Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Day 311 - Six Years In The Making

It's not just New Year's Eve for me. It's been six years since I started this blog.

Six years ago, I was... a mess. Really a mess. Ridiculous, incredulously, stupidly a mess. I didn't know what I was doing with my life. I'd run from a previous Second Life that was very bad for me. Oh, not saying I wasn't somewhat at fault because I did a lot of stupid things, but there were people who weren't good for me at that time of my life. They were good people, I'm sure, but not good for me at that point. I was taken advantage of by some people, and I took advantage of some people. I fully admit to all of that. I wasn't myself and I didn't allow these people to get to know me because I didn't know me. Grief makes you do a lot of things that you wouldn't think you'd do, no matter how long the grief has been festering. Drinking like a lush didn't help either, I'm quite sure. :) But it happened, and while I am sorry that I lost friendships and that I hurt people, I'm not sorry that I was hurt because it helped in the long run.

Six years ago, I never could have dreamed that this was where it was all going to lead. I have beautiful people in my life who accept me exactly as I am. They are happy, even proud, to call me a friend. Some of them even call me family. I cherish these people more than they could possibly know.

Six years ago, I started this blog because I was so lost.

Six years later, I am still writing in this blog because I am so damn happy. I am happy every single day. I am still enchanted with Second Life, but more than that, I'm happy with my first life. And so many people who make my Second Life amazing have made their way into my first life and I love it.

Six years ago, I felt utterly alone. Six years later, I have all that I could have ever wanted in Second Life.

Day 311 - Six Years In The Making

Thank you to those of you who read my blog. You might have come to get tips on how to live in SL cheaply, or to learn how to tint feet, or just out of curiosity, but you stuck around because you somehow found something in me that made you want to continue reading. Through my ups and downs, my randomness and my opinions, you guys have been here. I appreciate it more than you all could ever know.

Here's to 2014 - Let's make it the best year ever!!

Monday, December 30, 2013

Day 310 - Party Like It's 2014!

Oh my gosh, what an awesome party tonight!!! If you made it, thank you for coming!! If not...well, there's always next year! We had about 30 people there, so of course I couldn't see anything because I had to keep my settings so low. So, as usual, I stole a picture from my sister!

Day 310 - Party Like It's 2014!

Actually, if you have Lolita on plurk, there are gifs of the party, too. It was soooo much fun!! I always - ALWAYS - have a brief moment of panic before every party that noooo one is going to show up. But we had plenty of people, friends, family, plurkers, etc. I loved every minute of it!

I'm exhausted, so I think it's time to crawl into bed with Netflix and my cat. I love you guys!

New Year's Eve Eve!!!

If you want to come to the party.... Here's your limo!

Get your hats and noisemakers and join us outside in the frozen forest!

Sunday, December 29, 2013

Day 309 - Twerking While Working

Tomorrow is our New Year's Eve Eve party! I've been setting up the party room tonight, but of course, there was time for a twerk break.

Day 309 - Twerking While Working

I'm so so excited for the party! I just love when people come over and we dance and we laugh and it's all good times. You all are invited, too, of course! It's at 8pm SLT and I'll update with a SLurl right before party time. :) The theme is "Royal Fantasy Ball," so formals and tuxedos, faeries and fauns, crowns and wings....etc. Or just show up. As long as all your bits are covered, we're good. Families are welcome too!

My sleep schedule has been all kinds of off lately, so I think I'm going to get into bed and see what happens. lol

Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Day 308 - Jumping For Christmas Joy!

I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday! Mine was just awesome, full of good food, family, and unexpected gifts. In both worlds, actually! The last time Aldwyn and I were online, I went to make sure Abby's presents were organized under the tree and then I realized, hey...there are extra gifts here! The Oleanders had snuck over and delivered gifts to us! We opened our gifts from them right away because we're eager like that. I even got a ribbon saying I'm the best sister in the world! And while we were out today, Abby put gifts under the tree, too! So much fun!!

Day 309 - Jumping For Christmas Joy!

We [Abby and me] were online tonight so I got to get two of my gifts tonight, a very pretty necklace and a bicycle! But we'll open all the rest of our gifts when the three of us are together again - probably tomorrow night.

As much as it's been a great holiday, I kind of can't wait to go back to normal again. We were able to chat on Skype with Lolita and Takeo tonight for the first time in ages, which was so so nice because we've missed them so! It will be nice when everyone's schedules calm down and we have our family time again.

I have to get started on the party room for the New Year's Eve Eve party on Monday. I have an idea of how I want it, but most of our party rooms that I've built were just rooms that came together from an idea and ended up not being a thing like what I had originally pictured in my head.

But, it's almost 2am, way too late to be thinking of that stuff. It's bedtime for me. :)

Monday, December 23, 2013

Day 307 - Now listen up, Santa!

Doesn't this pic just look like I'm saying, "Now see here, Santa. I've been a VERY good girl this year and I have demands!" *laughs*

Day 307 - Now listen up, Santa

Merry Christmas Eve Eve, y'all! I'm not sure if I'll have time to blog over the next couple of days, so I wanted to say that I hope you all have a wonderful and joyous holiday! Remember, it isn't the material gifts you give or receive that make Christmas beautiful - it's being there for your family and friends in ways that you can't put a price on that counts.

