3 different styles of sculpty prim cuffs! What more could a brat ask for?

Check it out -

The Jeweled jeans in Charcoal.

Zaara - Jeweled Jeans

These are so fabulous. Seriously, I just adore them! The drawn chain belt is gorgeous, the little gold dusted emblem on the back pocket is cute, and I love the slouchy cuffs. I paired it up with the Roman Halter from SecondWave Apparel [another one of my favorite stores] and the Virtue heels from Maitreya that I'd picked up at the Shoe Expo after the girls in my group said I had to or I'd die. LOL They are always looking out for me. ;)

The Jeweled jeans are $165L, but I'd have paid more for them, definitely.

I also picked up a pair of the Classic Jeans.

Zaara - Classic Jeans

Again, I love them. Cute little booty, the wrinkles in the right places, and the lovely cuffs. I'm wearing the Wide cuffs and the Straight cuffs in this picture. The Straight cuffs [which I think should be renamed Skinny since they're not exactly straight] didn't fit my PornStar hightops, so I kicked my shoes off for this picture. :) I paired them with my favorite henley tank top from SecondWave, so thank designer Sioxie Legend for the display of my cleavage. LOL!!

The Classic Jeans are $125L and come in 4 colors. I didn't see any fatpacks for the jeans, but I was only there long enough for them to rez in and I did a grab & run, so there might be the fatpack option and I didn't see it. But if there's not - well, why not?! :)

I'm still feeling bratty, but at least I'm doing it in fabulous jeans now.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Mini Challenge Final Topic!

Here is your final topic for our little mini challenge. :)

** We spend a great deal of time in Second Life shopping. Why do you think this is? Do you think you could have fun in SL if you didn't shop [and that includes getting freebies!] for a week? How big is your inventory? Do you keep it organized or is it a big mess? Do you shop for mostly fashion items, or do you shop for things like toys and prefabs and other gadgets? Show off a picture of you hanging out in your favorite store! **

Definitely the quote of the day.

[13:20] Laleeta Xue: This head is huge! It barely fit inside!
[13:20] Alicia Chenaux: LMAO
[13:20] Laleeta Xue: Err... That might have come out wrong.!
[13:20] Alicia Chenaux: OMG
[13:20] Alicia Chenaux: ROFL!!!!
[13:21] Laleeta Xue: Oh god xD

Wednesday Mini Challenge - LATE, because that's the way I roll. LOL

It really seems like I get nothing accomplished on Wednesdays for some reason. LOL But I finally got my challenge post done. :)

My avatar has not changed very much at all since probably February or so, except for new skins and the fact that I grew by a couple of inches recently. You'd think those couple of inches would make a difference, but in a world where women regularly tower over 6 feet tall, 5'8 is still short.

Alicia looks very different than the person behind her. She's taller than RL me, which makes me laugh since she's still short. She's very petite and dainty, something that RL me is definitely not. I have been asked before why I've chosen an avatar that is smaller than the "normal" sized women. Why am I not bigger? Why am I not curvier? Am I trying to look like a teen?

The answer is.... it just feels right. :) It doesn't matter that dances never fit me, cuddles never fit me, clothes with any prim attachments must be modded like crazy to fit me, and my rings constantly look like they're about to fall off. I'm primarily a blonde because it feels right. The big blue eyes feel like me. The way I dress is the way I dress in the real world, or the way I wish I could.

Alicia is an extension of myself, she is who I am inside. When she appears dark and sad, there's a good chance I'm feeling dark and sad. When she is running around silly and brightly dressed, I'm feeling silly and bright. If she's looking elegant...well, it just means I felt like looking pretty that day and RL me can't walk in heels.

But let's move on to the topic of the challenge - looking silly!

Back before I "got famous" or whatever you want to call this, I used to regularly run around in pajamas at night or wearing something dumb. But things do change a bit when you get recognized once in a while. LOL Oh, they don't change a LOT, but I did start kind of being more aware of how I appeared when going out to sales or something.

For the challenge I decided to go pick up the group gift dress at Ivalde wearing...


I got the dress, and then headed off to hang out around the lucky chair with the others. Surprisingly, no one said anything about it. Either they didn't care, or they weren't paying attention to me.

Just waiting.

I waited for a while, but then I totally noticed something.

The girl in front of me had BLINGING SHOES.

When you're that low to the ground, you notice things, I guess.

Bling. Yuck.

She was also an A name, which came up on the chair as I was about to leave. I let her have it. I mean...blinging shoes. C'mon. LOL

But the best part of any costume is the fact that after you finish wearing it, you can just go back to being you. :)

Looking like me


I never got a chance to do the Wednesday challenge so that'll be the first thing I do when I get up.

Great great party tonight. Everyone looked SO fab. I have pics, but they need to be resized and everything. Laleeta & Sai have pics up in their Flickrs, but I'm too sleepy right now to give you all links. Sorry I left so quickly afterwards. Well, not too sorry since it was for a good reason. :)

It's almost 5am, so I'm going to bed.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Party Tonight!!

