Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Balancing in my barefeet

I've been thinking a lot about balance lately.

Balance 1

Balance is a word that gets thrown around in Second Life quite a bit. People are looking for it. People are trying to achieve it. People feel unbalanced.

But you know, so many people see the world in black and white, yes and no, full force or nothing at all. Either they're in Second Life for 20 hours a day, forgetting family, friends, and work, or they can't be in it at all and then spend 20 hours a day telling us how much better they are without it.

Balance isn't black and white. It's shades of grey, pink, lavender, gold...all those pretty colors that blend together and make something new.

Balance 2

You can HAVE a wonderful, amazing, inspiring Second Life without giving up your physical world. It happens all the time, you know. People work, eat, sleep, have friends and lovers and family, and still find time to be in Second Life and enjoy themselves. It's not a yes or no thing. At least, it shouldn't be.

Balance isn't about saying "This makes me happy, therefore it is all or nothing." Balance is about saying a mixture of things. No one is 100% one mood or another usually anyway. :)

Years ago I was in a yoga class and this quote came up. It's beautiful and I've been wanting to share it but I never could find the right time. But since I'm being all hippie like and Zen right now anyway, it's as good a time as any. :)

"There's no secret to balance. You just have to feel the waves"

Balance 3

Ok, the hippie stuff is over. LOL Last night Sophia and I went out to SLink and bought the bare prim feet. So cute! Now I know what you're thinking. "I can't get prim feet! I can never get them colored right!!" I know, I was the same way!! But this super awesome amazing tinting tip from the Virtual Freebies blog changed it all! If you're too busy to head over to check it out, here you go:

Enable the Advanced menu if you haven't already (control+alt+D).Go to
Advanced >> UI >> Show color under cursor (down the very bottom).

This brings up some tiny white letters in the lower of your screen. For me
they display just above the sound controls. When you move your cusor across the
screen the numbers will change and spit out the RGB as the first three numbers.
Ignore the last number, it usually stays at 0. Move your cursor to just above
your moody shoes where the skin joins and take a look at the values. This should
give you a starting point for coloring prims to match. Yay!

As a tip, any "pure white" of 255,255,255 when *worn* on the body as clothing
or skin... is 205,205,205 on prims (in my viewer anyway).

The tip came from Symphony Skins designer Claire Harford, btw. I tried them out on a pair of SLink shoes I got around Valentine's Day and was so happy! You WILL want to get on a posestand for it, though, because I tried to do it just standing up and every time I shifted, I lost the numbers. LOL! Plus you have to play with it because your skin is not just one flat color. Or at least, it shouldn't be. If it is...um...get out of 2004 and into 2009, thanks.

Then this morning the awesomely cute Sai Pennell dropped a pack of poses on me called - get ready for it - Balance! I love Sai's work. Her poses are always so natural and great for fashion blogging. :)

I have to go strut around looking at my barefeet some more now!

Oh, and for those of you who like that sort of thing...

Skin: 'Meows in the Nude' by Belleza
Eyes: 'Forest' by Miriel
Hair: 'Chel' by ETD
Shirt: 'Electric Girl' by Celestial Studios [Discount section, only $15L!]
Jeans: Classic blue jeans by Zaara
Skellyflies headpiece by Canimal
Barefeet by SLink
Poses by Imperial Elegance
Back tattoo by me

Monday, March 30, 2009


I'd like you to meet Didine.


No, she's not a WTFug post, although she could be with that skin.

I met Didine today on my island. About 1000m up in the air, as a matter of fact. What was she doing? Why, just playing the guitar, putting out decorations, and basically just setting up a home.

I have no idea who she is.

I have visitor counters scattered here and there throughout the island. I do this not just for me, but for the people who rent there. Everyone enjoys relative privacy and I realize that there are people that they have issues with so if I'm not asked to outright ban certain people from the island, I at least try to keep track of things. Any decent island owner would do the same, so it's nothing major to me to do it.

Earlier this morning someone named KaSim showed up on the island. I didn't thing too much of it, people stop by all the time. This evening I was hanging out here at home and I decided to check the scripts for the island. Just something I do now and then to make sure we're running as low lag as possible. I notice a name on the scripts that I've never seen before. They were using quite a bit of scripted rocks and plants. Well, that's odd, I thought. So I make a beacon and fly up to see what's going on. And that's when I met Didine.

