Saturday, March 31, 2012

Day 71 - In His Eyes

I'm cheating today because I couldn't figure out anything to do that would be photo worthy. But Aldwyn was messing around with pics and snapped one of me. So today I'll use that!

Day 71 - In His Eyes

I always like to see how other people see me on their screen. I really need to start saving up for a better video card because I think in the next 6 months or so, mine is just not going to work with SL pictures. It'll still work, and my system right now actually works with SL really well because I rarely have lag or the big hairy major problems other people talk about. But you know...gotta keep up with the times if I plan on continuing with the style blog, which of course I do. And my video card is not going to cut it soon, I'm sure. I can already tell sometimes that it's really working double time just to get a picture done.

Sooooo sleepy!!

Friday, March 30, 2012

Day 70 - Crash Into Me

One reason I married this man is because he and I share so many of the same viewpoints on things. I love that I can tell him every random thing that crosses my mind and he usually agrees with me. ♥

Day 70 - Crash Into Me

Or he's just listening to me and agreeing so later he can get in my pants. But whatever. It's nice. :-p

Last weekend, we installed Aion because it is free up to level something or other. 20? 40? I forget. Anyway, I have 2 characters there now. One for when Al and I are playing together, and one for when I feel like playing on my own. My original character is tall and more athletic looking, but my solo character is tiny and adorable. I just love watching her fight!!

Aion Avatar

She's this wee little warrior. I seriously get a kick out of watching her fight and dance and stuff. Too cute! And I'm really proud of myself that I haven't died while soloing. I thought I might because some of the areas are little more monster filled, but so far I've been doing pretty well. I think I'm almost level 9 with her.

I'm sleepy and I have to get up early, so it's bedtime!

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Day 69 - I should learn something

I was hanging out for a bit with Ulaa and Rayvn while they finished up a collaborative project. I'll be blogging it later. [Because they threatened me.]

Day 69 - I should learn something

But as I was sitting up there watching them work, I started thinking, for probably the 84,000th time since starting SL, that I REALLY should learn to do something. I mean, yeah, I used to build random junk, but it was never anything that great. I've been told to get sculpt kits and start piecing things together, but I'm actually not quite sure how to go about that. Maybe I should start to learn? I dunno.

Oh, but speaking of random crap I used to build, remember the Blingis? It was that blinging freenis I built after a silly group chat one day. When Marketplace came out with that direct delivery thing, I wanted to play with it. So, I threw the Blingis 2.5 on the marketplace just to see how the direct delivery thing worked for merchants. [The 2.5 has extra bling & shoots. know what it shoots.]

Imagine my surprise and amusement when I got the email that I'd actually sold one! In fact, I've sold 5. I'd actually meant to unlist it the night I put it up but I think I might just leave it. It's a funny little thing, and I'm sure there are people out there laughing and shooting their friends with it. It's copy/transfer too, so hey, give one to a newbie?

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Day 68 - Insert Coin Arcade

Many many years ago, someone introduced me to the Insert Coin Arcade over at Flotsam Beach. If you've ever done the 7 Seas Fishing, I'm sure you've been over to Flotsam, but you might not have made your way into the arcade. It's incredibly cute, although old at this point, and done in kind of an 80s style. And yes, there are games you can play, such as Whack A Mole!

Whack It!

But the FUN thing about the arcade is that you can get a band of tickets to wear around your arm. And as you play games [Whack A Mole and Skee Ball are my favorites!], you can earn tickets, much like we used to do back in the day. Do kids still play games for tickets these days? Are there even arcades?? I don't have kids, so I don't know things.

Now if you're good, you can save up 100 tickets and get yourself a free game machine to take home. But I'm impatient and I always want to spend my tickets on cheap junk right away.

What to get?

Maybe one day I'll save up more than 10 tickets at a time. It would be fun to win a whole game machine. That would have been my DREAM as a kid!! Of course, I could just buy one [Whack A Mole is only $250L] but what's the fun in that? The games are $1L for each play, and I think I spent about $12L out there today. But it was a really fun way to spend half an hour. I bet it would be a great place for those of you who have family in SL to go and take the kids, or if you want to do a high school date night with your honey. I know I'll be going back at some point. :)

Day 68 - Insert Coin Arcade

Monday, March 26, 2012

Day 67 - Packing

Little by little, I've been packing up the furniture in our house in preparation of whenever we get our new one. It's boring work, but it's better I do it early rather than get all excited with our new house, throw all our furniture in my inventory without really sorting it, and not know where anything is later.

