Thursday, October 31, 2013

Day 285 - I'll Tell You All The Things You Are To Me.

Another fun night with the family! Abby and I went to the pumpkin patch with Lolita, Takeo, and their little goddaughter, Payton. Then we went running through a spooky house! There was a naked man in the basement...I still don't even know about that! Again, my graphics were super low, so here's a picture my sister took!

Hanging at the Spooky Place by Lolita

We also went to a hay maze [Abby won when we did timed runs through it!] and to an asylum and then to a haunted hotel. Aldwyn got to join us for the hotel tour, which was great! He doesn't always get to join us for the start of some of our outings, so it's awesome when he can catch up with us somewhere during the fun!

After we said goodnight to my sis and brother in law, we decided to take advantage of the three of us being online to FINALLY get a proper photo together! Abby has been our goddaughter for two months now and we've never actually sat for a good picture. Can you believe that?? Of course, we kept meaning to, but things always came up.

I'm not the best at taking pics, but I think it came out cute. :)

Day 285 - I'll Tell You All The Things You Are To Me.

These two really are the biggest joys of my SLife. I'm always so happy to see their names pop up on my screen, or log in and someone is home. It's just awesome!

When we go on our adventures and someone is lost or falls in a hole or gets eaten by a bed, we all joke and say, "Well! Guess we're going to Heritage after this to put a panel up!" But honestly? I don't think that I could! If anything were to happen and our family fell apart, I think I'd probably just go back to IMing a few people and decorating the house. LOL! It's really about having the RIGHT people as your family, and these people? Are definitely the right people. :) I always feel like I should tell them constantly, "Do you know how much I adore you???" But well, that would probably be weird, huh?

Well, not that they're not used to me being weird. :-p

Monday, October 28, 2013

Day 284 - Making Memories Of Us

Now that things are a little different in our SLives, we get the joy of making new memories. Today was one of those fun filled days where we weren't just together, but we had a blast exploring and playing in SL. :)

Abby and I started our evening with a cup of tea in her new bedroom.

A Little Tea

She makes the best tea. :)

My sister suggested that we all go to this place called Electrobit City. It was SUPER FUN!! It is inspired by Super Mario, old school Nintendo, and other things like that. We had SUCH a blast!! We had to go through a tutorial first. I had to keep my graphics low so I wouldn't crash too much, so I stole this picture from Lolita. :)

Brooke Is Cute

Isn't my niece Brooke just the cutest? *snickers*

I managed to grab this picture of Aldwyn, Abby, and me while we were standing next to a huge mushroom. Remember, my graphics are low, they actually look way better in person!

Day 284 - Making Memories Of Us

Once the tutorial was finished, we headed into the main part of the game. And oh my GOSH. SO. MUCH. FUN. We were just laughing and laughing sooooo much! My cheeks were hurting! You had to be really careful or you would die by either falling or getting hit by a blue thing. We all died a lot. But it was funny every time!

The place is really well done and you really do feel like you fell right into a Mario game.

8 Bit Baby

Our brother and his family and my friend Kirsten and her family came towards the end of our time there, but I didn't get to see them as much because of all the dying and screaming and stress eating gummy bears. *laughs*

All in all, it was really a terrific night in SL, full of laughter, fun, and lots of new memories. You know, just when I think I couldn't be any happier in SL, a night like this comes along and I think, "No. THIS is the happiest I've ever been here." But maybe that's how it's supposed to be. There's always something to make us happier if we let it. :)

Sunday, October 27, 2013

Day 283 - It feels like I'm all the way back where I belong.

Spent some time with the family tonight, just chilling at home and laughing about silly things. We really do have the best conversations. It was nice to have everyone together. Although it might seem like more since when we are together, I usually show a picture, but we're only all in the same place maybe once or twice a week if our schedules permit. But I love when we can be together because it just feels like home.

Day 283 - It feels like I'm all the way back where I belong

I feel kind of bad that we didn't put together a Halloween party for Bluebonnet this year. We used to have a party every year, or at least I would be DJing one, but there wasn't time this year for me to put anything together. If there are any family friendly parties going on, I'd love to stop by. From what I've seen of the parties so far, there's a lot of naked. LOL! Which has its place, don't get me wrong! But I haven't been in the naked mood lately.

