Thursday, April 17, 2014

Day 358 - Let's Bunny It Up!

After Abby asked us about the possibility of adopting another kid, she and I headed to Heritage just to check out some of the cards. We were both very surprised when we both found a girl that seemed pretty cool. She wrote without baby talk, she was the right age, her time zone and times she can be in world mesh well with ours, and she's more of a "girly tomboy" like Abby. So I went ahead and made us a card and put up a panel so we could "like" her panel. I kind of didn't expect anything to come of it. After all, we're kind of picky and I put everything we expect and want in our notecard. I had to give it to Abby to look over before setting up the panel because I wanted to know if I made us sound like jerks in the card. *laughs*

Surprisingly, last night Brianna, the girl that we liked, liked us too!! Abby had been up at Heritage hanging out and they had actually been chatting before Brianna liked our panel. So she brought her home. :) Abby wasn't able to stay up too long, so I got to sit and chat with Brianna for a while, and then Lolita and Takeo came over and got to meet her. She's kind of shy, but I think that is good. If she came in all loud and getting too familiar too fast, I think I'd be like "K...maybe not." LOL! But she's sweet and by the end of the night, we decided that we wanted to go ahead with the trial period.

Tonight she kind of got a "trial by fire" with the whole family [minus Aldywn, who had an unexpected obligation pop up] with our family Easter party! The kids got dinner [where we learned that like Riley, Bri also doesn't eat anything with a face] and then they got Easter baskets! Lolita, Takeo, and I dressed as little bunnies and danced for the kids while they ate, so it was dinner and a show! The egg hunt was loads of fun because it was a nighttime hunt and they had to run around with their flashlights to find their eggs.

Nighttime Easter Hunt!

It was so much fun!! Of course, my sister and I knew where the eggs were because we had hidden them, but the kids had a blast running around and finding eggs. Payton is super good at egg hunting and found them in no time flat! It was so so cute to watch them running around.

After the hunt, we all posed together to take a family picture. I'm the bunny in pink and Abby and Brianna are behind me. Takeo is holding Riley and Payton, and Lolita and Raven are on the end.

Day 358 - Let's Bunny It Up!

Once the pictures were done, we went to Easter Town and there was Peeps racing, egg floating, and another egg hunt! We had so much fun! I'm not sure why some people would choose to go there dressed in skanky clothes with dirty AOs, or feel the need to be cursing like maniacs on voice, in a place that is obviously designed to be more family friendly in nature, but well... I guess it is what it is. :)

All in all, it was a terrific night. Brianna seemed to keep up with us well, and everyone likes her. The next big step is for her to meet Aldwyn so I can see how they get along. I think he'll like her, and people can't help but like Aldwyn, so there shouldn't be any problems. After that, then I guess we'll start looking for a bigger house so the girls can have their own bedrooms. They're sharing right now but if everything goes well and Brianna officially becomes part of our family, I'll want them both to have their own spaces and our current house only has two bedrooms.

Lots to do, but for now, sleep. :)

Monday, April 14, 2014

Day 357 - But not to sell!!

So one day about a week or so ago, Abby told me, "Did you know we don't have a fridge?" She went to look for food and there was none! Oops!! What can I say? We eat dinner at the Oleanders' house sometimes and we sneak food home that way. :) But I'm trying to be a good mom, so today we got a new fridge. Abby was so happy, she immediately grabbed a glass of orange juice.

Finally we have food in the house!

We were in the backyard when Daddy Z came home and then she hit us with a question. Would we consider adopting a sibling for her?


We're not against the idea, of course. But we are extremely picky! Any kid we adopt would have to meet certain criteria, like being more of a dedicated child [we have noooooo desire at all to be SL grandparents] which I know can sometimes be harder to find. We lucked out with Abby because while she does have a Big, she very very rarely uses that account. They have to understand that pretty much everything we do as a whole family takes place after 7pm SLT. If they have to be in bed by 8pm SLT, that'll never work. We'd want them to be between 6 and 10 years old. Abby doesn't mind being a big sister, but we would rather have someone closer to her age.

But, in the middle of our talk, both she and Daddy Z suggested we try it the old fashioned way.


Day 357 - But not to sell!!

Yeah. That's NEVER gonna happen.

Also, she isn't allowed to sell her sibling. Yes. We did have to make that a rule.

Monday, April 7, 2014

Day 356 - Only Eight??

Eight months ago, I woke up to what I figured would just be an ordinary day. I logged in and had an offline with a landmark. The landmark took me to a question, and that question led to me taking a huge leap, and that huge leap has led into the best eight months of my SLife.

Day 356 - Only Eight??

Can you believe that it's only been eight months since I have been part of the most awesome family ever?? It feels like I've always been with them! Our family has changed over the past eight months, and I'm sure it'll change again in the future because change is inevitable, but I am still so happy with how everything worked out!

Sometimes saying yes is the best thing ever. ♥

Sunday, April 6, 2014

Day 355 - Oh Myyy!