Day 67 - Packing

Ulaa is moving to a new mainstore location, so I got to see the new store she's building earlier today. It's awesome!! I know people are going to want it but she's not selling it. And I heard...well, you didn't hear it from ME....but I heard there might be a sale when she officially opens in the new place.

Since Al is under the weather tonight and sleeping, I think I'll take advantage and call it an early night.

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Day 66 - He was AFK!

Geez, at this rate, my one year project is going to take two years. :-p I'm blaming it on pure out and out laziness.

Aldwyn and I don't usually get to see each other until evening, but we found some time to hang out this afternoon. Of course, then he had to go AFK for a little bit and well...

Day 67 - He was AFK!!

One day, ONE DAY, building junk on top of people who are AFK will not be funny to me. Unfortunately for him, today was not that day!

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Day 65 - Firelight

I need to get back into the blogging groove. I have to post something to my style blog, the CHIC style guide, the SLuicide Girls blog, and I have to come up with something interesting for this blog! Oh, and I'm supposed to be throwing a party for the SL Bloggers group and with going out of town and all that, I haven't even thought about it! I've done the bloggers group party twice and it really has always been a great time, but it requires some planning and unfortunately it wasn't possible to do it in the past couple of weeks. Annnnd I should be unpacking and doing laundry.

So I should be doing all that stuff right now, right?


Day 65 - Firelight

Just gonna sit.

I'll get back to it. I just haven't had the desire since getting home.


Monday, March 19, 2012

Day 64 - Back To Normal!

Helloooo! Spring Break is over. :( I had a great time visiting family!! It rained like mad on the way home, but that's okay. We made it!

It was nice to get back into SL, though. I am not one of those "I'm soooo bored of SL! I haaaaate SL!" type of people, as you all know. I was totally excited to get back in! Aldwyn is back from his trip too, so we decided to head over to Mayfair to see what was shakin'. I'd seen all the posts over the weekend about how it was packed but really pretty, but you know how it is sometimes. You can't ALWAYS believe what folks say about a sim because they might be just kissing ass. But it was not the case this time! Mayfair is an exceptionally well done sim! I did pick up some demos at Celoe and Mon Tissu while we were there, but mostly it was just fun exploring the sim and finding things to sit on!

Day 64 - Back to normal

I am totally and utterly exhausted from all the traveling. Why is it that I almost always need a vacation to recover from my vacation??? Are you guys that way too? I think it's time for bed!

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Day 63 - Spring Break!

I keep telling people that I'm going on spring break. It's what it feels like to me!

Day 63 - Spring Break!

I'm still not completely packed and I need to be getting ready for bed in about an hour. I still haven't painted my nails, either. So I guess I should stop blogging and get this stuff done, huh? I'll talk to you guys again on Tuesday!! :)

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Day 62 - Goodbye snuggles

Just snuggling the man tonight. It's our last SL snuggle for a few days. I'll be in bed tomorrow before he has a chance to log in, probably, so we had to get our SLnuggles in tonight!

Day 62 - Goodbye Snuggles

Since it is our last SL night for a bit, that ends the blog post for today. :)

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Day 61 - FACE!

I should be doing some laundry right now. Or starting to pack since I'm leaving at 7am on Friday. But...taking a big close up of my face seemed WAY more fun.

Day 61 - FACE!

Of course, in the middle of posing and positioning my eyes and all that, I ended up with this shot.

Oh. Face.

Yeah. That happens.

So this morning, Gogo showed a pic from Flickr with my photo on it. It seems that whoever ilovethesims4855 is over on The Sims 3 website, has stolen a photo of me for her profile. I guess I should be flattered, but that picture is YEARS old!! I'm in a Free Speerit skin, for God's sake. LOL! I tried to contact whoever this person is, or maybe someone at EA, but you can't really do squat without registering and since I don't play Sims 3, that kind of ties my hands. I'd be more angry if it were my current avatar and not one from 2009.

I'm going to go back to whining on plurk that Aldwyn isn't online yet...even though it's at least 2 hours before he normally gets online. I like to whine!

Monday, March 12, 2012

Day 60 - At least I'm not eating cat food

Ugh, I know, I know. I'm getting late on posts for the project!! But I will blame it on watching Jersey Shore and My Strange Addiction. I may be late with posts, but at least I'm not eating cat food or trying to have sex with my car!!

