Thursday, May 31, 2012

Day 105 - Spoiled

I'll be the first to admit that I can be pretty spoiled. Probably more so in SL than in my outside life, but it is easier here, isn't it? A shopping spree for new clothes can cost less than $20 USD. A whole furniture set is less than the cost of a McDonald's combo meal. My inventory is definitely proof that I am very very well taken care of in SL. And my adorable SL husband can rub my feet for hours without even complaining about it. Pretty nice!

Day 105 - Spoiled

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Day 104 - I Want It That Way

Yeah, I was listening to Backstreet Boys when I was doing my pic. What?

I've been thinking about what to do with the rest of our parcel for a while. I thought maybe I'd just stick another one of Ulaa's houses down and decorate it, but instead I got the idea today to make a kind of "camp" site out there. I'm not done with it, but I'm starting to really like it.

Day 104 - I Want It That Way

I was chatting with Rylan earlier today and we were talking about immersion in SL. As most people know, she and her husband Sixx had a baby last year. I'm sure some people thought she was just doing it to get some blog posts out of it, but it really wasn't like that. So we were discussing how we set up these houses and yet no one ever really comes over, and if they do, they don't come over to just sit down in our living rooms or have a prim meal in our dining rooms. We see the more active SL families doing things like that and we LIKE that sort of thing, although we don't do it.

Really, I think want more immersion in SL. I enjoy my SL greatly and am extremely happy, but I think I could really enjoy it even MORE than I do now by doing more...I don't know how to put it, exactly. I don't want to say roleplaying, but I guess that would be the easiest way to describe it?

All I know is that I want what I want. Is that so wrong? :-p

Monday, May 28, 2012

Day 103 - Love Our House

I kept meaning and meaning to get out a blog post with our new home all styled up and pretty for the H&G Expo post that I wrote in my head. Hopefully the creators who were kind enough to give me stuff don't mind if I just show it off later in the style blog. I just kind of overextended myself this time around. Of course, I don't know why I'm surprised. I do it every year. I get SO FLIPPIN EXCITED for all these events, and then I suck at blogging them. But I'm not an every day blogger for my style blog. I blog what I like when I manage to get an idea together. Sometimes that just doesn't coincide with when an event is happening. Plus I feel like the expo was REALLY short!! I never did get to see the entire expo. :(

Ulaa made this really gorgeous house for the expo and I'm sure it'll be available in her store tomorrow or something. I am going to do a proper style blog post on it soon, but tonight I just took a couple of shots while we were hanging out. I've been landscaping a little bit.

Day 103 - Love Our House

Back Side

I really do adore this house. I adore it more as I get it decorated. Being that it's bigger, I definitely have to take a different approach to decorating. With a smaller house, it's super easy to just cram it full of stuff and call it a day. With this house, there always seems to be a space that I need to fill. Right now I'm on the hunt for the perfect hutch or china cabinet for the dining area.

I'm sleepy now.

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Day 102 - Let's Chat

Good morning, kids! Let's have a chat for a sec.

Day 102 - Let's Chat

We're coming into the summer season [at least for some of us] and as such, I've already started to see people saying, "My sales are down!" This is very common in the summer, but usually doesn't happen until about mid-summer or so when folks are out and taking vacations and saving up for the upcoming school year and all that jazz.

Do you remember us discussing back in February why you may not be getting sales or being blogged? There was actually a whole big list of things that I had, but I had done just a little condensed version then. So as the whole "I'm not getting sales!" thing seems to be coming up again, let me tell you another reason why you might not be selling anything. [Provided that your stuff is actually good and not crap like we discussed in February.]

Please remember that this is all opinion, so don't be all butthurt about it. :)

Are you a creator who uses a social media forum such as Plurk, or Facebook, or even SL Universe? Yes? Then you MUST start watching what you say!!!

I know, I know. Creators are people just like anyone else and they should be allowed to say what they want. And I agree - up to a point. But let's face it. Most people don't like supporting creators who have been huge jerks to them or to their friends. Also, if you're the person with the constant crisis, the neverending litany of excuses as to why your life sucks, the almost monthly "threats" that you're going to close your store if you don't start making sales, that could be the reason why no one is shopping you. People will help out once or twice to give you a boost, but after a while it's a bit annoying and quite damaging to your brand.

I'm also going to extend this to your CSRs. If you have someone who promotes your brand, you need to make sure they're not out there throwing shade and being disliked. That reflects poorly on you! How many times have you had really awful service somewhere, like a restaurant, and so you stopped going? It's almost the same thing. Even if your CSRs service is impeccable, if they're out there being a raging nutcase on Facebook or Plurk, people will remember and be less likely to shop you.