"Say what?? I forgot I'm wearing demo pants? Oh myyyy!"

Day 355 - Oh Myyy!

It's been quiet ever since we got back from our vacation. Abby has been working hard on understanding UV maps, Aldwyn has been doing RL boring stuff, and I've been fighting with my computer and SL so that I can do little things in world without crashing constantly. Doesn't that sound like fun?? :-p

I've also been thinking about Bluebonnet. I love this sim. It's been my SL home for over 5 years. We've had loads of parties here, got married here, started our family here, and Renee's garden is here. But I'm about to have a very large parcel opening up and I can't compete with the prices/discounts that other people can offer. Plus it looks like I'm starting to be one of the few sims that doesn't offer already terraformed parcels and neighborhoods. That's just never been my thing, you know? I LOVE seeing what my renters create on their parcels. The only thing I have been able to offer is a quiet home and a sim that usually changes with the seasons. The people who live here are quiet and we don't really get in each others' way.

So, if anyone is interested in a large residential parcel that supports just over 3100 prims on a family friendly, quiet sim, IM me! We'll talk price. Just remember that we're basically talking retail price and not discounts like the big land owners can offer. :)

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Day 354 - Living Our Dream

And so ends our lovely vacation to the Bahamas. Do you think if I just stand out there with this sign, they'll let me stay?

Day 354 - Living Our Dream

Probably not, huh?

So, this was my first big "immersive" family RP this week. Although we do little things here and there, most of the time Abby and I are just hanging out at home in a room or on a platform and chatting about random stuff, and when Aldwyn logs in he stands with us. Or just with me because he logs in after Abby has to go to bed. I really have to thank my Lolita and Takeo for getting us more immersed into it this week because well...they're just really really good at it! Plus, my sister is incredible at planning things and getting everyone involved. Way, way better than me, so I definitely learned from her this week.

Last night as I was getting ready to sleep, I was thinking about everything that I've done that has led me to this point in my SLife. As you guys have learned by now, this is not my first avatar, although it is the one that I've been on for wayyyy longer than I was on my first. I've done the club scene, and the fetish thing, and I've been a runway model, and I've been a super snarky blogger. I've just done all these random things that I've usually enjoyed, but most of it never truly fit me.

At our dance last night, Takeo played the song "Everything Is Awesome" and one of the lyrics is "Everything is awesome when we're living our dream!" I made the offhand comment, "I didn't even know this WAS my dream!" But thinking more about it, maybe this has been my dream all along. Maybe this is exactly what I was searching for in SL from the beginning. I can't remember ever being so happy in SL before. I've been happy, of course, but not like this. Not at all like this.

But, I guess it's time to get back to Bluebonnet. Vacations have to end some time, right? I want to make some springy Easter type nail polishes, and I know Abby is excited to get back to building to release some things in her store. And Aldwyn seriously needs to change his Bob Marley shorts. *laughs* Huge thank you and much much love to our Oleander family for putting together the vacation plans and just for being them. They are truly the best family anyone could ask for on this crazy grid!

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Day 353 - The Last Night

We're having a family dance to celebrate the last night of our Bahamas vacation. We're already planning on sitting tomorrow with signs that say "HELL NO, WE WON'T GO." This has just been the most beautiful, magical week. I have loved every single moment of it and I think it totally strengthened our bond as a family. ♥

Day 353 - The Last Night

Abby and Daddy Z - dance

Abby and Raven - Dance

Family Dance 3

Family Dance 1

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Day 352 - Almost The End

It's our second to last night here on our wonderful beach vacation. Tonight, we hunted seashells and ran all up and down the beach!

Seashell Hunting

There are some better pictures of us all on the beach, but I wasn't able to get too many because I was ridiculously crashy tonight. :(

After putting Abby to bed, Aldwyn and I headed to one of our favorite little spots on the island to relax and spend some time together. As you can see, I've gotten a little color since we have been on the beach this week!

Day 352 - Almost The End

Tomorrow night, we have our family formal dance to celebrate our last night on the island, and then Thursday we pack up and head back home. I have thoughts and observations from the past few days, but I'll save that for my final vacation post this week. :) Right now, I just want to listen to the waves and go to sleep. ♥

Monday, March 31, 2014

Day 351 - Beach Stories

I'm so so so gonna miss being on vacation when we go home on Thursday! It's really been awesome having the family around so much. :)

This evening, we're roasting marshmallows and doing stories around the camp fire on one of the docks. My sis is the best storyteller! We're still doing stories right now, so I'm back to listening!

Day 351 - Beach Stories

Saturday, March 29, 2014

Day 350 - Stargazers

We're having such a good time here on our vacation! I'm taking just a moment to blog. We arrived last night and we are staying in a beautiful place!

Our Vacation Home

Tonight, we had our first vacation dinner of tropical fruits and...donuts. But I didn't touch the donuts. I'm healthy!

Fruit and donuts!

Once the sun set, it was time for STARGAZING!! We got to see constellations including The Big Dipper, The Dancers, The Bra, The Banana, and more!