Didine and KaSim apparently believed this land to be free. Or maybe they believed that if they were 1000m up in the air, they would remain undetected. Didine was just standing there, playing the guitar. She wasn't away, because she walked around a bit as I hovered there, ignoring my IM and question in local chat. Noticing that the floor she stood on belonged to KaSim, I returned it first. As she was plummeting to the ground, I returned the rest of her stuff. I guess if I'd been in a mean mood, I could have orbited her and then returned the stuff.

If either of them were new, I guess maybe I'd be more understanding. But she's been here almost a year and he's been here almost half a year. That's plenty of time to understand that you don't just set up home on someone else's land. And I'm not mean. If any of my friends ever need a place to come set down a house to check the prims or if they need a place to build, they're always welcome to do it because I know they'll clean up after themselves. But 2 people I don't know using up a load of prims and ignoring me? Oh no, I don't think so.

Thanks for the laughs, Didine. Sorry you didn't find your home, but maybe one day you and your buddy will get enough scratch to get some land. Oh, and I'm sorry I kicked you out and banned you. Wait...no I'm not. :-p

This is a very good thing to remember: If you're not on Linden sponsored land, someone has paid for that land you're standing on. You may visit, but don't take it personally if they choose to throw you off that land because they paid for it, and they may do as they wish.

And don't wear orange skin with face oil on it. That's just not good.

Wow, what a weekend.

Oh man, what a weekend. LOL

It started out pretty awesome. I spent all of Saturday with my RL best friend, which is always a blast. Then came Pornstar night at Sacred. It was SO much fun!! And an excuse to dress trampy. :) I'm going to have more pics of that night in my Flickr, but resizing and picking which ones I want is tiresome right now, so here's just a tease.

A group shot. I know Thema's outfit doesn't look exactly sexy from the front, but you could see her panties in the back. She's a MILF!

Pornstar Night - Group

I'm pretty sure Nikki's getting checked out. She recently revamped her shape, and I think she's hot as hell. Don't you?

Hot hot Nikki

And our little Dominatrix of the night, Aisuru surprised us all with her outfit! We're used to her in fluffy little dresses or super stylish outfits. When she came all slicked up in latex...woooo!

Dominatrix Aisuru

The party was really super fun, as it always is. I logged out finally around 3am and at 3:30 I was struck with a pain like I've never felt before. I grew up reading medical textbooks [my mom was a nurse until I was about 12] so I knew that it was in my left kidney. After pacing around in pain and crying, I finally woke RLBF up and he got me in the car and he broke all speed zones and got me to the hospital in record time. We were both pretty sure, with all my pain and everything, that I had a kidney stone.

After an hour of waiting in the ER for an available bed to open [thank god I wasn't really dying, right?], I pee in a cup and they get me tucked into bed in that ridiculous hospital gown that sure as hell wasn't covering my big backside up. LOL Our awesome Nurse Gene started an IV thing on me just in case they had to use it. RLBF didn't want to see it, but I never have minded getting blood drawn or anything like that. Growing up around hospitals and medical stuff, a little needle with a hose sticking out of my arm doesn't bug me. LOL

My doctor was pretty much awesome too, and he said that I was most likely passing a kidney stone [the pain had almost all gone away after I'd used the bathroom] but I did have to go in for a CT scan.

Let me just stop right there and say that I've never been honestly sick before. Flus, colds, strep throat, that's minor really. I've never had an IV before and I've only had 2 x-rays taken ever. So I was a little worried when they said I had to have this done, but not overly much. My body thought otherwise, though, and I was trembling like a leaf in the wind. LOL

This nice blonde guy wheeled me to the scan room, got me on the table thing, and before I knew it I was sliding in and out like I was a cake pan for the Easy Bake Oven. Then he put me back in bed, covered me up, and wheeled me back to the room. I asked if I should be throwing candy out and waving, but he didn't seem amused.

