Friday, January 30, 2009

Party Bears!

There appears to have been a party in the party ball without me!!

Party bears

Why check it out! It's Linden bears!

Izzy, Dee, Benjamin, Colton, and Don rockin' out to DJ Linden's beats.

Such precious bears!!

Some of you have asked me which ones are on my list because you want to help me out with my quest, so here you go:

I have...

Grant Linden
Molly Linden [I have 3 extra Mollys, if anyone wants one.]
Maggie Linden
Dan Linden
Cupid Linden
TrickOrTreat Linden [Cupid & Trick were holiday bears, obviously]
Guy Linden
Blondin Linden
Alexa Linden
Izzy Linden
Don Linden
Colton Linden
Benjamin Linden
Dee Linden
DJ Linden

And I have a Don Linden swap card. I've never seen Linden swap cards before, so that was kind of cool. It appears to have been made in 2005.

Swap Card

I IMed M Linden last weekend to ask for his bear, but he never got back to me. :( That's cool, though. I know he's probably busy.

I was trying to explain to my RLBF why I wanted Linden bears but the truth is, there is no one totally good reason. I want them because I want them. Same reason I collect milkglass and angels in RL. Because I like them and I want them. Isn't that simply enough? :)

Inventory Cleaning CAN Be Fun!!

Inventory sorting usually sucks for me. I am not decisive enough about clothing, so a lot of the time when I'm doing my sorting, I'll think, "'s not THAT bad. It's almost cute. I could wear it with that other thing..." and then I keep it. And that is how I managed to get my inventory up to almost 40k. I've been trying to be a little more ruthless lately in preparation for that crazy hunt that's starting next week but unless it's an outright mess, it's still been a lot of "Well...."

But last night some of my lovely girlfriends came over to a skybox I set up and we hopped on posestands and got to work.

Sorting Party

There was a lot of naked going on. :) But it was SO fun!!! The main rule was that if we said to trash it, it went and no hurt feelings. There was a LOT of "OMG, wtf is this?!" "What was I thinking???" and " need to throw that away - NOW." Oh man, I laughed so hard last night. It was EXACTLY what I needed and I don't know why we haven't done this before.

Of course, sometimes we just got silly. We were 3000m up in the air. I think we were a bit lightheaded. Sophia and I found kitty scooters in our inventories and went for a ride around the box.

Kitty riding!

I added those bikini tops on us for modesty. LOL!!

I ended up getting rid of about 700 things and finally got my inventory just under 38k. I even finally finished sorting from the ghost hunt!! But there is still so much I need to sort. Mostly things that aren't clothing. I'm really bad about picking up just junk. Scooters, window panes, pillows, things like that. I'm going to do some more sorting later, if I feel like it.

Near the end of our craziness, we all got into wedding dresses to go run after newbies and scare them. 3000m up, lightheaded, and it was really late. It seemed like a fantastically funny idea!


That's Meara in the black wedding dress. But not the blinging black wedding dress. LOL

Luckily for all unsuspecting newbies, SL decided to REALLY screw up and we couldn't TP anywhere and I eventually crashed mid-TP and couldn't get back in, so I just went to bed.

So thanks to Meara, Sophia, Khari [who is now my neighbor on the island!], and Sehra for a very fun AND productive night!! Love you ladies!! <3

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Nothing really...

Oh hi there. :)

I know, I've been a terrible blogger lately. I still have a case of writers block which is making it impossible for me to really come up with anything interesting. Not that my other posts are oh so entertaining, but...yeah. :-p

So mostly I've just been hanging out.

Hanging out

I'm not bored with Second Life lately, but I find myself growing bored in SL. I am constantly trying to keep myself busy. Thankfully my wonderful group of friends are almost always willing to go out and do something, even if it's just everyone getting together at someone's land to dance by ourselves, but I feel bad relying on them so much. I know they'd tell me that is crazy talk, but that's the way I feel. Especially since so many of them are getting guys to date, and I totally don't want to be the reason they put off going to hang with their new guys. :)

But I do adore them, and they drag me off the island even when I really am not in the mood to go anywhere. Like when they sent me 5 TPs to the opening of Prad's new club before I finally said "Ok, I'll go." LOL It was fun because I was with my soopamoddles, but being there was horribly laggy. Even chimeras were taking For-Ev-Er to load up so we could dance without a 2 minute break in between each dance.