I think that's been the biggest thing I've learned over the past few months, a lesson I needed to re-learn once again. The people who are with me are with me just for myself. I don't have to buy their affections, just as they don't have to buy mine. I don't have to do anything except be myself, quirks, issues, and all, and vice versa!. I'm not saying that gifts aren't nice because obviously they are. But they're not necessary to keep me around and I'd say the same goes for those I'm closest to. [Unless my friends and family are about to all dump me because I haven't been slathering them with SL and RL gifts lately. *snickers*]

But I am lucky because I have friends and family who are happy to just gift me with their time. Even if it's just a private plurk to say hello or an IM to talk about nothing, that is a fantastic thing to me. I am so grateful for these people.

But if you do feel the need to get me something... Just send cash.

:-p I'm kidding!!!

Merry Christmas, you guys. I am grateful and blessed each time one of you reads my silly blog, whether you are a silent reader or one who takes a moment to comment or reach out to me in world to talk about something I've said. Thanks for putting up with me. ♥

Saturday, December 21, 2013

Day 306 - Peace, Be Still.

A couple of days ago, Abby lost a tooth. Only she was sliding down our stair railing and somehow ended up swallowing it. Of course, you all know that if that happens, the Tooth Fairy just comes in and takes it from the tummy using her magic sparkles. At least, that's what we were told! Sure enough, she totally did! And she left Abby some sparkles to play with!

Our little sparkle girl

I don't know about you guys, but I'm going to be kind of happy when the holidays are over. Not that I don't like Christmas or anything, but we've all just been so so busy! We miss the Oleanders [even though we did just see them a few days ago at movie night] and we've been so tired, we haven't had all the time we usually have to just hang out.

After we got Abby off to bed tonight, Aldwyn and I just curled up on the couch for snuggles. It's nice to end the evening with him just being peaceful and still.

Day 306 - Peace, Be Still

Thursday, December 19, 2013

Day 305 - And Then There Were Three!

Aldwyn and I aren't really the type to jump into anything when it's important. Since our wedding, people have asked when we'd adopt. And after Abby came to live with us, they asked when we'd adopt her. But we like to think things through. We like to make sure it's time. And, of course, we wanted to know that SHE wanted it, too. So we talked, and she talked, and we talked some more. Then we just knew it was time...

Day 305 - And then there were three!

Tonight, she became Abby Renee Zanzibar. :)

We are extremely thrilled!! She asked us to give her a middle name and I chose Renee for her, after our sweet friend who passed away almost one year ago. Renee loved kids, both in and out of Second Life, and I think she would have just loved Abby and also been very happy for us. :)

After the fun of the adopting, we took our holiday photo!

Happy Holidays From The Zanzibars!

I can't even begin to tell you guys how very happy we are! This is definitely nothing that I ever ever thought would happen in a million years. But she just is so RIGHT for us. She fits in with us so well, and we just adore her like crazy. This starts a whole new chapter of my SLife, you know? And I have a feeling it's going to be an amazing one.

Monday, December 16, 2013

Day 304 - Fancy Face

I had a great time during my little getaway this past week! But I was definitely happy to get home to my family. Abby and I have been working up a new face for her in the past week. Kids faces are NOT easy!!! She's still tweaking it, but she's my little fancy face, so I had to take a picture of us tonight. Especially since we were matching!

Day 304 - Fancy Face

Aldwyn has been super busy with work recently, but as his schedule slows down, we're going to find time to take our holiday photo. Our friends have been giving us their holiday photos and we've put them up in our home. I think we'll do it tomorrow or Wednesday if I can find the poses I want to use in my inventory and get everyone dressed. Tomorrow is a busy RL day for me, so it might have to wait until Wednesday or Thursday.

I can't believe Christmas is next week. So much to do!!!

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Day 303 - A Little Getaway

Every now and then, my best friend of almost 20 years and I go for a night away. Still local since we both have obligations that require us to stay nearby, but far enough away that we feel like it's a real getaway. Of course, even one night away requires packing!

Day 303 - A Little Getaway

I can't believe it's getting so close to Christmas! Abby wants to go see Santa, so we'll probably do that this weekend. And I need to do my letter to Santa, too. I realized I didn't do one last year! I also need to be on the look out for something to get my plurk Secret Santa giftee, and Aldwyn, Abby, and I need to find time this weekend to take our holiday photo.

But, that's all weekend stuff. For now, I have to finish packing!

Monday, December 9, 2013

Day 302 - And Then A Quiet Cup Of Tea

It's late, almost midnight by SL time, and my family have all gone off to bed. It was a good day. Abby and I went to an amusement park that was quite awesome, and we rode rides and had hot chocolate. Well, she had hot chocolate. I had coffee because you have to have a lot of energy to keep up with her! We went under the sea and into space! We ended our evening together with a snuggle and a chat. She really is a joy to talk with. An hour or so after I got her off to bed, Aldwyn showed up and we sat and chatted for a while before he needed to also get some sleep since he's got things going on this coming week that require a lot of brain power.