I think this week I'm going to devote some time to working in Hexagon again. I've been wanting to, but I just haven't had the time. And we need a dining room table. Not that there's not a million out there, but I can't find one that really fits my vision. But...we'll see. It might just be easier to buy one. :)

Ugh, so tired. Goodnight!

Day 282 - You make it easier when life gets hard.

So it's true that things in SL can change in the blink of an eye. Well, I guess that's kind of true in any life, huh? There was a bit of a shake up over the past couple of days. It's nothing to do with me, really, but I still hurt for those involved and hope that they can eventually come back to each other when tempers have died down and heads have been cleared. I think it's true that the more you love someone, the more you can hurt them. But I think that it also means that you can fix it if you want to.

But, even though some things have changed, the best part of my SLife hasn't. :)

Day 282 - You make it easier when life gets hard.

I am so lucky that my SL husband is as patient, kind, and loving as he is. I mean, really, our SLives have changed a lot over the past few months and I know that's mostly because of me. But he's totally rolled with it. We spent 2 years after we got married just kind of in our little bubble with just a very very few people who were allowed in. Now it's different. GOOD different, but definitely different. Knowing that no matter what happens, he's still right by my side...well, that makes everything perfect.

Friday, October 25, 2013

Day 281 - I don't think we're going to Masterchef.

You know, I'm not the best cook in the world, but even I wouldn't stick my bare hand in the pot. :-p

Day 281 - I don't think we're going to Masterchef

I wasn't expecting to see Aldwyn tonight since he's still on his trip, but I was really happy that he was able to come in to see me for a bit! We went kitchen shopping because while I have several kitchens in my inventory, I wanted something new, mesh, and a lot less land impact than what I have. I mean, not that we're hurting for prims or anything, but well, you just get used to your new mesh things being a lot less land impact!

There seems to be a real shortage of good mesh kitchens on the grid, though. There is a great one at The Garden this round, but it wasn't what I wanted. We hopped around to a few stores but nothing was really any good. But then we stopped at Bazar and found one that was pretty and texture change and had animations in it. AND it was less than $600L. Score! It doesn't have a fridge, which I don't understand, but that's okay.

However... when I got home and put it out, it's TOO BIG FOR THE KITCHEN!


Now, okay, it does resize down. But then it's really tiny and sad. I'm so bummed!! It's mod, but I don't think I can break it down and make it fit. I don't know.

Does anyone else know of other places that have pretty mesh kitchen sets?

I'm exhausted, so I'm heading to bed. Goodnight!

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Day 280 - All In All, It's The Perfect Scene

So...okay, it's been over a week since I blogged last. Good Lord, I will never ever finish the "365" Day Project at this point! :) I'd love to say it's because I've been extra super busy doing extra super amazing things, but nope. I've been busier in the RL lately, and we're coming up on that time of the year where I am pretty down, so I've been doing what I can do to try to make sure that doesn't REALLY happen this year. Blah blah blah, if you're a long time reader of my blog, none of this is new to you, so there's no use in rehashing, am I right? [And if you're new, long story short, I have seasonal depression that usually starts mid to late September and is extremely bad during November for a lot of reasons.]

Anyway, on to SL stuff! Being busier than usual hasn't left me with a lot of time to be with the family OR decorate our new house! I made sure to get our "family" living room done up so we'd have a place to sit. I really like it because it's all small and cozy and we have a lot of pictures in there and pictures make me really happy. I STILL need to find a time where Aldwyn, Abby, and I can all be online at the same time so we can do a photo together. Do any of you know where to find really cute family poses? I know of Heirloom and Click, and I know !bang had some family ones at one point, but buying poses to include a kid is still really new to me!

Speaking of Aldwyn and Abby, I have missed them so much lately! Our schedules just haven't meshed well at all recently. Al is out of town for a few days and even though we keep up with each other during the day when we can, you guys know there's really nothing like being together in world even if we don't do anything. Abby and I finally caught up with each other tonight for a little bit and I was very happy to have her with me, even though we were laughing about the both of us being boring. :)

Day 280 - All In All, It's The Perfect Scene

I was going to talk about something else tonight, but I just realized how late it is. Tomorrow is another day, and all that jazz. :)

Sunday, October 13, 2013

Day 279 - I Threw My Shepherd's Pie For You!