Day 60 - At least I'm not eating cat food

My trip has been pushed back a day...or forward...well, in any case, I'm leaving Friday instead.

Oh! Did you guys know I got selected to be one of the new bloggers for the CHIC Style Guide bloggers?? So excited about that! That brings my current blogs up to five, but hey, I can do it. Especially since I don't blog in my RL blog all that often. This is just kind of awesome for me because I really wanted to kind of go to the "next" level of fashion blogging this year. Well, next level for me meaning not sucking so much and getting invited to a couple of events. LOL What can I say? I'm easy like that.

Aldwyn is on and actually has free time tonight, so I'm going to go make him go to FFL with me. Bye!

Friday, March 9, 2012

Day 59 - On the wall!!

So a few nights ago, Rainey Manx-Innovia [partner to Ikon Innovia, one of the better eyemakers in SL] asked if she could do my photo for IKON eyes, to stick on the wall and stuff. Naturally I said yes, because 1, I love IKON eyes, and 2, I'm fucking vain and love photos of myself. She did an amazing job on the photo! I'm using it as my profile pic now. Rainey told me that the picture would be their in the Fashion For Life store, and I thought it would just be a little picture on the side or something, maybe with some of the other girls that had their pics done, too.

So tonight I went to FFL [early blogger access for the WIN!!!] and I thought, "Oh, hey. I should go see my pic." Nothing prepared me for this!

Day 59 - On The Wall!!


Fashion For Life opens tomorrow, and IKON is on the Dreamseeker Zeit sim. There are SO MANY DESIGNERS out there too. I'm about to run back and start looking around again. I saw some great stuff and gacha machines too!

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Day 58 - Well, what did you expect?

A day late, a dollar short. Is that how the saying goes? In any case, I skipped yesterday because I was ass deep in sorting stuff out for some events I need to blog within the next couple of days, and as Aldwyn could tell you, our living room reflects it. It's totally totally a mess of boxes and bags in the house.

But, I took some time away from all that to hang out with Ulaa and Rylan this afternoon. That hardly ever happens because our schedules are a lot different and we're usually only able to really chat in private plurk. We decided to get nostalgic and headed to Gurl6 [I know, right? I'm forever surprised it is still open, too!] and we laughed at all the hairs that we remember so well. But just as we were wondering if anyone is still actually buying the hair there, this girl popped in.

Day 58 - Well what did you expect?

Well. That answers THAT question.

So speaking of skipping days in my little project here, I'll be skipping several this coming week. I'm finally able to go on a little vacation for a few days. I'm so happy to be getting away for a bit, I could scream. It's only for a little bit [Thursday - Sunday] but I'm excited. :) Only preparing for the trip requires some time since for the past few years, I've barely had the chance to REALLY buy any new clothes or shoes for myself. I might pick up a t-shirt or some flip flops if I see it on sale, but as you all know, a trip requires NICE clothes! And maybe new perfume. LOL Yeah, going all out!

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Day 57 - It's not Uncle Buck

Yeah, he thought the animation was funny until I swapped it!

Day 57 - It's not Uncle Buck

Long long busy day. Oh! But some of you have IMed me to ask about my puppysister. She's doing a LOT better and thank you guys so much for the offered prayers and good thoughts!! We had a big scare with her on Sunday but it turns out one of her pain meds was just TOO much for her. She is slowly starting to eat on her own again, which is a big deal because she went days with no food. I went over to see her and my parents today and she trotted right out the door to greet me just like she always did before. She's still a little unsteady on her feet as the big pain meds work their way out of her system, but she's on the road to recovery, thank God. I know that pets don't last forever, and little dogs like her only make it to 9 or 10, but at least we have a little more time with our girl.

Okay, my legs are positively aching, so I'm crawling into bed.

Monday, March 5, 2012

Day 56 - Rylan took our picture!

I'm cheating slightly today. Remember yesterday when Rylan took our picture? Here it is!

Day 56 - Rylan did our pic!

Isn't it gorgeous?? I love when others take my picture because then I get to see how I look to them. I already know how I look to me. LOL

I have a long day ahead of me tomorrow, so it's bedtime for me.