Club Opening

I don't normally go to clubs in SL, but it is a nice looking one if you like that sort of thing.

If you haven't heard yet, there's going to be another crazy huge gridwide hunt starting up next week. I've been looking through the list of designers and marking which ones I actually plan on going to. But I do have a question. Why the HELL is Lasher's Mountain being allowed to be in this hunt? They were in the Ghost Hunt and gave some freebie Business In A Box mess of an outfit and what has to be a ripped Minnu skin with a layer of purple lipstick on it. Seriously? Does everyone who puts in an application to get traffic to their place be in the hunt get approved? Shouldn't there be some sort of judging? Hell, next time there's a hunt, call me when the application process comes up. I'll go to the stores who want to be in it and tell you if they're good enough to be on the list.

But preparation for the hunt, I have been cleaning out my inventory. It's disgraceful, but I still have unopened boxes of gifts from last year's FashCon Day and valentine's hunts. Pretty much just deleted all of that. If I haven't used it in a year, probably not going to. But I think someone at Linden Lab is screwing around with me, because there is NO WAY that I actually picked up this dress thinking it was a good idea. I know they're just throwing crazy stuff in my inventory now. Fess up!!


There's no way I knew what I was getting when I got that. No. WAY.

Last - Yes, I'm still hunting down bears! I got another Linden bear today, but I haven't gotten a picture with it yet. But another one of my readers gave me more bears! I only got a picture of one [so lazy lately] but look at this adorable biker bear!

Biker Bear

Soooo cute. I just sit around hugging my bears lately. They're always good for a snuggle when I need one. Thank you, Heidi!!

Other than all that... mostly I've just been shopping too much. The girls and I are absolutely fascinated with little dresses lately. We are so ready for spring. LOL

I guess it's time for RL stuff. I've been trying to get more exercise, which is dead easy now since we have gotten a new treadmill. I've lost 8 pounds this month already! Only 500 more to go! LOL!!

Oh, and since I haven't done this in a while, this is the song that has been pounding in my brain since last night. I was watching Friends and it was the one where Phoebe gets married. This song was playing as she walked to the altar and now it won't get out of my head! Thankfully it's a good one! :)

Monday, January 26, 2009

Thinking up titles is so 2008. :-p

I really have some awesome readers! Yesterday I was standing around and I got a gift!


A pink bear and I can hold it? It's perfect for me! Thanks Caitlain!!

I have to admit, I spent quite a bit of time yesterday just sitting in the garden holding my new bear. I've been in kind of a weepy girl mood lately for some unknown reason. I don't like being alone for too long in SL, and I am so incredibly lucky that my girls won't let me be alone for too long. We had a super impromptu party at my fiesta area the other night. They grab me for shopping or other parties or to come see this or that. It keeps me from staring too long at the bottom right hand corner of my screen. lol

One great thing about the girls dragging me off the island so much is that I get all kinds of fabulous pictures for WTFug. LOL Such as this picture from a absolutely horrific bikini contest Sophia unknowingly took us to. Seriously, in her defense, she thought it was just a bikini party that her friend was DJing, not some crazy bikini contest with voting and junk. The girls who entered were...well, they... oh just look.

The ugliest 'kini contest ever. EVER.

Booty McTits down walking in front of the stage down there is the one who ended up winning. Oily St.Male came in 3rd. We'll see Oily again in WTFug in a closer picture.

And laggy? Oh man, was that place laggy.

Meara Deschanel: everyone is still rezzing - wth is this?
Sophia Harlow: hell, i think

Sometimes I wish the contestants hadn't rezzed for me.