Now I'm not saying you have to be Susie or Stevie Sunshine all the time. People want to know the person behind the product. We all have bad days here and there. If you don't depend on your sales for more than just extra spending money in SL, then it probably doesn't matter. But if you DO use your SL money in the outside world, if you cash out, if you use it to pay for your sims - just think before you type once in a while.

And that's my opinionated post for the month. :-p

Friday, May 25, 2012

Day 101 - Party!

Tonight I DJed for a surprise rez day party for my friend Lourdes!

Day 101 - Party!

I think the last time I DJed was actually for her wedding. I really really need to DJ more often! I forget how much I enjoy it until I do it again. I'm not interested in working in a club on a regular basis [plus my life doesn't quite allow for me to be stuck to a schedule] but I could start throwing parties again every once in a while.

Most massive headache tonight, so I'm off to bed.

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Day 100 - Well finally!

Well FINALLY I made it to day 100 of the 365 day project! Good grief. If I'd done this properly, I'd have hit it in April sometime.

Day 100 - Well finally

Hopefully I can get more in the groove of doing this the way I'm supposed to!

It's late and I'm really tired. I think it's time to curl up in bed with a movie until I fall asleep.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Day 99 - It's a wonder he doesn't smack me more often

Are you ready for the rest of the boyfriend tag thing we did yesterday? SURE YOU ARE! And I took a pic by myself because he's not usually in world during the day because he has 3 jobs like he's crazy or something.

I like this picture, although it has nothingggg to do with this post. Other than to show that I'm cute, I guess. :-p

Day 99 - It's a wonder he doesn't smack me more often

Alicia : Name 3 things I'm good at.
Aldwyn : Only 3?
Alicia : :-D
Aldwyn : Amazing decorator, fantastic writer, snappy dresser, Excellent DJ, and the best wife a man could have
Aldwyn : (I couldn't stop at just 3)
Alicia : Awwww!
Alicia : What do we argue about the most?
Alicia : Uh...nothing?
Aldwyn : ikr?
Alicia : We're really boring. LOL
Aldwyn : damn right!
[I don't think he was supposed to agree like that.]
Alicia : Oh. Now we'll fight.
Alicia : Do I have PMS?
Aldwyn : yes, but I can always tell, so it doesn't cause any fights
Alicia : Smart!
Alicia : Who wears the pants in the relationship?
Aldwyn : I tried wearing the skirts, but I don't have the legs for it. So i do...and SL is a better place for it
Alicia : LOL!!
[We all know I'm the boss, though.]
Alicia : I'm skipping some questions because we don't go out to eat. lol
Alicia : What is my favorite kind of music?
Aldwyn : Mushy
Alicia : Hey! LOL
Alicia : I like ... well okay.
Alicia : Is there something I do that you wish I didn't do?
Alicia : And you can't say "Ask stupid questions."
Aldwyn : Ask
[I did a growly gesture here, so I'm pretty sure in his mind he thought "Use stupid gestures."]
Aldwyn : honestly, nothing comes to mind
Alicia : Because I"m totally perfect??
Aldwyn : Of Course! I have awesome taste!
Alicia : We're lucky we're together. No one else would want us. LMAO
Aldwyn : totes
Alicia : What kind of cake would you bake me on my birthday?
Aldwyn : a birthday cake
Alicia : LMAO
Alicia : Smart ass.
Aldwyn : you said I had to answer honestly
Alicia Chenaux-Zanzibar shakes her head.
Alicia : Okay, last question.
Alicia : What can I spend hours doing?
Aldwyn : cleaning inventory, decorating, finding that ONE top for the outfit you want to blog, and listening to me bitch about stupid people
Alicia : You know me well!

We were on Skype while we were doing this and he kept making remarks that I SHOULD have written down. I'm so lucky he humors me otherwise I'd probably be getting smacked in the mouth a lot more.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Day 98 - Tagging

So I don't know if you guys have see it on YouTube, but there's this thing going around called The Boyfriend Tag. Basically you and your man sit around and answer questions. Mostly about you [if you're the girlfriend] but sometimes about each other. I told Aldwyn we were going to play it tonight.

See how happy I look?