Our Hump Day party is tonight at 8pm SLT! The theme is Asian Style, so get inspired and join us! Remember, Asian style isn't all geishas and ninjas. :) Check out Aisuru's post to get some ideas!! We'll be somewhere in the air above Imperial Elegance, so I'll have the SLurl for you all just as soon as I get it!

And remember, you never have to dress up to come to party with us!!

EDIT: Here's the SLurl!!!

Oh, just rambling. :-p

I'm feeling really uninspired lately. I'm not sure exactly WHY. I have no new belt ideas, no new build ideas at all really. I started on that house and I haven't touched it since Monday night. People keep telling me to get a prefab house and mod it, and ordinarily this is exactly what I'd do. I have 84,000 prefabs and you'd think I'd throw one down and start butchering it. I mean, after all, that is how I've learned how to make things before. I should be in there moving prims, changing textures, all of that. But...nope.

I don't know what's wrong exactly. I think it's really a combination of things. There's been SO many changes in the past month. I think it's all hitting me at once. And you know...that's ok. I'd rather it all hit me at once so I can get through it and learn to handle it than trickle over me little by little and leave me miserable for ages. That's just how I see it. :)

I think I'm just writing right now to try to make myself sleepy. I've been stalking the lucky chair at Mudhoney and won some little furniture [no, it's quite small], some bracelets, and a beach house. Maybe when I wake up, I'll feel like tearing apart some prefabs. As for now, I need sleep. Or at least need to try. :)

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Mini Challenge Topic For Wednesday!

The best part about this every other day challenge is that if you are busy to do it the one day, you can still do it the next day. ;)

Here is your topic:

** In SL, we're often afraid of looking silly. I've noticed this more with bloggers than with anyone else. Why have you made your avatar look the way it does? What does it mean to you? Do you think people respond to you differently if you're attractive? Today, put on something just totally crazy. It can be a funny avatar, a crazy outfit, weird hair, or just some bling-blangin' jewelry. Go out in public, see if anyone has anything to say about it. See if you think of yourself differently if your avatar isn't perfect looking. Don't forget to take a picture of your outfit!! **

[You don't have to stay in the outfit all day, unless you want to!]

Parties and afterthoughts

So the party tonight was pretty fun. I was nervous because I'm used to the people who come to our Hump Day parties, you know? But it was great to have some of the group come out, and to meet some people that are readers of my blog but that I haven't had a chance to meet. :)

I think the funniest part was that I didn't know [although I should have guessed beforehand] that the club had dancers. Well, one dancer tonight, anyway. LOL So when she busted out with her emoting, I think it took everyone by surprise. Luckily pretty much everyone I know is very accepting and very sweet, so what could have been uncomfortable was not at all. :) It was just different. But it was also different to party with people and not be in costumes! I'm so used to seeing people dressed up in themed outfits, it was cool to see them in club clothes. I have very fashionable friends!!

Here are some pictures from the party.


Bella & Ray

Elora & others

Aisuru & Dyami

Bon, Eva, Aisuru, Dyami

And in case you didn't know...you can't take us anywhere. LOL

You know what? GoSpeed had mentioned last week that she felt lonely after a party that she'd DJed. I kinda knew what she meant, but I had months where I was never alone after a party. It was sad tonight going back home by myself. Oh, not that I expect people to keep me entertained. Not one bit! And it's not even that I don't have anything to do because I totally do. I have to work on stuff for my store when it reopens, I have to get some houses down on the land, I have the skybox to work on. I have my inventory to sort through. I have things to do! But a lot of things changed very quickly and I think it's just kind of hitting me right now. I will be ok, and I know that things will be wonderful again one day. [That's right, I am an optimist!!]

But tonight....


DJing Tonight

Don't forget, I'm going to be at the Global Passion Beach Resort tonight from 7pm to 9pm SLT! I know, you have to deal with me twice this week. ;) We won't be on the beach, we'll be in the club that's on the land, the Blu Elements Ultra Lounge, which is very nice.

I took some time to go out there today to um...check sound levels or something DJ-like. LOL [Ok, I went just to see it. Let me sound professional for a minute!!]

I'm all kinds of professional

Blu Element

There seems to be a landing point set, so when you get to the beach, wait for the teleporter in front of you to rez and then click on the green ball marked Club. Or just IM me in world and I'll TP you up to the club. There's a DJ booth, as you can see, but I'll be down on the floor dancing as usual because I don't want to be too far away from everyone. :)

I hope to see all of you out there! It's not a themed event, so just wear whatever you'd like. This is the place that Bellalera manages, and this is her first event as a manager, so please come to support her too!!

Not sleepy...

I'm up and I shouldn't be. lol I suddenly was struck with a really sad mood earlier and I went to bed. I'm not sure what was wrong. I suppose the changing of the seasons, or maybe I was just lonely. I was chatting in the group when it hit, so I don't know if that was really it. Maybe it was because they were all talking about how everyone has pretty much bought land all together and I have my own land so I really would have no reason to go live anywhere else. I don't know what my deal is. I guess it really hit me as I was building that I'm doing all this stuff to occupy my time but there's really only one thing that I want to do and I can't and I don't know when or if I will again. It doesn't always bother me this much but tonight it did. So...yeah. lol I'll be ok, probably will feel better in the morning, but tonight I'm just down.

