Friday, February 24, 2012

Day 48 - Advice Givery Again!

Oh hi! I woke up all advice givery again! Aren't you excited? :-p

Day 48 - Advice Givery Again

So in the last advice post, we discussed bloggers. This time, let's turn to the creators! You hear a lot of things on plurk, and there are two things I hear quite frequently. "I'm not getting many sales!" and "I'm not getting blogged!"

For the sales thing, someone inevitably chimes in with, "It's the economy!" And sure, the economy is pretty crappy and that doesn't leave a lot of extra money for luxuries [which is what buying stuff in SL really is, if you think about it]. But there are stores that seem to do really well ALL the time. They almost always have someone in the store buying something - even when it's NOT a sale day or event time. They easily make enough to pay for their full sim and/or enough to cash out every month. So why them and not you?

Take a look at your stuff. The number one reason you're not making sales or getting blogged is that your items just aren't that good. I know. Ouch, right? No one wants to hear that! And I know what you're saying. "But Ali! I asked my best friend and my SL mom and my SL sister and my SL cousin! And they all said it was coooool!"

Yeah, they mostly lied.

Well, not LIED, but if they love you, they tend to overlook some mistakes you might make, or they don't want to hurt you. Sometimes it's better to ask someone who is more impartial, OR make sure that your friend/family member is willing to really be straight with you. Ulaa usually asks me to do a walkthrough of her builds before she starts the final stuff for them just because she knows I'm the first one to scream "TEXTURE GLITCH!!!!" if I see one. And if YOU'RE the friend being asked what you think of someone's item? TELL THEM. You do them no favors when you're too nice. It's like when someone's told their whole lives that they have a nice voice, then they go to American Idol and are told that they suck. You always see the disbelief in their eyes because they honestly didn't know.

Oh, also? You might not be getting sales if your store sucks.

Don't let your store look like this

Okay, so that's just an abandoned store I found on mainland, but you get my drift. :-p

And that's my advice givery post for today! Keep in mind that this is all just opinion, and may not have anything to do with you or your sales.

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STARVED Magic said...

i totally agree....first off if i see ur stuff on marketplace...i will look the store up in world. i just recently started reading blogs...and i have been on sl since 08. mostly i see and outfit on someone else and ask them where they got now i have a few favorites...GOTHICATS, LOVECATS,SN@TCH, BOOM....

so keep on giving advice ....i am always willing to get constructive critism.....