Day 98 - Tagging

Alicia: You have to answer honestly or it doesn't work. :-p
Alicia: Okay. Where did we meet?
Aldwyn: Right here on bluebonnet, at one of your famous Ch'know parties
Alicia: Yay! You win! LOL
Alicia: What was our first date?
Aldwyn: I think it was me dragging you over to hang out on my island,
Alicia: That was a date?
Aldwyn: yeah, couldn't you tell? *facepalm
Alicia Chenaux-Zanzibar sighs.
Alicia: What was your first impression of me?
Aldwyn: Well, I definitely loved the voice, since you were DJ'in the parties all the time. But honestly you were somewhat of a mystery to me, which is what made it interesting
Alicia: Yay me!
Alicia: The next question asks when you met my family but you knew them all before we started dating so I don't think that question is valid.
Aldwyn : yeah, probably not
Alicia : Question 6 is "Weird habit of each other?" I don't have any weird habits, do I?
Aldwyn Zanzibar ponders
Aldwyn : none come to mind
Alicia : Yay! I win again!
Aldwyn Zanzibar wonders if this game is rigged
Alicia : No way. :-D
Aldwyn : mmmhmmm
Alicia : How long have we been together? :-D
Aldwyn : Officially it's 1 year, 11 months, and ....24 days
Aldwyn : give or take a week
Alicia : LMAO! Awesome!
Alicia : Do we have any traditions?
Aldwyn : you mean besides going and judging everybodies avatars?
Alicia : \o/
Aldwyn : and decorating a new house every other week?
Alicia : \o/ x2
Aldwyn : i would say traditions...:P
Alicia : We suck. We need some.
Alicia : The next question is for me to answer. "What pisses him off?" And I'd say... stupid people. And people who don't like me. :-D
Aldwyn : I WIN! :P
Alicia : "Favorite feature about each other?"
Alicia : I'd say...the fact that you're all kinds of normal.
Alicia : Oh, and that you let me call you old.
Aldwyn : lol....right
Alicia : And your av is hot.
Aldwyn : I love how we can just be with each other, and not feel like we have to entertain each other.
Alicia : Because I'm not entertaining? :(
Aldwyn : o.O
Alicia : WAH
Aldwyn : I am not gonna win this one, am I?
Alicia : Just say I'm pretty.
Aldwyn : You're VERY pretty!
Alicia : Woot!

Stay tuned for the exciting conclusion tomorrow!!

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Day 97 - Sittin Summer Pretty

Good grief, has it really been since Saturday since I've posted? Blah! LOL Things here have been a little crazier than usual, so that's my only excuse.

Ulaa had us come by tonight so she could do some vendor shots for one of the things she is going to have out at the Home & Garden Expo that starts on Saturday. I figured I might as well take a few pics too since we were all out there.

Day 97 - Sittin Summer Pretty

Of course, then I took copies of everything that wasn't nailed down because I always go shopping in her store and on her land. :-p

It's been a long day, so I'm off to bed. Tomorrow has to be a big SL day for me because I'm behind in the style blog and because I HAVE to get our new house decorated enough to do photos of to blog for the H&G Expo. I don't mind, though. After the past week, a day to just hang out in SL will be welcome!!

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Day 96 - Under The Sea

I was out shopping earlier this evening when SL had a...I don't know, exactly. A hiccup? A blurp? Whatever the reason, I was shipped off to an adult infohub instead of going home. Why an "adult" one, I wonder? Why not simply a mature rated one, or a PG one? Just because I'm adult verified in SL doesn't mean that I want to actually go to that many "adult" places, you know. So once I realized where I was, I tried to TP out, but somehow ended up at the bottom of the sim.

Day 96 - Under The Sea

The things you find under the sea.

One of my long time Bluebonnet residents has decided to leave [sadface!] so now I have a parcel open! It is, of course, residential only. 5088sqm, 1164 prims. It's a corner lot. The island is rarely laggy and it's quiet because we're not exactly all into getting up in anyone's face. Mostly. If you're interested, please feel free to contact me in world and I'd be happy to show it to you. :)

Friday, May 11, 2012

Day 95 - The only way to come home

Sometimes when I'm changing clothes or sorting inventory or what have you, I end up looking nuts. USUALLY I change into something cute before Aldwyn gets home, but once in a while, he catches me.

Day 95 - The only way to come home

What? You don't dance in your house in underwear, wellies, and sunglasses?

But it's all good. Aldwyn says he could come home to that every day of his SLife and be happy. Yay!

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Day 94 - Another new house!

I almost feel sorry for Aldwyn sometimes. He never knows when he's going to log in and we're living in a completely new house. Yes, while Ulaa DID make a really amazing house for Culture Shock [which is still going on!], she's made an even BIGGER MORE AMAZING house for the upcoming Home & Garden Expo!!

