Saturday, July 28, 2012

Day 124 - Old School Date Night

It's rare that Aldwyn and I have more than an hour or so to spend together in world these days. He works 90823409 jobs, and I've been going to bed at a decent time, so our time together is pretty limited. But last night we actually had a whole evening together! We decided to go on an old school SL date night.

Of course, you can't go out without having dinner. I wanted to go to a restaurant. HE wanted to just order pizza. So I just ended up cooking burgers and onion rings.


I think he was making sure my burger wasn't bigger than his!

I cook good

I dunno WHAT was in those burgers, but man, I just felt like dancing! He wasn't quite as amused. There really were onion rings all over the kitchen.

See his beat down look?

We decided for the first old school part of our date, we'd go skydiving! For those of you who are newer to SL, skydiving used to be a BIG thing. I don't exactly remember why, but it was.

Aw Yeah 2006 Skydiving

Of course, we had to use the old school parachutes and...well...

This will not end well

Pretty sure that's not going to end well.

We decided after that to go dancing, as that is the ultimate SL date thing to do. A long time ago, back before we knew each other, we used to both go to The Blue Note. It's a very old club, and really hasn't changed much in the past 5 years that I can tell.

The Blue Note

After that, we decided to explore a bit and ended up at two places.


The bakery

I can not fly this thing

I will water you!
[Yes, I was trying to water this noob.]

And Abduction Alley.

Abduction Alley

Not without my bread

We ended the evening by listening to FrankLee Anatra, a live singer. Now I am NOT the biggest fan of live music in SL, at all, but I was very pleasantly surprised by Frank!

Day 124 - Old School Date Night

He sang all songs that I really liked and his voice was very very good!! I'm really happy that we happened to stumble upon one of his performances, and we will definitely be back!

And THAT'S how you date in SL! :-p

Or that's how you waste time giggling and laughing for a few hours. Either way, it was really fun!

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Hey, creepers.

I know, I don't usually do random out of the blue non-365 day project posts anymore. But I was sitting here and I thought, "You know, I haven't checked my analytics in a while. I wonder what search terms people are using to end up on my blog." And you know what I found out?

Some of you are kinda creepers. :-p

Let's get a few things straight, okay?

I don't know a thing about "clit pumps," or "clit pumping." I also have no knowledge of "clitless girls," although that sounds like a pretty bad fate!

For the girl who needed a quote to let the guy she likes know that she's more than a rebound girl? Try this:

"Hey, I'm more than just a rebound girl."

Guys aren't that hard to read, and most of them don't give a flip about some supposedly deep quote you found on the internet!

I don't have any naked pictures of Holly Madison, I don't know who porn star Emma Heart is, and I don't know what Jef Holm's penis size is. [Although, if I had to guess, I'd guess about 7.5 inches because he just seems like that type.]

I don't think ass cracks are sexy, and no, I won't show you my boobs if you show me your penis. It's not worth it!

I'm not a fan of Cloud Party, I don't hump pillows, and I don't have a pic of Superman's penis.

To the person who doesn't know what shade of blue to paint their bedroom, I would suggest a lovely light blue. Too dark and the room will look smaller.

So there you go! Thanks for stopping by my blog and all, but if you're looking for clits & penises...probably best to keep moving on. :)

Day 123 - A Royal Affair

I don't get a chance to dress up a lot. I don't really go out a lot, at least not to formal places, so most of my ball gowns just sit in my inventory unused. But tonight I'm DJing for little Peyton Oleander's birthday party, and it's a royal theme. I finally get to pull out some of my lovely gowns! And since it's a themed party, I needed to make a new photo for my tip board, so I figured I might as well make it my pic of the day. :)

Day 123 - A Royal Affair

Speaking of parties, I think we're going to throw a little get together tomorrow evening. Aldwyn feels like DJing again in SL so we'll probably just be out in our park again, or maybe up in the fun skybox to play Greedy or trivia. We haven't really decided.

And then Saturday evening, I think I'm DJing for the grand re-opening of Funky Junk since Ulaa just moved to a new location. I hear...I hear there might be a little sale if there is a party. ;)

Much to do before tonight, so I'm off!

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Day 122 - Total Thug

I'm totally hardcore and stuff like that. See? Thug Life!

Day 122 - Total Thug

Pretty sure my gang would be like, the Pink Ladies or something. Complete with jackets and songs! I'm not too pure to be pink!

Ulaa has me working tonight, so I have to cut this short. Slavedriver, yo. Slavedriver.

Oh, but I was playing around in PS earlier with a pic I took. I think it came out pretty, but it also looks like I'm topless, which I totally am not. I've been trying to fix my face lately. I don't know what my problem is, but I know I'm not completely happy with it recently. I suffer from the "Everyone is prettier than me!" syndrome. I dunno. Anyway, here's the pic. :) I need to go!

Moonlit Night

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Day 121 - A Night Out

I'll be the first to admit that I don't get out much in SL. Despite how I might seem in my blog, I'm fairly shy, and unless someone just drags me out, I rarely go anywhere unless I absolutely HAVE to. I know, it sucks! I wasn't always like this. I don't know what's changed.

