Sunday, September 29, 2013

Day 277 - Whatever Gets You Through Today

I meant to post last night, but I was feeling pretty sickly. Friday, I took my parents so we could all get our annual flu shot. I always get a little sick afterwards for a day or two, so it was not a surprise that I was feeling pretty off yesterday. I'd way rather put up with feeling a little sick for a day and be covered than not do it and get the flu! Especially since we have so many friends with school age children. Although, the shot really isn't just for me. When you have senior citizens in your life, you learn to take precautions for their safety, too. :)

So last night was a quiet night for me in SL. After the Home Tour, I was a little bit at a loss over what to do because I've always had a room to decorate or something. I decided our living room needed some autumning up [it's a word now!], so I painted and switched out some furniture and at one point moved the entire house to the side and then had a mini heart attack. [It fixed easily, thank God!]

But of course my favorite part of my SL day is when my hubs comes home and asks.... "Is this new?" LOL!

Day 277 - Whatever Gets You Through Today

In other news, have you heard about the date auction at The Pixel Bean? There are lots of people who have panels up, including me and my sister Lolita! Some people are offering lessons in mesh making, some are offering to landscape for you, and I'm sure there are some real dates. :) If you win me, you get some time to hang out with me [and probably some of my family] for some friendly fun. We can go shopping, or exploring, or play games. I'll also take pictures and blog about our time together. I don't have any skills to teach you, unless you want to learn how to accidentally move your house halfway across the sim because you forgot to lock it. *snickers* Or, if you just want someone to sit with you and chat, we can do that too. But I promise you that we'll have fun no matter what, and maybe we'll end up good friends. :)

My nose is trying to kill me today, so I think it's time for allergy meds and tea.

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Day 276 - But we won't look at the shark parts!

Some of my favorite times are when we have movie night with the family. :) Tonight's movie is Swiss Family Robinson. It's super old [like older than Aldwyn even!] but I've never seen it.

Of course, then you have stuff like this said during it...

[20:36] Alicia Chenaux-Zanzibar: wait... how long have they been on this island now?
[20:36] ℳŕ Takeo Oleander: 37 minutes

[20:39] Alicia Chenaux-Zanzibar: Oh c'mon, Francis!!
[20:39] Abby Snowfield: ehehe
[20:40] Abby Snowfield: ostrich
[20:40] ℳŕ Takeo Oleander: Im kinda hopin he gets eaten
[20:40] ℳŕ Takeo Oleander: whos with me?

[20:44] Abby Snowfield: she is tryin to say they all die virgins
[20:44] Alicia Chenaux-Zanzibar: lmao!!!

[20:48] Aldwyn Zanzibar: uh oh, seems like a brokeback moment
[20:48] Abby Snowfield: lmao!
[20:48] Abby Snowfield: lols.
[20:48] Alicia Chenaux-Zanzibar face palms.
[20:48] ℳŕ Takeo Oleander: uh oh lol
[20:48] Abby Snowfield: ✦✧HaHaHa✦✧
[20:48] Abby Snowfield: dies
[20:49] Alicia Chenaux-Zanzibar: only my family would make a disney movie dirty.

At least we look good. LOL

Day 276 - But we won't look at the shark parts

Day 275 - Falling Leaves

Quiet night tonight. Now that our house really is decorated, I'm kind of at a loss as to what to do. *laughs* For the longest time, I kept saying "I need to decorate!" and it always gave me something to do OR a reason to procrastinate. But mostly tonight I stood around until Aldwyn got home. I guess I could have bothered the family to see what they were doing, but I'm still pretty bad about that. :-p And I think we're all just enjoying being back in our homes after hiding out during the home tour!

After Aldwyn went to bed, I realized our party area was still up, so I went to dismantle it. But then I wondered what would be done in that area. Usually it stays kind of empty, but I already have trees set up. So I think tomorrow I'll decide what should go in that area. Maybe a camp site? We did a camping party theme one year, maybe it's time to revisit it.

While I was in the area, I decided to take a new profile picture. I'm going more reddish/brownish for the autumn season, hair wise. Well, probably. Today, yes. :)

Day 275 - Falling Leaves

By the way, since I'm such crap at blogging my own stuff, I made candy corn nail polish for the SLink nails, which you can see in my picture. Actually, I made 3 colors to simulate that autumn mix candy. If you want to buy it, I threw the polish up on marketplace, and it's only $50L. They're not the best polishes ever, but I think they're pretty cute. :)

I guess I should get to bed. I've been yawning like crazy for a while and I have things to do tomorrow. Goodnight!

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Day 274 - Just A Little Shopping

It's been really fun going to different houses on the Home Tour this weekend! Everyone has such a lovely and unique style of decorating. And I've gotten some really great comments on our home, which makes me happy. :) But I'll admit, I won't be sorry for the tour to be over. I love having people over, but I miss just being able to stand around at home or being able to just sit with my family in the house without wondering if someone is going to come all up into the house.