Nurse Gene came back and said that I was dehydrated and so he started an IV on me, and gave me a heavy anti-inflammatory and a morphine push. I've never had morphine before in my life, so I didn't know what to expect. With most medications, I get sleepy. Like, crazy sleepy. Oh no, not with morphine. I started talking like it was my job. I hadn't felt so relaxed and at ease in about 10 years. I am used to feeling tense all the time and so being that relaxed, I felt like I could talk, I guess. LOL I honestly couldn't tell you WHAT I was talking about. I know at one point I was saying that I could be a doctor, but I'm not sure where I was going with that. But I'll tell ya what, I wasn't feeling any more pain, that's for damn sure.

So, turns out I did have a kidney stone. It's teensy, and it scraped me a bit on its way down, but the pain was over. They gave me 4 prescriptions for this and that, a referral to another doctor for a follow-up visit, and sent me on my drugged up merry way. RLBF got me home and as talkative as I still was, I called my mom and we talked for over 2 hours. She was upset I hadn't called when we first went in, but I didn't want to worry her and the hospital staff really didn't need a little Latina woman screaming at them. Because she would have. Totally.

Thank you all so much to those of you who have been so kind with your prayers and good thoughts and get well gifts and calls and everything. It really means a lot to me and I hate that I had to worry anyone. I'm honestly fine now, although I'm a little sore on the left side if I sit too long. I have to go to the doctor on Friday just to make sure everything is still good, but I do feel 10 times better, so the visit should be a short one.

Oh, and the funny thing? As I was waiting at the ER, some guy came in with a kidney stone too! Except he was pacing around, asking if he could get anything for the pain [he couldn't], and then wondering if he could have a beer. I almost said brother, you don't need another beer tonight, because you reek of it. LOL Right before I'd gotten called in to the room, he'd looked at me and said "You're handling this a lot better than I am."

Well yeah. I'm stronger than I thought.

Oh, and he's a man, and men are babies with pain. ;)

Friday, March 27, 2009

Not cool, Coull.

You thought I wouldn't do it, huh?

You thought wrong.

Yeah, I'm all tough sounding. LMAO

Ok, so, we're less than 24 hours into the Bunny Hop and someone mentioned that #206 on the list, Coull Creations, didn't just have decoy eggs out, [A practice used by some designers to throw off the object scanners/hunt HUDs, which is really kind of a jerk move, but whatever], they had decoy eggs out that cost $25L. For just the egg! Nothing inside!! Man, it's like when you're a little kid and you go to some public Easter egg hunt and you run and get kicked by bigger kids and you end up with 3 little eggs and a squashed Peep, and then you realize one of your 3 plastic eggs is empty after you went through all of that!

When you first teleport into the area, you get excited because, hey! Big egg right there! What nice people! How fun to not have to...how...wh... $25L?

Coull Creations - $25L decoy egg

Well...that's not very nice.

And yes, I'm totally wearing my unicorn set from my dear friend Aisuru's store, Beloved. You can find this set in the lobby at The Starlust for just $75L!! It's sooo cute, I just adore it!

Oh check it out, another egg! Surely THAT must be the real one!!

Coull Creations - And yet another $25L.

No? Another $25L for an empty egg?


Look! ANOTHER egg! That must certainly be THE egg I've bothered coming here for!

Coull Creations - Sigh.

I'm really getting annoyed now.

If you don't know to check, you could maybe end up spending $75L before ever finding the egg. With the hunts that go on once in a while that you DO have to pay for [such as the Malt hunt with the $50L gifts that were TOTALLY worth every last $L], you might think you're getting something. For $75L, I can buy another unicorn set. Did I mention they're by my friend Aisuru? Of Beloved? And they're in the lobby of The Starlust? *nudge nudge*

I did eventually find the actual Bunny Hop egg.

Coull - The actual hunt egg

The gift is one that I might have liked had I not already been so put off by the decoy eggs. And the fact that...well...I appear to be molesting this poor bear. Hey, I like bears. I don't like them like THAT.


So congrats, Coull Creations. You made the first "Oh what the hell?" post of the Bunny Hop.

Get to hoppin'!

Bitchy. LOL I couldn't think of a better picture to put for this post. Sorry, Soph. LOL! I wish I'd gotten more as you used your HUD, but I was laughing too hard!

I started The Bunny Hop hunt last night and I have one thing to say. Well, ok, several. But one main thing to say.