The best part about the contest was the emoting the girls were trying to use to catch the votes. Such as...

Oily St.Male: _.;:+*'`'*+:;..;:+*'`'*+:;. THIS TUNE VIBRATES MY PUNANI! .;:+*'`'*+:;..;:+*'`'*+:;._

Candy Moundfuzz grins wickedly as her body moves, moving in a lustful frenzy pace. Her body wanting to feed that sweet agony of teasing. As she lets out a demanding roar, her eyes darkened, like orbs of fire, blazed with that sinful lust. Her hand reaching out, holding that forbidden apple, daring you to take that first bite,to give into your most taboo fantasy and temptation.

Oily St.Male slips her fingers into her bikin straps and pops them against her silky skin
[Silky? She was sweating Crisco!]

Booty McTits crwals to the stage

Booty McTits moves hipnotically

Yeah. We were crying with laughter because it was just that damn bad. LOL!! Watch out for Candy's orbs of fire!! I was also sure that Booty couldn't get on the stage with the other girls because she slipped on all the oil that Oily was dripping all over and never could get back up there. It's ok. She made her own little stage in front. Whew, I bet you were worried, huh? And then she went on to win. Way to go, Booty!

It's wet and cold here in my RL today, which makes me a sad panda. So I think I'll log into SL and soak up the virtual sunshine.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Lucky Chair Bear & More Linden Bears!

My life is full of bears lately, and I love it!! Bears have played a huge part of my life since I was just a baby, starting with Winnie The Pooh. So being in SL and having all these bears is awesome!

Jungeun Vella of JE*Republic dropped a super cutie bear on me last night. It's the new Lucky Chair item at the store, special for Valentine's Day!

JE*Republic Lucky Chair Bear

Isn't it adorable? I want to snuggle it! The best part is that unlike most lucky chair gifts, this one is transferable! So if there's someone special you want to give a gift to, and you're low on $L, go stalk that chair at JE*Republic!!

And I love my friends. They're helping me out big time with my collecting of Linden bears!! One thing I've noticed is that people LOVE Molly Linden. Well, everyone who has had to deal with sim issues. I know Molly was super helpful when I was getting my sim, and it seems like others share that experience too. Yay Molly Linden!!

But I got 2 more Linden bears, and they are sooooo cute!!

Beach Bears

That's Alexa and Blondin, just hanging out on the beach with me. Yeah, we brought our own pools. That's just the way we roll. Except for Blondin, who is metal and would rust.

If you want to help me out with my collection, feel free!!

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Some randomness from last night.

The super cute Gogo helped me out last night and sent me a Cupid Linden bear!

Cupid Linden bear

The funny thing is that I think I had this bear last year and deleted it in some mad cleaning frenzy because I didn't realize that - hello - it's a Linden bear! LOL Thanks Gogo!!

I spent a crazy amount of time last night just kind of sitting on the fiesta bar. Partially because I was waiting for someone, but also because RLBF and I recently purchased a monster of a treadmill and last night we were putting it together. Oh yes, it was as much fun as it sounds.

But somewhere in my sitting around, I went out with the girls to Redgrave to demo the new Leona skins.

Redgrave - Leona demo

I'm not normally a fan of Redgrave skins. I think the older ones are kind of shiny and dirty looking, and usually none of them look good on my shape. I'm also not a fan of very photosourced skins. But this one...I think I need it. It'll take a little mouth adjusting, but not too much. I like the color of it too, the medium skin tone, because it's perfect for the summer on the beach. But I don't know...I still love my Belleza skin so much! So I'm really on the fence about actually buying these. I guess we'll see.

After the skin demoing, I was up and down a lot with the treadmill assembly [ugh] and finally when we were finished, after 3am thank you very much, I came back to continue sitting in the fiesta area but some of the girls were out at a place where Tristan was DJing. I was tired of sitting by myself, so I hopped on over to hang out. And yes, I was rockin' my taller shape last night.