I wonder if this is what it's like to live at The White House. *gigglesnorts*

Although they come over whenever, my sister and brother in law stopped over at the house today and he told me he reclaimed his stolen Twinkies!!

"No problem!" I thought. "I'll just go get more!"

So while they were out touring, I snuck over to their house...

Day 274 - Just A Little Shopping

By the way, I don't even actually LIKE Twinkies.

Shhh...let's not tell him, though.

Friday, September 20, 2013

Day 273 - If You Were Here

I mentioned over the weekend that I'm participating in the home tour that Tymmerie has organized for this coming weekend. I kinda ran around tonight [well, ran, lagged, and crashed around] trying to put the last touches on the house. I'm happy with it. It's OUR home. It's where we like to be and where our family and friends come over to hang out sometimes and it's not this totally perfect, magazine ready home. I think that's what's been bothering me the most. Someone's going to come into our home and be like, "Oh. Well, this isn't good." I can't stop someone from thinking that, of course, but you know... I'd rather it not happen. LOL

But, there's not much more about it I can do. I like our home. Aldwyn likes our home. We're the ones that live there. So to those participating in the tour and coming over... I promise I won't judge your house if you don't judge mine! :)

Since this will be going on all weekend, I decided to set my home position up in the sky for a bit. Not that I'm going to just hide out there all weekend. I'm sure I'll come down to say hi to folks. But I still have things to do and I'd hate to be half naked when someone comes into the house. Welcome to my home...and my boobs!

I've had Barneworth's C88 house rezzed out on my platform for a while, so it seemed like a good place to set my home spot. And What Next has some awesome rocking chairs for Fifty Linden Friday this week, so I'll sit and rock while people come over.

Day 273 - If You Were Here

I reconnected with an old friend today in SL, which was really nice. And I DJed a pirate party! It was pretty fun, and a great chance to hang out with people and with Abby during the evening. She was the cutest little pirate! I couldn't take any pictures because my computer sucks so hard, but everyone looked really adorable.

Oh! And our anniversary party last night was really fun, too! Most of our nearest and dearest were there, and we had a great time! If you saw my style blog post, you saw my dress and our party area.

Goodness, I am yawning like crazy out of nowhere. Bedtime!

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Day 272 - 2 Years and Counting!

Two years ago today, I was getting ready to put on a fluffy white dress, walk down the aisle in front of some of our closest friends, and attach myself to one of the best men I've ever had the privilege of meeting in Second Life.

Three years ago, this guy taught me that men in SL are not all just out for sex, they weren't all there to hurt you, and that some are willing to accept you and love you EXACTLY how you are. Craziness and all!

I knew pretty early on in our relationship that he'd end up being my partner. I never pushed it, because well, I figured at some point all my quirks and flaws and stuff would run him off and who wants to waste $25L on a divorce? *laughs* So I waited. When he proposed to me on our one year anniversary of being together, I was... Well, shocked, to say the least. I'd be a real pain in the behind ALL NIGHT. But he still loved me enough to propose, despite my nagging him about his eyebrows. :)

Three years together, two years married. He has never hurt me, even unintentionally. He puts up with my quirks. He listens to me when I want to talk, and is simply there for me when I don't want to say anything at all. He encourages me in whatever I want to do. He didn't seem to mind when I tucked us away from almost everyone after being hurt by someone, and he hasn't minded now that we've expanded our family. Y'all, this man goes to THE ARCADE on opening day for me so that I don't have to. If that's not love, I don't even know what is.

Happy anniversary, baby. I look forward to many more!!

Day 272 - 2 Years and Counting

Day 271 - Girl Chat

I spent a couple of hours tonight just sitting and having girl chat with two of my favorite redheads, my goddaughter Abby and her mom, December. Abby, of course, stops over at our place frequently, but this was the first time I've ever gotten to just hang out with December when it wasn't a big party or something. They're both pretty awesome and funny, so we had a lot of laughs. :)

Day 271 - Girl Chat

After they headed to bed, I had a few minutes alone before Aldwyn came home. Poor guy, he's been a little under the weather the past couple of days. But, he gave me my anniversary gift! I've been wanting to learn how to make mesh a LOT but I'm honestly not very good at stuff like that. I mean, I've been in SL for almost 7 years altogether and the only real skill I have is running my mouth. But we know some people who have been using Hexagon to make mesh, so he bought it for me! Yay!! I played around a little bit with it tonight but of course didn't come up with anything. A friend of mine pointed me towards the tutorials she used to learn it, so tomorrow I'm definitely going to be watching and trying to learn.

Of course, tomorrow can't be a full day of learning because... PARTY!!

Our 2 Year Anniversary Party!