If you put some half-assed mess that you made in 2004 or ripped off from someone else or got from a business in a box, I will publicly call you out.

I have several friends who are in the hunt this time around. I've watched them for at least the past month work hard to come up with something original and fun for this hunt. They've stayed up late, they've stayed up later to work with the hunt coordinator, and they did it with a smile. I'm offended FOR them that other designers would put just any old rejected item in their egg.

It's true. More than half of what gets picked up at hunts gets deleted. If not within the next week, then within the next few months when 50 new gridwide hunts pop up and we need to delete things to make room. My friends and I had one of our inventory parties last night and I watch them as they try things on, wonder why they got it or what the hell it is in the first place, and then throw them away. Once in a while I see them say "Oh, this is very cute!" Then I watch them later go back to the store where they got the cute thing and drop buckets of $Lindens on other items. I figure my friends and I are pretty normal shoppers [ok...maybe a little bit above normal...considering the shopping we do], and others out there are probably doing the same thing.

Why in the world would you put some piece of crap in your hunt egg or heart or whatever and make people think, "Wow...that sucks. I'm never going to that store again. I can't believe I wasted my time in that store." If hunts are supposed to be for advertising your store [not really a great way of advertising, but that's my opinion], why wouldn't you put something in there that is representative of your work? Makes sense to me.

I'm actually excited for this hunt. I've already hit up the stores of my friends and love their items. Some of the things I've seen so far are SO cute. But those of you thinking you can just grab some freebie off of Xstreet or a ripped skin and call it a day....

Think again.

Oh, and can you all stop sending out starter eggs? If someone doesn't have one by now, they must be under a rock or don't belong to a single group, and they probably aren't interested in hunting anyway. :)

Time Traveler!!

When I thought about all the time periods I'd love to visit [and omg, there was a LOT of them!], I kept thinking about my parents and the time they grew up in. The 1950s!!

My mom and dad met in 1959 when she was 15 and he was 21. I know, right? LOL My grandparents weren't thrilled with the age difference, but my dad fell hard for my mom. My mom seemed to just dig his car.

But that's pretty much how I chose my dates too at 15, so like, I guess things weren't much different in the 90s, huh? :)

The 50s - Car

[Uh...yeah, my 50s pics kind of span the decade. Don't be hatin'.]

I would love to go back in time and meet my parents. But I'd also love to run around in fluffy skirts, saddle shoes, and be able to walk around downtown checking out the record shop. Then I'd run over to the diner to swoon with my friends and drink chocolate malts and giggle over being asked out to the sock hop.

The 50s - Record Shop

Of course, knowing me, I'd be a nerd in school and actually enjoy it. I'd know all the capitals of the 48 states, even! Unless it was 1959, and I'd be trying to remember the newest states.

But according to this pic, I'd still be pretty popular, considering I'm showing a little too much leg and a little too much cleavage. Hey, I don't want to be an old maid at 19!

The 50s - School

And to complete the challenge, one of my favorite songs of the 50s, and lord, there are a LOT of favorites I have!

I can't wait to see everyone's challenge posts!!!

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Dancing Queen, young and sweet, a little older than 17...

There's a lot I could probably say right now, but eh. LOL Instead I'll talk about nice things, such as the awesome gift I was greeted with when I first logged in today. A gift that I probably would have missed given that I am SO BAD at reading notecards when I first log in. Luckily Sophia IMed me and told me to look. I had won one of the new dresses from Fishy Strawberry!

Fishy Strawberry is a store that I wasn't really aware of until pretty recently, but it is fast becoming one of my faves. I was so so excited to have won the new Dancing Queen dress!!

Dancing Queen

Dancing Queen - Back

Of course I had to get it in pink! Designer Fae Eriksen could NOT be sweeter. She was so nice when I IMed to tell her what color I wanted. :)

I absolutely love the texture of this dress. It shines in all the right ways! And of course I love the mostly open back because I usually wear a back tattoo and like to show them off. The best part, and something I wish all dress designers would do, is that there's a jacket layer of just the top of the dress to be worn with pants or another skirt. I just love that! A scarf and a matching bracelet are also included.