Dancing with Meara

Dancing girls

We were all playing with spankers, which is funny because none of us are really all that into gestures or anything like that normally. So while I was trying to catch a picture of Meara, Nikki, and me dancing, I caught this picture. It cracks me up because it was just unexpected while I was flipping through the pictures. Meara in the act of getting spanked!

Meara's spanking

Soooo funny. :)

It's super cold here in my area today, which sucks and makes me feel a bit down, so I think I'm going to go curl up on my couch and watch Saturday TV.

Friday, January 23, 2009

More Linden Bears!!

I'm still on my quest to acquire more Linden Bears. I can't help it, I love them!! Sophia helped me out tonight [because she's much more outgoing than I am] and now I am the proud owner of FOUR more bears!!

More Linden Bears!!

From left to right, Maggie, Guy, Molly, and Dan Linden. We're just chillin', enjoying some chips and salsa in the fiesta area. :-D

A bit of a catty post. A bit. :-p

So Sophia and I finished up our 5 Day No Shopping Except Freebies, Dollarbies, Group Gifts, and Lucky Chairs Challenge. It's Saturday in Australia. Don't judge. :-p

We ran over to Truth to hit up the sale and ick. LOL There was so much bad fashion and crazy people, I didn't know what to think. We even got kind of surrounded by this!

We need to run.

Alicia Chenaux: omg, this is going to be a whole wtfug post. bling blanging at truth.
Sophia Harlow: it is unreal
Sophia Harlow: i think you are a fug magnet
Sophia Harlow: ive never seen anything like this

I should have put that guy in WTFug, but that would have been too easy. LOL Plus I didn't get a very good picture of him because I was blinded by his partner's bling.

Oh, also this random guy kept going away. I don't know who he was, but it really bugs me when people go Away in stores because I feel like if they can't be bothered to stay there long enough to shop and leave and free up a spot for someone else, especially during a sale, then they need to just NOT be there. Log out or something.

Alicia Chenaux: there. i finally pushed that guy's head into the wall. that's what he gets for going away so much.
Sophia Harlow: omg go stand next to him and take a picture


After all the fun at Truth, we went our separate ways and I hopped around the grid picking up things that I saw this week and wanted and couldn't buy. I got the cutest shirt that I really should have taken a picture of, but I'm sure I will at some point because I love it. While I was hopping around, we got into a discussion about the new Ingrid shoes from Stiletto Moody. Personally, I've yet to see anyone in world who has the fake foot the same color as their skin on the first BARE shoes that came out. I saw a blog post earlier on the new Ingrid ones and the SHOES themselves are just wonderful. Probably because they're "inspired" by a Gucci heel. [See what I did there?] If these shoes were available without the freaky foot, I'd probably buy them, a sentiment shared by many of my friends. But looking at them on the stand, in just a plain Daylight setting....

Uh. Not hardly.

I'm NOT paying $2199L for a wrinkled ankle with a big seam line. No no no.

And what's up with the no demo thing still? SM is over a year old, right? Hello? I wouldn't even buy $50L hairs today without demoing them first. LOL

I'm completely starving [as I have been all day] so I think it's dinner time and then more SL time. :)

Thursday, January 22, 2009

I'm bored, so here's a pic!

Not much going on in my SL lately that's really all that blogworthy. The group has been obsessed with the word "Buttsecks" lately, which cracks me up each and every damn time. They're so freakin' quotable I could start another blog just with quotes. We learned Nikki is a dirty pirate whore. Laleeta is apparently the best buttsecks around. I got freebie hooker boots and Brody says he could rent me out for loads of money. Sophia and I are *this* close to completing our 5 Day No Shopping Except Freebies, Dollarbies, Group Gifts, and Lucky Chairs Challenge. Tomorrow is the last day. \o/ But I'll tell ya...without shopping in SL, I don't seem to have much to do lately. Which makes me think I need to get back into building things, or at least clean my inventory. Umm...I think I was supposed to be doing that anyway, as part of the challenge. Oops.