I'm so so excited!! I've been trying to 2 days to find a dress that I felt comfortable in. I wanted something kinda fancy, but not TOO fancy, and not too "sexy" or revealing or anything like that. The one I found IS a little on the shorter side, but it has long sleeves and doesn't really show cleavage, so it's awesome. Once I decide on a hair and on jewelry, I'll be all set!

But before all of this can happen... I need much sleep. :)

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Day 270 - We Water The Thorn For The Sake Of The Rose

I was reading an article earlier and although I normally don't read comments to news articles online [the angorance of people saddens me. Angorance = Ignorance + Anger.] I happened to catch one. A lady said "We must water the thorn for the sake of the rose. Sometimes we must deal with some of the bad to get to all of the good." I've been thinking about that a lot tonight. It kind of goes with a conversation Abby and I were having last night, and a lot of memories I've been having this week.

It's kind of weird that exactly two years ago, I was re-writing my vows, telling my friends to please keep their boobs covered at the ceremony, and finalizing my wedding outfit. It's just...I mean, omg, two years?!

We're having an anniversary party on Wednesday the 18th. Please feel free to come! It is a family friendly party, so you know...keep your boobs covered. :) I even have the area all set up.

Day 270 - We Water The Thorn For The Sake Of The Rose

*laughs* Yeah, I know, it doesn't look like much NOW, but it will!! I showed Aldwyn the set up last night and he really liked it. It's not anywhere near as pretty as our wedding set up was, but for a party it'll be just fine. And I'll be the DJ because no one would let me DJ the wedding! Okay, okay. Elle did a fantastic job and I probably would have been too nervous to do it anyway, but no one can stop me from doing it this time!!

I'm awfully tired, so it's definitely bedtime.

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Day 269 - The Healing Power of Food

Aldwyn and I were a little off our game tonight. I've been kind of exhausted for the past couple of weeks [probably need iron] and he's got "allergies," NOT a cold. :-p So our sweet goddaughter Abby was hanging out with us tonight and asked if she could use our kitchen, because she knows how to make special sandwiches that will heal anyone. Our home is always open to our family, so of course we let her go to make sandwiches. But she told us to stay outside where we'd all been sitting, and not to peek until she was done.

It was her bedtime so she couldn't finish the second sandwich, but she said that her goddaddy could eat the first one, since between the two of us, he's the one that is worse off. With allergies. NOT a cold. *snickers*

We said goodnight to her and then went inside to find our special healing sandwiches.

Day 269 - The Healing Power of Food

WELP. *laughs*

Still, we were both pretty pleased with the sandwiches. I mean, really? Who wouldn't be?!

Healing Sandwiches

Thanks to our darling goddaughter, I'm sure the both of us will be feeling much better very soon. :)

Day 268 - Dream Baby

Oh my goodness, what an evening!

I've been meaning to sign up for the SL Home Decor Tour that Tymmerie has been putting together. We did a similar thing back in 2009 just for our little group and it was so fun! [Although I think I didn't participate because I didn't actually have a house or something. I don't know. That was a weird year.] I definitely wanted to do it this time because I thought it would be the final push I needed to get our home finished up, and because you don't get the list of SLurls of participants unless you participate yourself. Let's face it, I'm nosy! :)

So I signed up. But in doing so, I started to get a little nuts.

I do home decor posts on occasion on the style blog. I enjoy it, but here's a little secret. When I do a decor post, often times, it's just a LOT of stuff popped into one little corner of a room. Just one little corner. The rest of the room is bare. So while people may see it and think, "Omg, that room is awesome!" It isn't really. It's half a room, or a fourth of a room, that's awesome. And as great as that is for blog posts, it's not that great for living in!

If you happened to see my post on last month's The Garden, I still had that set up in the room, so I decided to expand upon it and turn the room into a small computer/tv room. Of course, I crashed about 320948 times because I keep getting the "Textures discarded due to insufficient memory" notice every few minutes [Can someone PLEASE help me with that?!] but I managed to get it done. I have ONE more room to finish up this week, plus fix some of the landscaping, and then we'll be ready for the tour.

BUT, I still have to set up a party area, too! Our anniversary is coming up this week! We'll be having a party on Wednesday the 18th at 8pm SLT. I can't wait!

Only tonight... I'm pooped out. It's definitely time for bed. Moving furniture is hard work!

Day 268 - Dream Baby

Friday, September 13, 2013

Day 267 - Unedited, Unmuted

Usually when I take photos in SL, they're edited before I post them. An adjustment of colors, the blurring of a face line, liquifying a strange angle on a leg or arm. It's never anything huge. Frankly, I'm not that good at Photoshop. But I do edit. I enjoy making things just a little bit prettier.

Tonight, though, no edits. Well, except for cropping and putting a frame. But the rest is unedited. :) I just thought the light was pretty enough to not need it tonight.