But, tonight I headed out to hear my friend Lolita DJing. She has only recently started doing it, and she's pretty good! It was even more fun when Ulaa and Aldwyn were able to join me. I always feel a little more comfortable with family, even though I was having fun already! :)

Day 121 - A night out

I really should get out more often and quit hiding out on Bluebonnet for no good reason. Maybe I'll just start going out all the time to all the parties!

Speaking of which, we MIGHT be doing a party on Bluebonnet next Friday. I'll definitely let you all know ahead of time if we do. :)

Monday, July 16, 2012

Day 120 - Are you, Are you coming to the tree?

Are you, Are you
Coming to the tree
Where I told you to run, so we'd both be free
Strange things did happen here
No stranger would it be
If we met up at midnight in the hanging tree.

-The Hunger Games Trilogy: Mockingjay-

Well, it's not a hanging tree, but it is a bottle tree!

Day 120 - Are you, are you coming to the tree

Bottle trees are more a southern thing. You have one in your yard to trap evil spirits to prevent them from coming into your house. Traditionally, they're blue bottles [to keep the blues away!!], but multicolored works, too. There's even one called a Texas Bluebonnet that has green and blue bottles! I got this tree from B&B Spiritual Supplies, and they had a bunch of different ones, but not the bluebonnet one. :( This tree is mod, though, so I might go and fix it to be a bluebonnet tree!

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Day 119 - It's been kind of dark around here.

I've been in a little bit of a personal SL funk the past few days. Nothing bad has particularly happened, but I needed to spend some time thinking something over. Combine that with the weekend, some gray humid days, some tough workouts, and a night of drinking and well...writing too much was removed from my mind. Plus, I haven't had the time to be in SL outside of just putting some style blog pics together. But I figured out what I needed to in my head, I realized that I can't drink like I'm 21 anymore [and don't want to], and the sun is out again. Thank God, because it sure has been dark around here lately.

Day 119 - It's been kind of dark around here

Friday, July 6, 2012

Day 118 - It's a root beer day

When I was younger, root beer was a treat. Coke wasn't, for some reason. We always had Coke. My dad didn't like alcohol, or cigarettes, but Coke? Totally addicted. But we almost never had root beer in the house. When we would pile into the old station wagon and go to Sonic, I'd almost always get a root beer because the flavor was happy to me. All bright and spicy and delicious. Sometimes, if things were going badly at home, my mom would say "I need a root beer float!" and we'd rush off to the store to buy root beer and vanilla ice cream.

I was having kind of a bad day today. Not bad in the "OMG SOMETHING HAPPENED" sense. I'm just very tired and down. But I had a can of root beer on the counter. Diet, of course, but still it's root beer. I think it's helping.

Day 118 - It's a root beer day

Most of you know about the Curio vs Hush thing. I won't get into specifics because, quite frankly, I'd be talking out of my ass. Salome has a much better post about it. I believe that Gala has been done wrong and that Hush skins should definitely not be on the grid, but that's my opinion.

I wore Lustre from Curio for a long time. I'm not a skin whore, really. Once I find a skin that is pretty and that I feel is me, I tend to stick with it for a while. Of course, once I move on, I rarely put the old one back on, so it was kind of nice to see it out again today. It's not me anymore, but I had a lot of good memories in this skin.

There is a fundraiser coming up for Gala since the kind of court case she has to go through to get her business back in SL is very costly. [$20,000 USD costly.] I think it starts on the 11th, but don't quote me on that, and will be held at Truth District. Even if you don't care about Gala, or about court cases, or even about skins, I think it'll be worth hitting up just because of the designers contributing to it. Everyone likes nice stuff, am I right?

Of course, I guess if you really don't care about any of this, you could always just go have a root beer and relax. :)

Monday, July 2, 2012

Day 117 - Will there be probes?

So I was attempting to find a pretty pose and a pretty windlight setting for today's picture. I snapped a few and then went into photoshop. But then? I started laughing. A LOT.

Day 117 - Will there be probes?

Can you see it? Through the trees behind me?

There's a spaceship on Bluebonnet. I don't know... I just don't know.

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Day 116 - 4th on the 1st

Tonight I DJed for the Oleanders' 4th of July lake party! It was super fun!!

Day 116 - 4th on the 1st

There were water raft races...

Water Races



It was my first time being around a bunch of child avatars in SL, and it really was kind of refreshing! I realize that every community in SL has its own kind of drama, and the family community isn't much different than the fashion community in that way, but these people were just having such a good time and lots of fun. They were out there being goofy and laughing, not being a hermit or anything. It was really fun. :) Don't get any ideas, though. We're not going to be parents any time soon. As much fun as it seems to be to be in a family like that, neither one of us has the time to devote to that kind of roleplay.

Oh, but you know the funniest part? There were a LOT of men at this party!! I'm so used to our parties where there's 2-3 guys at most, and then a whole bunch of girls. It was kind of cool to see a bunch of dads and uncles bringing these kids to the party.

After a really great Sunday, it's time for bed!