Last week some of the girls got together and we forced Sophia's husband to take a picture of us while in our schoolgirl outfits from The Sweetest Goodbye. He did a marvelous job, as always. We do appear to be reform school girls, though. But that's not the fault of the photographer. LOL


Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Tostadas, Enchiladas, Corona....

If you see me in any stores this week that don't have freebies, kick me out. Sophia and I are challenging ourselves to only shop for freebies this week. It's hard! LOL

Brody and I hung out tonight and we decided to head over to the El Jefe Cafe. It's simply the cutest little Mexican restaurant! I had stumbled on it while searching for Mexican style furniture one day and I was excited to take him.

The night started out fine with us eating the best spicy prim food the restaurant had to offer.

El Jefe Cafe - Eating

But the call of the bar was too much for me, so I hopped up to run over.

El Jefe Cafe - Beer please!

Brody took the time to go check things out in the kitchen. You gotta dig a guy who cooks.

El Jefe Cafe - He cooks!!

I managed to suck down some more beer while he was cooking. He was trying to wait patiently for me to finish...

El Jefe Cafe - He's not drunk yet.

...but I managed to convince him he needed a drink, too!

El Jefe Cafe - On the bar

More drinking.

El Jefe Cafe - Drink!

And um...looks like it's time to go. LOL

El Jefe Cafe - Time to go home. LOL!

It was a fun night! I highly recommend having some fun at the El Jefe Cafe, and check out the furniture store that it nearby called When Worlds Collide. It's got some great pieces. There are some other little stores in the area too, but the restaurant was definitely the best thing to me. And sorry, I don't have a SLurl, just look up When Worlds Collide. :)

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Just some pics.

I've been nudged a lot lately because I'm not blogging enough. LOL I kind of thought that I was, but ... well, I guess not. :) I don't really have a good reason for it. I guess I just haven't been doing enough in SL lately.

I camped at Fab Pony for a dress for 50 minutes, only to be disappointed all to hell when it had horrible horrible seam work on the top.

Bad camping gift

I blinged up Emerald's house. No reason. Just...I don't know, sometimes you just have to bling up someone's house.

Blang House - Not Bleak House!

I made my own pose for when I fall from our skyworld to the ground. I do have LMs for different locations on the island, but somehow I find falling to be the fastest way to do anything. I don't know.


I went with the girls to The Sweetest Goodbye and we all bought schoolgirl uniforms. Then we went back to Sophia & Skyhawke's place and used a Caramelldansen gesture.


But to shut us up, we got on poseballs for pictures. Since more of the group wants to be in the picture, we're going to do retakes later. I think we look adorable, but it's always way more fun to have more of us in the same room.

Group shot

So there you go. A blog post, with pictures, and not One Random Boob in sight. How's that for blogging? :-p Hopefully once this writer's block clears up some, there will be bigger and better posts. :)

Friday, January 16, 2009

One Random Boob

There's an alarming trend going on in the fashion world and it's really really getting on my nerves.

One Random Boob.

If you look back on the fashion feeds lately, you'll see what I'm talking about. Designers/bloggers are showing off their lovely creations...and one random boob. Just out of nowhere, there it is. Is this the new look for summer? Can I walk down the street and, "Oh check it out, here's my boob. It's fashion." I'm pretty sure if I don't get arrested, I'll at least get a very stern talking to.

I'm not a prude at all. I'm down with being sexy. I have a shirt that has different layers and one layer does include the one random boob popping out. But I do NOT like to see it on the blogs all over the place. It looks...trashy. If it's lingerie, I can kind of understand, although there are many wonderful poses out there that cover the nipples in a very classy way. But if you're trying to sell a shirt and some shorts? Why the boob? Why the one random boob?!

And sure, tell me that sex sells. I'll agree. But there is a balance and this One Random Boob is turning me off to so many creations. It's not sexy. It's a wardrobe malfunction. Oops, my shirt flew up and I forgot a bra! One Random Boob!