Day 267 - Unedited, Unmuted

Aldwyn and I are on skype pretty much nightly. We don't always talk. He does his thing, I do mine. But we're there just listening to each other.

At least, he's listening to me. I can't always listen to him because he'll mute himself for a minute to blow his nose or cough and forget and then he's having a big conversation all by himself. *snickers* You know, they do say as you get older, your mind...

*runs and hides*

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Day 266 - So la da di da di!

We went out shopping tonight, and like any good husband, he paid for some of my purchases. To show my appreciation, I decided to dance for him. See, I've been practicing my new Miley moves!

And that's when he kicked me.

Day 266 - So la da di da di!

Maybe I need more practice?

Day 265 - Sweet Goddaughter

I had a really nice relaxing night tonight with our goddaughter, Abby.

Day 265 - Sweet Goddaughter

The more time that I get to spend with her, the more I realize that we made the absolute right choice in becoming her godparents. :) Some people just come into your life and just "fit." And she is definitely fitting in with our lives.

I've got a big headache tonight, so it's time to go to bed and watch videos until I fall asleep. ♥

Friday, September 6, 2013

Day 264 - Never Too Many Trees!!

I have to admit, all this Arcade stuff has left me pretty behind on my normal SL "work." Usually the beginning of the month has me reminding the Bluebonnet residents about rent [I don't do rental boxes, they just pay me directly] and letting them know about any island stuff, and then starting in some FaMESHed blog posts. Being that this is September, I had also planned to get our parcel more autumn-ish by the 1st. But since we've been shopping and I've been manning the Lima Heights Yard Sale to make sure no one rezzes anything crazy or leaves anything behind that they've bought, I haven't really done much of my normal work! Heck, I've barely even changed clothes in days.

Tonight I started decorating our parcel up for the fall. Only I suck at landscaping and my main form of decorating the parcel is just throwing down a trees. A lot of trees. A LOT OF FREAKIN' TREES.

Day 264 - Never Too Many Trees!

The awesome part is that when you're on the ground, it looks amazing. The bad part is that if you cam out too far, it looks like a big ol' mess. It's like a reverse Monet! But Aldwyn says no one really would be camming out that far anyway, so it's okay. He does seem to think I'll get lost in all the trees...which okay, I did ONCE, but it won't always happen. I even remembered to change the trees over at Renee's Place. I need to find some more fall like flowers and plants to switch out over there.

I'm yawning like crazy and I have so much to do tomorrow in RL and SL, so it's really bedtime!!

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Day 263 - He'll wake up happy!

Tonight after we said goodnight, I noticed Aldwyn didn't go anywhere. So I waited. I saw him log off of Skype. I waited some more. Then I realized he'd forgotten to log off before going to bed.

So I did what any good wife would do.

Day 263 - He'll Wake Up Happy!

When he gets back to the computer, he'll have lots of friends to greet him! It's like the best good morning ever!

Well, maybe. It amused me, anyway. :-D

Monday, September 2, 2013

Day 262 - He Did The Work For You

It's been a super fun Arcade weekend!! I'm missing just ONE thing from my list, the Gone Wild mermaids from Culprit. If you guys see them anywhere or you want to sell yours, let me know! I'll pay twice the gacha price for them.

Since the family has been shopping soooo much this weekend, and we were almost out of prims at The Family yard sale, we opened up a part of Bluebonnet for our family to come set up if they didn't have room over there, along with letting some of the Bluebonnet residents set up if they want to sell things, too.

Day 262 - He Did The Work For You

You can find the Lima Heights Yard Sale here. :) There's lots of stuff, a few rares, etc.

I don't know how long we'll leave the sale up for. Our Arcade shopping is just about done, but it depends on how long the family and the Bluebonnet folks need a place to sell. :) We've had a ton of fun setting up and having so many people come by to shop and hang out!

One of our friends stopped by the yard sale and started laughing at all the things Aldwyn had put out because it became very obvious that he had bought a TON of things trying to get me what I wanted. I can't help it, he wants me to have what I want. :)

I'm extremely tired, so it's bedtime for this girl.

Sunday, September 1, 2013

Day 261 - Happiness Is A Full Inventory

Well, if you couldn't tell by the last two posts, my dear husband has been preparing for The Arcade for a week. Usually there are just a few things I want, and maybe a collection or two, but the designers really brought it this round with home decor and other cute stuff, so...

This was the first time I've stayed up for the midnight opening. Not that I ever got in, but my family did! Not IN in, but around the sim and they were able to cam in. Between my husband and my sister, I've really cleaned up in the past 24 hours!

Day 261 - Happiness Is A Full Inventory

If you're more like me and you enjoy hitting the yard sales for what you want, my family is having a small one! You can come here and find some cute stuff. Not a lot of rares, though, if that's what you're looking for. Not yet, anyway. :)

I'm yawning like crazy. I think it might be an early night for me.