This cutie dress can be yours for just $225L. There are 5 colors available - black, bright blue, hot pink, silver and light gold. Go pick yours up and dance the night away!

Also shown in this post:

Skin: 'Meows In The Nude' by Belleza
Hair: 'Sienna' by Aden [there's a sale going on now! $50L a hair!]
Eyes: 'Marine' by Miriel
Shoes: 'Tease' by Kitties Lair
Poses by Pffiou
Back tattoo by me made with Photoshop brushes

It was just a normal week...

I had thrown a bunch of pics into my Flickr thinking I had an actual post for them, but then it turned out, I didn't. But I like to share pictures, so here we go. :)

Last week we had a semi-group outing to a go-karts place. It was SO fun! I suck at driving, preferring more to just go fast. Here's a pic of the Harlow-Sodwinds in their duo car. Lucky Sophia, I had to drive myself!! Look at Skyhawke's face. It cracks me up!

The Sodwinds racing

And this is why I shouldn't be allowed to drive myself.


Speaking of the Harlow-Sodwinds, we were out at their photography studio one evening and I snapped this picture of them. I tried to be all fancy like Sky and doctor it up, but I suck. :)

Sodwinds on the wall

After Sehra's rezday party, Pumpkin and I went to go pick up our decorations. Wanna know the truth to why Pumpkin's humping the floor? I'll never tell... ;)

Pumpkin humpkin. LOL

We went to visit Aisuru one evening and I couldn't resist climbing all over her rainbow thing. It's fun!

Rainbow peeking

Sometimes I pretend to be the receptionist at Sacred. And sometimes I just dance on the desk. They seem to put up with me either way.

Dancing receptionist

Sophia and me on Industrial Night last Saturday at Sacred. We look hot!

Industrial night

Pumpkin, Sophia, and me jamming out on someone's piano. Pumpkin says she knows the people, so that was good enough for me. LOL


And last but not least.... Sophia staring at her husband as he pwns us all and becomes a very pretty girl. I don't think I'm supposed to show this picture. I bet I get fired for this. LMAO!!


Love Thursday

Today's Love Thursday post is about something I do pretty much every night before bed. It relaxes me, it thrills me, and sometimes I need help, but it makes me feel so good when I finish.

I'm talking about crossword puzzles!


Wow, what were you thinking of? :-p

I love doing crosswords. I have books and books of puzzles, and sometimes I get magazines simply for the puzzle inside. [Well, and the articles on how to lose 15 pounds in 3 days alongsize the recipe for the world's best chocolate chocolate chocolate chip chocolatey yumyum cake.] I am almost unable to think of anything else for at least 24 hours after getting a new crosswords book. Did you know "Alan Alda" is big as a crosswords answer? You do now.

This picture isn't exactly accurate. I always do my crosswords in pen. ;)

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Should I be glad I didn't win? LOL

A few days ago I received a notecard and an object from someone I didn't know. This isn't exactly unusual, so I saved it and didn't look at it until later that night. Somehow, I was nominated for Best DJ for an awards thing I'd never heard of. I didn't win [which is good since I had never heard of it and didn't attend the ceremony] but they wanted me to have this token of my nomination.


Do you recognize any of the names? Me either. But, big thanks to whoever it was that nominated me.

/me smiles brightly for the camera. "It was an honor just to be nominated!"

Monday, March 23, 2009

New Blogger Challenge - Time Travelers!

Sophia and I came up with a new blogger challenge for everyone, and I think it's a good one!

What point in time would you like to visit? Create a picture showing which time period you're in, and then find a song on YouTube [or just a video if your part of time wasn't really into music] from that time period.

It's not as hard as it sounds. :) Say you wanted to visit ... oh, the early 90s. You'd look like one of the characters from 90210 and take a picture in front of a Nirvana poster. Then you'd post a video by Sophie B. Hawkins. Easy! :)

Get creative and have fun! Deadline for your challenge submission is this Friday, March 27th! Post it on your blogs, or if you aren't a blogger and want to play too, just leave a link to your picture in the comments and I'll do a reader post with the pics. :)

Sunday, March 22, 2009

My personal health/lite shopping challenge.

I've been shopping a lot lately.