If I want to see boobs, I'll take my shirt off and just cycle through my 50,000 skins. Heck, I have most of the skins my friends do and I know most of their measurements. [What can I say? We're a very sharing group.] I can see their boobs if I want just by changing my skin. I don't need to see some model selling One Random Boob a half done dress.

Just on principle, I'm never buying an outfit that I see advertised with One Random Boob. Now if you'll excuse me, I'm going to go look at my bras now.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

16 Things

I was tagged by the lovely Miss Bettye to write 16 things about myself. I went ahead with just all RL things, since it appears that that is what others are doing. :)

1. I can't shut up lately. Honestly, I can be just the world's biggest chatterbox if people will let me. Not many people let me. LOL

2. People tell me things I don't need to know. I know some guy at the library just moved into his house and his wife doesn't know anyone. I know some girl at the grocery store broke up with her boyfriend and he has a nice car. I know the woman who works at Burger King is just sick and tired of this weather. People just tell me things for no reason. It's kinda cool...unless I'm hungry and just want my Whopper.

3. I am not a picky eater, but there are many many things I have never tried - such as Thai or Indian food. I like to eat what others like to eat, and my RLBF and friends don't care to eat anything more exotic than Mexican food. LOL

4. I had asthma as a kid, and my mom was forever screaming at me to not smell flowers because it could trigger breathing problems. To this day I smell pretty much every flower I come across, whether it smells good or not.

5. I've been writing - stories, poetry, journals, whatever - since I was very very small. It's like second nature to me.

6. I'm highly touchy feely if I like you, but I also require quite a bit of personal space. You're allowed in my space, but don't overstay your welcome. LOL

7. As much as I like to talk to people, I recharge better when I'm alone.

8. I like mouthwash and currently have about 5 different kinds, plus a mini travel sized one in my purse. If I see it on a commercial and it seems like it'll do something good, I have to try it.

9. I've had the same sunglasses for 4 years. They were $12 at Walmart. If I ever lose them or they break, I will probably cry.

10. I cry at a lot of things. :-p

11. I laugh even more easily than I cry. But there have only been 2 people in the world who have ever been able to make me laugh until I start hiccuping. When the hiccups come, THAT is when you know you're damn funny.

12. I forgive people quite easily if they have hurt me. Not for them. It's for me and my own peace of mind. But it doesn't mean that I allow them to remain in my life. Most of the time, I don't. It wouldn't make sense to let them in to hurt me again, but it does depend on what happened in the first place. Nobody is perfect. Least of all me. LOL

13. I love the way getting my eyebrows waxed feels.

14. I've had eating disorders since I was 8 years old. As much as I adore pasta, I sometimes don't know when to stop eating it. LOL It's a huge trigger food.

15. I sing a LOT. In the car, to myself while I'm cleaning, when I'm just sitting around. My brain is a constant jukebox of music.

16. I pretty much think any temperature under 65 degrees is freezing, and I swear I will have this scientifically proven one day.

I think everyone I know has been tagged already, so if you have not, then you're tagged!! Muahahaha! If you don't have a blog of your own, feel free to post your 16 things here in my comments. :-D

Tuesday, January 13, 2009


Happiness is Latin music and dancing for hours while someone lets me chatter on and on about stinky people and burgers. :)


Monday, January 12, 2009

Fiesta & Zaara!

Late last night, after we'd flopped ourselves to the ground in boredom, the ladies headed over to help me break in the new fiesta spot.

Impromptu fiesta!

We are DEFINITELY going to have a party there soon, I promise!! And yes, more parties to come, I promise that too. :) Maybe not every Wednesday, but near enough. I miss seeing you guys and having fun and my music collection has barely increased lately!! LOL!

I missed the big party for the Zaara sim opening today, but I did head out later on and oh my gosh, the sim is so wonderful! Just so well done and pretty. Not that any of us would have expected less, considering the gorgeous clothing Zaara Kohime puts out. Oh, I just love her clothing so much! The sim definitely did NOT disappoint. Check out some of these pics! In one of them is Terry Toland, but I didn't ask to take her picture, I just thought she was so exceptionally pretty posing out there, I couldn't help it. I was too shy to ask, so um, Terry, if you see this and you don't like the picture, just let me know and I'll take it down. :)

Zaara sim opening - In the markey alley

Zaara sim opening - Elephant!