Day 94 - Another new house

If you've been to her store in the past couple of weeks, you have seen this build, kind of. She never intended for her store build to be a house. It was just something she whipped up just to be a store. But SO MANY PEOPLE [including me!] said that they really wanted it as a house! She resisted for a while because the build is really pretty large, but since H&G Expo is the time to go buckwild and bring out your most fabulous items, she converted the store build into a house build! And it is fantastic! It even has an ATTIC. That is going to be my space where I can open all my boxes and stuff so I quit littering up the rest of the house & Aldwyn doesn't have to pop me in my mouth. :-p

The house is so big, though, that it's going to take me ages to really get it decorated the way that I want. I MIGHT even need more furniture. Because as you know, you can never have enough furniture and home decor items. Not to mention that I think SL ate a few of my things - like a bed that I really wanted to use in our bedroom! Either SL ate it, or I mistakenly deleted it in my big inventory cleaning spree last week, it's hard to say.

I started a bit on the living room. While it's not BAD, I don't think I'm really super happy with it. But then again, I was distracted.

Starting on the living room

Since I think it's going to be a rainy Friday, I'll probably settle in for some all day SL fun and try to knock out a few rooms. I really want this to be decorated fully before the Expo so I can blog it for opening day. Plus, I'm just happier when we're settled into a house that's all done. :)

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Day 93 - Now That I've Found You

So if you don't keep up with the SL grid status page, and you should at least glance at it once in a while, we're due some big maintenance in the evenings for the NEXT THREE DAYS. Dios, what are they doing over there? Transferring the hamsters who can no longer run on the wheels? :-p [Just kidding, LL. Don't hit me.]

But I don't mind really. It gives Aldwyn and me some much needed time at home where we can just sit. Um...not that that's ALL that different from usual, but I'm normally opening boxes or trying to take blog pics or moving furniture around. It's kind of like having an almost forced vacation from the normal nightly stuff, you know?

Day 93 - Now That I've Found You

I guess we should get used to this hammock. We'll probably be on it for the next couple of nights too. :-p You know, I'm totally down with LL trying to fix stuff, but it would be really nice to know WHAT they're fixing and what we can expect to be better. But I guess we'll just have to have faith that whatever it is, it'll be good for all of us.

Oh, the title of today's post comes from a song that I reeeeeeally like lately. I think I've played it about a million times in the past month or so. Love love love. :)

Monday, May 7, 2012

Day 92 - Glare

I'm not a morning person. At all. I tend to not feel RIGHT until about mid-afternoon or so. So if I wake up and am immediately annoyed, it sometimes lasts the rest of the day. Unfortunately, today was one of those days. From glaring at the cat for walking on me to glaring at the man at the grocery store who felt the need to get close to me and breathe on me, I've been glaring all day.

Day 92 - Glare

Luckily, tomorrow is another day.

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Day 91 - The Face

So earlier today I noticed something while browsing through Flickr and it is something that's bothered me for a while. I mentioned it on Plurk and to my surprise, some people agreed with me. See if you can tell the difference between these two pics.

Day 91 - The Face

The face, right?

See, this bothers me. When someone uses a more action type pose, I feel like they should try to adjust their face more to show more expression. I mean, that pose is called "Jump for joy" and the expression in the first picture makes it look more like "Jump for nothing much, really, because life sucks and who cares anyway."

The easiest way to put a little more expression in your face is by using an Emoter HUD [Or if you use the Mystitool, there's an emote thingy in it]. But if you don't want to use a BIG laugh like I am in the second picture, you can do what I sometimes do and click on the emote you want, then unclick it and try to catch your face as it goes back to normal.

Or, if you're even slightly handy with Photoshop, you can do an emote, like a smile, and take the picture. Then take a picture with your face normal. Cut out your smile in PS and move it to the normal pic and line it up. Sometimes you get a better look than the squinty face smile. I usually then use liquify to push my cheeks up a little just to make it slightly more real.

Sometimes I even use makeups to give my face a little more expression, like eye shadows or teeth layers.

Expressions are your friends. Try it! Sometimes it takes your picture from Blah to Yay!

Friday, May 4, 2012

Day 90 - Whew

I'm so tired! I don't want to sound like "Oh, poor little blogger" or anything, but since I've been trying to cover more events and do a little more with the style blog, I don't always get a chance to post here. Or I think that I have and get confused. That happens! :)

Day 90 - Whew

And as I started this post an hour ago and have been totally distracted by everything in the world, obviously I didn't feel like writing.