I shop because I join my friends on their shopping trips. I shop to distract myself from thinking too much. I shop to keep myself busy when I'm alone. And I shop because Second Life creators make beautiful things that I want.

But with SL shopping, and RL issues, I've noticed something in the past few weeks. I'm feeling really run down, and although I've never been thin in my life, I'm gaining more weight. If only I had RL sliders! But I don't, so I end up looking at myself in the mirror like this a lot.

Big Booty

So to curb my out of control spending, and my out of control unhealthy habits that I've collected lately, I'm putting myself on a diet of sorts.

Every day for one week, I must complete the following each day:

1. Less sugar, more lean protein & veggies, and I have to eat more often. I'm bad at not eating enough and just eating junk when I do eat. And I have to drink more water. I used to drink a LOT of water and now I don't and that's bad.

2. I have to workout for at least 30 minutes each day. Whether it's walking on the treadmill or dancing to some exercise video, I must do a minimum of 30 minutes.

3. I have to take half and hour every day just for "me time." Don't get pervy. :-p I mean, just an hour where I don't do anything that is for someone else. Even if it's just sitting in bed doing crossword puzzles, or taking time to stare at my eyebrows in the mirror, I have to take the time to relax. I am so wound up almost every moment of the day, it's really affecting my health.

How does this all tie in with SL? Well, for 1 week I'm putting myself on a shopping diet. I can only shop for no calorie items - meaning freebies! Group gifts, free hunt gifts, etc. But if at the end of the night, if I've done everything I was supposed to do that day, I'm allowed to buy ONE thing I want, if I really want it. You would think this would be incredibly easy, but a great part of my SL lately has been shopping for whatever I want. I have so many "Oh, I need that!" items now, I don't even know what I have. Rewarding myself with one nice thing each night will be quite helpful.

Hmm...I think part of my "must do" list will be blogging once a day, too.

It's late now, so I'll head to bed.

[It also took me hours to finish this post because I got busy hanging out in SL.]

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Sehra's Rezday Party

We did a rezday party [a day late] for our own little Sehra tonight. It was held at Sacred and Sophia & Sky DJed 80s hair bands. The music was awesome and everyone had a load of fun!! I laughed so hard, I got hiccups and that hasn't happened in ages. :) Of course I took a LOTTTTT of pics. If I didn't get your picture, I'm so sorry! I tried to get everyone but I know I missed a few. :( And forgive me for not linking up everyone's blogs and stuff. It's late. LOL

Rezday Girl

Sehra's Rezday - Sehra

Aisuru striking a pose.

Sehra's Rezday - Aisuru

We weren't supposed to make fun of Pumpkin...so...I'm not. :-p

Sehra's Rezday - Pumpkin again

I think I'm doing the robot, with Nikki behind me.

Sehra's Rezday - Robot

Ok yeah, I'm making fun of Pumpkin a little bit now.

Sehra's Rezday - Haha...Pumpkin showing off

Aisu, me and Sophia on some bouncy things.

Sehra's Rezday - Bounce bounce

Sophia before she got barefoot.

Sehra's Rezday - Sophia

Bone went AFK. Mistake!

Sehra's Rezday - AFK Bone

Gogo & Laleeta came too!

Sehra's Rezday - Gogo & Laleeta cutouts

Elora and Merrick dancing away.

Sehra's Rezday - Elora & Merrick

The gorgeous Nikki in her new shape. She looks amazing! Not that she didn't always before, but she's an updated Nikki!

Sehra's Rezday - Nikki

Calabaza and her date, Lola. LOL <3

Sehra's Rezday - Pumpkin & Lola

Nikki, me, and Sophia dancing like 80s groupies.

Sehra's Rezday - 3 Dancing

Sophia & Sky were trying to have a romantic dance. I wouldn't let them. LMAO

Sehra's Rezday - Hahahaha

Big thanks to Sky & Sophia for hosting & DJing the party. I hope you had a great party, Sehra!!!

I'd like to thank the academy and....

So last week or so, ArminasX Saiman took on the impressive task of trying to figure out the Technorati rankings of SL blogs and compiling them into a huge list. But after people complained that tons of blogs on the list were dead blogs, and even more blogs were not on the list at all, he decided to compile yet another list. That is NOT a job that I would want to do. Not at ALL.