Zaara sim opening - She's so pretty!

Zaara sim opening

Ugh, 24 is on so I think I'm going to take this time to leave the house for a bit and go do some RL shopping.

The Tudor Rose by SecondWave

I was really excited when Sioxie Legend of Second Wave Apparel dropped her latest creation on me. I have been a huge fan of SWA since early last year because of Sioxie's great textures, affordable prices, and just super cute stuff! As most of my friends know, I organize by stores most of the time because I never can remember the name of anything, but I usually can remember the store, and my SWA folder is packed.

This gown, the Tudor Rose, is exceptionally lovely. Let's take a look.

SecondWave Apparel - Tudor Rose - Full

SecondWave Apparel - Tudor Rose - Back

SecondWave Apparel - Tudor Rose

I love the medieval/renaissance style of dresses, and this one was just so beautiful in its simplicity that I stayed for a couple of hours sitting in my garden wearing it because it was just too fitting. I love the ruched texturing on the dress, and the sculpted poofy sleeves are just too cute! You can easily take this gown from the garden to the castle with the addition of a tiara and jewelry, and I do so love dresses that you can get a couple of different looks out of.

The dress also contains a system skirt, which I haven't shown since I know most of you are not big into system skirts. ;)

The Tudor Rose is available at the store in Soigne for $350L. It is non-transfer, but if you wish to purchase it as a gift for someone, just contact Sioxie Legend and she'll take care of you. And while you're at the store, be sure to look around. I don't think you'll be disappointed! In fact, I feel a shopping trip coming on because right now there's an early Valentine's sale on anything pink or red! All pink and red items are L25 for single items and L100 for outfits. It's time to shop!

Other items worn in this post:

Hair: ::69:: - Nina
Skin: Belle by Belleza in 'Meows In The Nude'
Eyes: 'Earth' by Miriel [free in the demo pack!]
Lashes: Deviant Kitties

Friday, January 9, 2009

It snot funny to be sick.

I had high hopes when 2009 started that I'd get back into blogging the way I used to. But unfortunately my RLBF caught a monster of a cold from one of his stupid friends, and as much as I tried to fight it, I just couldn't hold it off. So for the past week I've been utterly sick. I almost considered calling my doctor to ask if she'd just make a house call because I'm too listless to get up and go to see her, but considering our last visit, I think she'd probably yell at me for asking.

I do have some posts lined up, but they're going to have to wait. But I saw this video on the Free*Style blog, and I had to share it here, too, because it made me laugh until I had a huge coughing fit. Enjoy!

Wednesday, January 7, 2009


So remember my plans for a "fiesta" type area? Well, I did what I used to do when building - I just started throwing prims around. I didn't REALLY know what I wanted, so I just started looking up pictures of Cancun, Playa del Carmen, and Puerto Vallarta to see if I could get an idea of what their bars/clubs looked like. The base ended up looking like this.

Creating again

I started wondering if I was just building too BIG. I mean, I looked so tiny on top of the prims. But then I realized if we have a party on there, it had to be big enough for people to dance, so I stopped worrying too much about it.

Then things just started coming together. I found a cute full perm little tiki bar for free on XStreet, and it was PERFECT. It had a plain little bucket prim that gives drinks, but I pulled things out of that and made a rotating prim with a bar back texture on it to give drinks instead. Then I found free torches and this papasan chair that Quaintly had given me some time ago fit on one of the stages. Then I got some towels for laying out and I had a cooler that gives food and drinks that looked great by the towels. In the end, it came out looking like this.

New bar area

I'm so pleased with it!! And check it out, but the entire area - towels, papasan chair and all - is only 93 prims. How much do I rock out at low prim? I had given myself a 100 prim budget JUST on the bar/stages area. This means I get to decorate even more!! I'm totally happy.