Whenever people ask me about the whole SL family thing, one major question always comes up. "Do you HAVE to spend all your time with them? Because I'd like to have a family but I don't want to have to be with them all the time."

Well, geez, guys. They're not your RL family. :-p

But no, we don't spend ALL our SL time together. Some families do! They all live in one area and they're together constantly because that works for them. MY SL family spends time together, but not daily because we do have other things that we do when we're in world. We chat on plurk, or Skype, or IM, but we're not just landing on each others' heads all of the time. They could land on me if they wanted, I think all of my family are able to locate me on the map, but for the most part, we spend time together when we have the time and it's never forced. We genuinely like each other [because we were friends before we were family!] so spending time with them is fun and a true joy.

Honestly, I'm happy when they're just online. I like looking at my friends list in world and seeing their names. It's comforting. But earlier tonight, I was in world and none of them were online at all. So, I went to plurk and complained.

Alllll byyyy myyyyselllllffff....

Pretty soon afterwards, my sister and brother in law showed up. And 5 minutes after that, my goddaughter popped in. Then we spent about an hour just sitting together and chatting and laughing about random things. [Like the wicked bad shepherd's pie Takeo ate once! It was wicked bad ovah there! *snickers*] It was one of the best parts of my day. :)

Day 279 - I threw my shepherd's pie for you!

So the real answer to "Do you HAVE to spend all of your time with them?" is no, you don't. But you'll love every moment that you can get with them.

In other news, I think I want to switch houses again. As much as I love our home, I've felt a little... well, not uncomfortable, but a little weird, after the Home Tour. All these strangers were in the house and while I decorated in a personal way, it was also kind of for show. And that hasn't sat well with me. Barnes came out with a new home and I adore the layout of it. Really really love it! So I'm thinking that I want to use it. But oh man, to pick all this stuff up and get it sorted in my inventory? Jeebus. But I probably will end up doing it because I feel like it's necessary.

Plus, you know, I have a million other things to do and don't want to do most of them, so setting up a new house will be a nice distraction. :)

Sunday, October 6, 2013

Day 278 - A Little Sunday Magic

This week was so busy for me! I kept meaning to blog, but well, whatcha gonna do? :)

Earlier this afternoon, my sister sent us a message and asked if we wanted to go to Havenhollow tonight. Havenhollow is an interactive neighborhood where you can go trick-or-treating! I was totally down for it, so I made sure to get a costume together. I had some time before we were going to get together, so I threw a picture together.

Day 278 - A Little Sunday Magic

We had SUCH a good time at Havenhollow! I would have gotten some pics but my computer kinda sucks so I had to keep my settings super super low. If you have Lolita on plurk, she posted some great pictures. :) Like this one!

Trick or treating

Trick or treating was super super fun. But the poor kids, Abby and Raven, got tricked a lot! LOL! After Raven got bitten by spiders and a zombie, Takeo said they were just going to Heritage afterwards to get a new son! But we did get some candy, and Floam, and tennis balls.

The cool part is when you take a flashlight and head through the woods to a spoooooky big house! Oh my gosh, running through the woods was CRAZY! We were screaming and laughing so much! And the house is crazy spooky with ghosts and spiders and all kinds of stuff! If you go through, be sure to sit at the vanity in one of the bedrooms!

I don't know if December is going to let us take Abby out any more, though. I mean, yeah, she got some candy, but she got peed on and her face fell off and she got lost a few times. We're pretty much the best godfamily ever. Aldwyn was actually way better at keeping track of Abby and Raven than the rest of us were. My sister and I were too busy screaming and running!!

But no matter what, be sure to get to the basement in the spooky house. There are goodies!

It really was just the most awesome evening and I was so so happy to spend it with my family. My cheeks honestly hurt from laughing and smiling so much! This was just what I needed and the perfect way to end the night. ♥