I came in at #46 on this list of 585 blogs. I'm a little shocked, and happy about it, even though I know that the list is not set in stone and never ever will be set in stone. It would be impossible! I'm right under Botgirl Questi's blog, which is an awesome place to be.

But here's what gets me. He did this just...for nothing, really. Just to see, just for curiosity's sake. He certainly didn't have to update the first list, but he did. ANd yet people are still complaining. People are whining that their blogs aren't higher, or their blogs didn't make it at all, even though they're not widely known and/or did not have a Technorati ranking. It's NOT an exact science!!

I think it's fun to look at the rankings. I know in my mind that they don't really mean anything in the long run, but it's funny to say "Well yes, I'm the 46th most popular blog." LOL!! Don't get all bent out of shape that your blog didn't make it when you don't update much or let anyone know you have a blog. Don't get discouraged that your blog, which you love, is #500 and not #5 like you thought it should be. Just keep doing your thing and having fun with it. That's what blogging should be about anyway. If you don't enjoy it, why do it?

/me goes to make a "I'm 46!" shirt. :-p

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Love Thursday

I'm going through some RL family health issues right now, so I don't know how consistent my blog posts will be for a while. I might blog 50 times in a day just to distract myself, or days might pass in between. I just don't know right now. So before someone accuses me of being on some big "emo rollercoaster," I just wanted to throw that out there.

Today's Love Thursday post is an easy one for me.


Sophia Harlow. I love her!

What can I say about her? For almost the past year or so, she's been my angel. She started off being this person who read my blog and would IM me out of the blue or send me a gift out of nowhere. And she always seemed to pop up right when I was feeling down, even if I hadn't said that I was sad or upset. It was almost like she just knew, even though we weren't actually friends.

You'd think with someone who was like that, I'd immediately become their friend, right? Nope. She just seemed too cool for me. LOL I was slightly intimidated by her. So I kept my distance. And I probably would have stayed that way had she not had me come over so her husband could do a photo for me, and she couldn't TP me without friending me first. Spending a bit of time with her when it wasn't a party or anything like that was all I needed.

She's been the one in the past few months to make me laugh until I can't breathe. She has turned me into a bigger shopper than I already was. We do crazy things just to get a reaction out of each other or others. She is great at pulling silly pranks [like making me believe there was a new Belleza skin when there wasn't!!!!] She makes me smile with her jealousy when Pumpkin tries to take me from her. We've shared secrets, big and small, and loads of stories. We are almost in constant contact with each other when we can't be in SL.

So before anyone thinks we're having some big lesbian love affair, I'll just end this by saying that I love my Sophia, and I'm grateful she's in my life. xoxox

Sophia & me

Ooh, taco grande!

She loves it.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Oh, just more pics.

As promised, more pics! LOL At some point I'll actually stop being distracted from writing real posts again. But what ARE real blog posts anyway? I suppose I could go on some diatribe about people who wear 250 prim wings and carry heavily scripted guns and genitalia to clothing fairs where there are more than 100 avatars running around and 10 billion textures trying to load. I could wax poetic about how beautiful Lamb hair is. I could even sit here and make vague comments about people who annoy me even though I know they are nice people. But I won't. Today, I like pictures. :)

Sophia and I needed a new job to support our shopping habits.

Our new job. lmao

But then Pumpkin wanted to turn it into a carnitas and raspas stand. So we made her get in there to cook the carnitas. She was understandably sad. I don't like cooking either.

Pumpkin can't cook, yo.

I got eaten by an alligator! But it's cool. I'm going to punch it from the inside and in about an hour, I'll have shoes and a purse.


But after I went to wash my hands, I slipped outside of the public showers. That's not good.


I love this hair, but I rarely wear it.

My puffy hair

Elle climbs in my lap when I blog. It's SO freaking cute.

Lap kitty

Soph and I were Loco Pocos avs one night. We spent far too much for what amounted to about 30 minutes worth of fun. LOL

Sophia & me being tiny

And here we are again, this time at the clothing fair yesterday, rockin' our 1 ARC avs and riding the drama llama.

Ridin' the Drama Llama

I think that clears my desktop for today!