A found a lounger in the Alice hunt that matches a room I have perfectly. It's nice to find things like that in your inventory. I need to dedicate an hour tomorrow to sorting some inventory. I have too many things that I don't even know what they are anymore.

I guess it's back to bed for me.

Curled up

Monday, September 22, 2008

Well, it ain't Habitat for Humanity.

Wow. Plurk drama like a bad mama jama tonight, y'all. lmao If you're not on Plurk yet...I don't know how to even explain it. LOL

ANYWAY...In the middle of all the drama kinging & queening over there, I've been attempting to build a house.

Um...yeah. I build. LMAO

Yeah, it's all wood, shut up. LOL I built a little cabin once for the forest Levi and I had over the pit, but that was basically just a box. Check it out, I even put a WALL in there. Barnesworth Anubis, look out! LMFAO

But then I realized, "Hey, I have NO IDEA if this is even the size I want for the part of the island I want to put it!" So I linked it up and took it home and then threw it back down.

Um...it's a bit bigger than I wanted, but I think the size is still good for a rental home, which is what I hope it becomes. Then I started playing and I put a little deck type thingy on it.

I can haz house?

That's my project for tonight...trying to finish it. Or at least put a roof on the sucker. I want double doors for it and maybe a railing. I have like, infinity textures right now, so I guess it's just trying to see what goes and what doesn't.

Oh, and I actually went and bought something today that WASN'T on sale! :-O LOL I've been pretty bad lately about buying clothes. As in, I haven't been. I bought a few things at the Frangipani sale but most of my spending there was on hair. I just haven't been in the mood to look pretty, I guess. But I saw someone else wearing this sweater and I simply ADORE fall and winter clothes, so I had to have it.

The Rainy Days sweater by Celestial Studios.

Rainy Day Sweater

It comes with some little hand prims too, but they take my rings off, and I take my rings off for no sweater. I think it looks fine without them. :) And yes, I did try to reattach them but with as low as they fall on the hands, they move weird with my body. I may have to go back and pick up the wine colored one. I just LOVE Celestial Studios!!

Ok...I need a shower [I went for a jog earlier] and then I'm heading in world to work on my house some more.


Disclaimer: What I'm about to say may make me sound like an ungrateful bitch. Just warning in advance.

What's with all the hunts lately? It seems like anytime a designer wants to give a gift, they throw together some kind of hunt. I'm hunted out! I want to look at your gift so I can decide if your store is one where I'd like to spend some money, but for pete's sake! Even worse may be those ones with really crazy riddles to send you to the next location to get nothing more than a cheap lamp or just another clue. No thank you.

I've even really stopped shopping in some stores because of their hunts. I start looking for stores that AREN'T doing hunts because they're usually less laggy and I can shop in peace. It's really getting to the point of me just shopping on SLExchange or OnRez.

Now I am a shopper. I will drop thousands in a store if I really really like it, and that usually stems from me really really liking a gift they've given out. But c'mon...not every damn gift you want to set out needs to be in a hunt. And if you're going to do a big hunt, make it worth the time of the people who choose to do it. Dove Swanson of Long Awkward Pose is a good example of someone who did a hunt RIGHT. Fabulous gifts, telling her group about it before everyone else, and not too hard but not too simple either. If she did another hunt, I'd be first in line to go do it.

But then the other hunts... Crappy prizes, things hidden so that if you don't have advanced camming skills you'd never find it, riddles that are so hard you'd have to be in Mensa to figure them out... I don't remember what hunt it was in the past couple of weeks [only because there's been 25,000 of them] but I heard both in my group and from others that it was SO HARD that some of them had been at the place for 2 hours and had only found one or two things. And what about the hunts with over 50 gifts?? Spread out all over?? Then they get mad when people post the locations? Give me a break. You don't want people posting the locations, don't make it so hard that people give up. That's not good publicity. LOL

I don't know. All these hunts are leaving a bad taste in my mouth and keeping my wallet closed.

Mini Challenge Monday!

I never really did the topics for the BBBC this summer since I was in the middle of my super prolific blogger stage. LOL But I will be doing these. :)

One place in SL that I go to quite often to sit, to look at things, or just be somewhere completely beautiful should come as no surprise to anyone who has been a long time reader of mine.

I immediately went to the Pillow Talk sim!!

Most people don't realize that Pillow Talk isn't just that upstairs laggy cloud space where everything is for sale and you usually end up seeing some naked slave spreadeagled on a pillow. If you use the teleporter and sit on the cushion, you're taken down to the ground and THAT is where I love to go. I have spent hours just exploring the grounds, looking at the houses, sitting in the furniture. In fact, for a while, almost all of my pictures were taken out there because I found it so beautiful. And because most people don't even know there's more than just the main shop in the clouds, it's also a place where I can be relatively alone.

I don't seem to head out there much these days, just because I have my own quiet spots at home, but Pillow Talk will always be a place that I go to just to bask in the beauty of it.

Pillow Talk

Pillow Talk