So with my two loves tucked in, I meant to start in on decorating our kitchen. But instead, I decided to just sit with a nice cup of tea and be quiet for a while.

Day 302 - And then a quiet cup of tea

I've been slowly decorating our home for Christmas, but goodness. What does a person have to do to get a really awesome mesh wreath that is modify?? I got the cutest wreath at Follow Us, but I guess I didn't read the ad right because it was no mod and just too small for over the fireplace. I wish someone would do a deco mesh wreath. I make them in RL [yep, I make mesh stuff in RL. LOL!] and I'd love to have a good one in SL. Do any of you have ideas of where to get a really fabulous Christmas wreath? The one we have now is okay. It's decent looking and mesh and very low land impact. But it's just not EXACTLY what I want.

My tea mug is empty and I'm yawning. I think it's time to snuggle on into bed.

Saturday, December 7, 2013

Day 301 - Everybody Skate!

What a great night! We had our holiday skating party and oh my gosh, so many people showed up! Even people that I have not seen in a while, which was amazing because I have missed seeing them in world! Plurk is nice and I enjoy it, but it really does NOT take the place of seeing people in world. Not for me, anyway. I'm sure some folks don't care. LOL

But, since I was DJing and it was crowded, I had to have my settings down to super low and everything was pixelated and icky. Luckily for me, my sister Lolita takes lots of pictures at events, so I snatched one of hers for my post. :)

Day 301 - Everybody Skate!

After the party, I spent a fun hour on Skype with the family. They just make my heart smile so much.

Now that this party is over, I can start planning the New Year's Eve Eve party! I'm trying to think of a good theme. Last year we had a sparkly barn dance. The year before, it was a black and white ball. I want something fun, but not over the top, since it's more important to me that people chat and laugh and have a good time and are not overwhelmed by decorations.

Soooo sleepy, but soooo happy tonight. :)

Thursday, December 5, 2013

Day 300 - Catching Balls

So Tuesday, I was driving home from doing all kinds of various boring-but-necessary RL things and holiday music was playing and I thought, "You know what? I wanna have a holiday type party." Nothing too big and fancy because obviously I save all my "big and fancy" plans for the New Year's Eve Eve party. But just something fun and casual where people could get together and listen to some music and chat. And since I have new ice skates that Aldwyn got me from The Arcade, what better than an ice skating party??

I spent some time tonight fixing up a rink and playing with the weather maker that Aldwyn bought me forever ago. While I was doing stuff, Lolita and Takeo came over and she offered to let me borrow her skating system. So we had a lot of fun just chatting and skating around while I moved trees and stuff. :)

Day 300 - Catching Balls

Of course, you can't get the four of us together and the conversation NOT be crazy, so I spent more time laughing about things [like balls and riding snowflakes] than I spent actually moving trees, but that's fine by me! I'm gonna be stuck inside for the next few days, so you know...it'll all get done.

If you'd like to come to our ice skating holiday party, we'd love to see you there! It'll be this Friday at 8pm SLT. Everyone is invited!

By the way, we still have our Arcade yard sale happening! There are soooo many things out there!! I'm crying because SL seems to have eaten pretty much all of my Tres Blah Arcade stuff, though. :( I managed to get a couple of things back from the yard sale, but ... wahhh!!! My cutting board and the bakeware and the cookie jars. All missing. Wahhhh!!!!! I've cleared cache and nothing. I did a clean install of Firestorm. Nothing. I even did a clean install of the latest LL viewer and...NOTHING. So not cool, SL. So not cool.

The only comfort I have right now is that this happened to me at the Arcade before last and at some point, everything just showed up again a month or two later. But by that time, I'd replaced everything that I'd lost so then I had duplicates. So...there's that.

Sunday, December 1, 2013

Day 299 - But He Didn't Cry This Time!

So The Arcade started last night. I told Aldwyn that his buying me what I wanted on my list could be my Christmas present this year. Unlike the last round, my list was only 3 and a half pages long. Last time it was like 6 pages and I'm pretty sure he cried.

He's done so so well and my list now is just a little over half a page long now. Yay!!

Day 299 - But he didn't cry this time!

Of course, that does mean that he has lots of extras. But the family got together and we've got a Yard Sale going on over on Bluebonnet. There's lots of stuff, including some rare stuff. And I think it's all just priced at the gacha price, because we're not total jerks.

Speaking of people who are kinda jerks, though, I did have to return peoples' stuff from the yard sale today. It's probably my fault for leaving the land to public rez, but why would you go to someone's sale and rez your stuff when you don't even KNOW the owner of the land? That's just kinda rude. Especially since they were taking up like 300 prims. Nope nope nope. I probably would have let them had they bothered to ask first. Probably.

We've also reached that time of the year where I will never know what day it is. I've spent all day today thinking it was Monday. Sighs. Someone buy me a calendar, please. :)