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Day 55 - The Photographer

Back when we were getting married, our close friend Rylan offered to take a couples photo for us as a wedding gift. I always appreciate fabulous photos, and Rylan is totally amazing at what she does. [See her Flickr??] But unfortunately, it's been like moving mountains to find a time when all 3 of us are online and able to do it. [She and I are in the same time zone but Al is two hours behind us.] Luckily tonight everything lined up and we were finally able to catch up with her!

Day 55 - The Photographer

I cannot wait until we get the finished picture!! I know it'll be fabulous because, unlike me, she actually takes time with her photos. I'm more of the Snap-PS-Done type of person.

You know, I'm so lucky that I have some awesome photographer friends in SL. I've never had to pay for a professional photo, I've always gotten them as gifts, or I've sat for photos because someone wanted to build their portfolio or wanted to try out their Photoshopping skills. Believe me, I am totally grateful for them because I do so love awesome pics of my avatar!

Okay, I'm yawning up a storm now. Time for bed.

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Day 54 - Weighing In

Whoops! Forgot to post yesterday. Well, okay, I REMEMBERED, but by the time I remembered, I was in bed and sleep > blogging sometimes.

So for the past couple of weeks I've had this scale out in the middle of our living room floor. And I keep getting asked, "OMG, are you weighing your avatar????" Well, yes, I am. But not in the way you think.

Day 54 - Weighing In

This is my nifty little script & memory use scale counter. You can buy it on the marketplace for just $3L. [Or ask me for one. They're full perm.] I use it before I go to any events to make sure I'm not going to lag both the sim and myself out.

You'd be surprised how much lag YOU cause all by yourself. With AOs, radar tools, game HUDs, scripts in hair, jewelry, clothes, etc, you can really cause a lot of lag. You always hear the Lag Police out at events screaming for everyone to get naked, but what they should say is to take off all your scripted attachments. You can pretend that walking stark naked out into an event is reducing lag, but if you're strutting in with your Chica Boom AO, MystiTool, Tiny Empires HUD, bracelet with a resizer script in each prim, and your hair with a color change hat - well, you might as well put your dress back on.

Btw, the new update to the MystiTool is awesome! It's FAR less scripty than it used to be! I can wear it and my AO and still be totally under the acceptable weight limit. Of course, if I'm going out to an event, I still take pretty much everything off to at least try to reduce the lag on MY side.

Except my clothes. Because, you know. There's a time and a place for that.

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Day 53 - Bad housekeeper

The more bored I grow of our house [we're had it for months, and I have Home ADD or something], the less I keep up with the housekeeping.

Day 53 - Bad housekeeper

If Aldwyn ever divorces me, it's going to be for some girl who knows how to pick up after herself.

Day 52 - Webcams and Pimps

Fun night tonight! Unfortunately, I couldn't get pics of the most fun part of the evening because I attempt to keep this blog safe for work viewing, and it involved some pretty graphic scenes since a bunch of us went to Webcam Wednesday at a dirty sim. As much as we were laughing and snarking on the people, we agreed that they had MUCH more courage than us because we'd never have the guts to get on webcam in a public place and show off the way these folks did. Of course, a couple of them should have maybe thought about taking better care of their skin before getting on webcam, but that's just my thought.

Since the Festival of Sin closes on Sunday and I hadn't been yet, we gathered over there for a bit. There was a guy dressed like a "pimp" just kind of standing in front of Ruby's store. So naturally I had to go and dance behind him because that's what I do.

Day 52 - Webcams and Pimps

It took him like 4 tries, but finally he got out what he wanted to say.

"get lost kid"

Indeed! I told him I wasn't a kid and he said he was thinking about buying the sim, or "hellhole," as he put it. Ruby hopped over to ask him about it [we knew he didn't plan on buying the sim as it appeared that he could not even afford real shoes] and I talked to a guy who had prim pubes. Well, not that it was much of a conversation. All I got out of it was that he's from San Antonio. Then he wandered off. Guess the correct reply to "What are you into?" is not "Hanging out and having fun." Oh well. No new friend for me.

But going back to the "pimp" for a moment - Okay, so maybe some of you who are newer to SL can enlighten me. You guys start out with stuff. Shoes, clothes, hair, etc. And while it's not all perfect stuff, most of it is pretty decent. So why is it that a lot of new residents end up basically wearing junk? You know what shoes look like. Why walk around in basically just a shoe base? Or in a skin that doesn't look even half as nice as one from your Library? I don't understand. Fill me in!!