I kind of forgot how fun it is to build when no one's expecting anything out of you. :)

Be A Diva!

Jungeun Vella of JE*Republic has another wonderful dollarbie out for the ladies today!

The Diva Dress is a snakeskin print dress that has a wonderful almost-vintage feel to it. But what keeps it from being dated is the tummy baring top and awesome wrap. I originally thought that it was a floral print until I really stared and saw that it was more snakeskin. So for those of you who are uncomfortable wearing big animal prints, I think you'll find that you feel fine wearing this.

Review - Diva Dress - Full

Review - Diva Dress - Close up

I love the wrap on the dress and I think I'll be able to use it in a more casual outfit, maybe with jeans and a brown sweater.

Remember, it's only one teensy little $Linden, so be sure to hop your way over and pick it up!!

Other items worn in this post:

Hair - 'Tyra' by ETD
Skin - Belle in 'Meows in the Nude' by Belleza
Shoes - Strappy Circle Heels by ETD
Eyes - 'Earth' by Miriel [free in the demo pack!]
Eyelashes - Deviant Kitties

Monday, January 5, 2009

Fiesta time?

We're tropical again on the island.


I've been thinking a lot about what should be put down on the island. On the whole, I'm happy with it. I'd like to develop the more "forest" part that we have up on the mountain more. I also want a grotto, like the Playboy grotto in a way. :) But now I'm thinking I also want a Latin inspired area. Salsa dances, bright colors, a very party feel. Think margaritas and mambo dancing. I'm trying to think of the best way to do it. Do you guys have suggestions for places with Latin inspired prefabs and furniture? Or a good place to buy a grotto that isn't going to take up half a month's tier? LOL I've been trying to build one, but every time I get an idea, it ends up not working out very well once I get to building. I never was very good at building big stuff, all my building "talent" lied in accessories.

It's cold, wet, and utterly dreary here in my RL today and I have an annoying cough. Maybe I'll go soak up the SL sunshine and work on the island.

Saturday, January 3, 2009

The night was just ducky! :)

I'll be the first to admit that I don't go out a lot in SL. I will go shopping, but I'm usually perfectly content to stay on the island, sitting on a bunny in the garden, IMing with my group. I know a lot of people would find that boring and a waste of my SL time, but to me it's great. It's my escape from the worries of my non-online life, and I'm happy.

But tonight was not one of those nights. :) I was out inspecting some dances when I saw a cute DJ animation. My friend Tristan, who is also a DJ, wanted to come see it too. From there we stuck together, shopping for new dances and trying to find pink shoes. LOL We got matchy matchy and went to a pool party for the rezday of one of her friends.

Tris & Me

We were confronted with a huge watermelon ass, and a girl who could NOT stop doing stupid poofer stuff until the hosts of the party asked her to stop, but the music was good. :) RLBF was bugging me about the Christmas tree during the party, so I missed some of it, but I didn't know anyone there except Tris anyway, so it's not like they missed me. LOL!

Eva let us know that she was at a new club and GoSpeed was DJing, so we grabbed our duckies and headed on over. It was fun! Especially when more of the group showed up to dance!

Beach Party

DJ GoSpeed

Get down!

Don't I have beautiful friends? :)

We ended the night on the island, because Sehra had gone home already and we couldn't let her go home alone. And because we like to bother people. :-p She tried to hide behind the couch and pretend she wasn't home, but we totally saw her. Then we realized that Kharisma hadn't been around us for our onigokko phase, so ....


I think we ran for an hour. How do you think we keep such lovely figures?

I could have been really down tonight. There's some RL junk going on with my family that I'm not happy about. It would have been SO easy for me to sit alone in the skybox and stay quiet while I sorted inventory. I kind of thought that I'd just be on my own tonight. But because of my friends, my beautiful, low drama, crazy, funny friends, I had a wonderful night. Thanks, ladies. Thank you so much. :)

Oh, and I had GoSpeed play this tonight, because it's been in my head for the past few days. LOL Enjoy!