Day 350 - Stargazers

I'm going to go enjoy some more time with the family! I hope everyone is having a wonderful and relaxing weekend!!

Friday, March 28, 2014

Day 349 - Bahamas Bound!

We made it to the Bahamas!!!

Day 349 - Bahamas Bound

We are having such an amazing time already, there's no time to really blog! More tomorrow after I get the sand outta my pants! ♥

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Day 348 - But REALLY...

Awesome day! This post is kinda picture heavy today, but I'm sure you all don't mind. :)

As always, Thursdays are BUMBLEBEE night! We start off every meeting with some exercise!

Bumblebee Stretch!

Tonight was Space Night! Takeo taught us all of the planets [even the dirty sounding one] and Lolita told a space story about aliens! Takeo and I helped during the story by doing some moves. I think we're just this much closer to Broadway, really. After the story, we gathered up our little Bumblebees and headed off into space!

Bumblebees In Spaaaaace!

I don't know how other troops do it, but we always have a snack at the end of the meeting. Since I'm the den mommy, I always get to come up with the snack. And tonight's snack was milkshakes!

Bumblebee Snack Time!

Even though it was Bumblebee night, it was also PACKING NIGHT! I started packing before the meeting tonight. I SWEAR, everything is absolutely necessary. I mean, we're going to be gone from tomorrow night until next Thursday!

I really need all of this!!

After the meeting, I went to see how Abby was doing with her packing. All of this is also necessary. Including the 25 pairs of underpants she's bringing. *snickers*

She only packed a little, too!!

Before it was time for her to go to bed, she wanted to take a few things down. I just didn't realize HOW she planned on getting things down the stairs.

Oh...that's not good.

Aldwyn says she is totally my child.

But little girls need their rest, so we put her to bed so she can be bright-eyed and bushy tailed tomorrow. I ran down to the car to put a few things down. I think we might be in need of a bigger car soon.

This is totally safe!

By the time Aldwyn brought a couple of suitcases down, I had gotten my innertube strapped to the top of the car. I think he didn't quite understand the whole packing business. But REALLY...really... All of this is necessary!

Day 348 - But REALLY...

Tomorrow is going to be so so fun!

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Day 347 - Necessary

Do you ever let something annoy you long past the time you should devote any kind of attention to it? Something very minor happened yesterday to me and I've been chewing on it like it's an old nasty piece of gum that I just can't spit out. I haaate when I get into these little snits, but luckily it doesn't happen too often.

But it did remind me to be more appreciative of what's necessary in my SLife. family! Tonight we went over to the Oleanders' house for Taco Tuesday! Abby tried to tuck some tacos away to bring home since I never cook. *laughs* My sister is way better at feeding her family than I am! We even had sundaes for dessert. Riley must have put a whole cup of sprinkles all over her ice cream. Afterwards, we headed out to the lawn so the kids could play and we could chat.

Watching our kids

Takeo read a bedtime story to everyone about some mangoes, a monkey who was kind of a jerk, baby eating, and a crocodile who was not really down with mangoes. I'm sure their normal bedtime story reading usually goes better, but well, the Zanzibar side of the family is kind of...loud. We're sorry. [Not sorry.]

Ooh, I haven't mentioned it, but we're taking a family vacation to the Bahamas!! We have our plane tickets and passports already, but we have to shop and pack this week! Of course, Aldwyn and Takeo, being men, are basically taking just a ziploc bag of essentials. We girls are the ones who might need a separate plane to take all our gear! Does anyone know where to buy surfboards and waterskis that will work with kids, too? I'm just so excited for this trip! This will be our first big thing we get to do as a family and that makes it totally special to me.

But since we'll be leaving on Friday and coming back next Thursday, Lolita and Takeo wanted to get things for scouts set up in advance for this week and next week. That required a trip to get some things. While we were at the place, this girl showed up and just stood there. And stood there. Annnnd stood there. In her texture lingerie type thing and...TEXTURE BOOTS. She is over 7 years old but looked like she hadn't changed her clothes since her initial rez date.

You're from 2007???

And she plays Bloodlines. So there's that.

After saying goodnight to Lolita and Takeo, we settled into our skybox to chat until bedtime. This is also necessary in my SLife, time with Aldwyn so he can listen to me talk about whatever it is that is bothering me [or not bothering me. Really, I just tell him everything.] and I can relax.

Day 347 - Necessary

But as you can see, I'm exhausted. Goodnight!

Monday, March 17, 2014

Day 346 - Happy St Patrick's Day!

I haven't been in the best mood the past few days. But tonight my sis planned a St. Patrick's Day scavenger hunt for the family. It is IMPOSSIBLE to stay in any kind of a bad mood when you're around this family. We had the BEST time running around and knocking into people and getting stuff! [Well. Okay. I knocked into people. The kids were way better at it than me.]

Then we went back to the Oleanders' place and had cake and posed for a picture!

Day 346 - Happy St Patrick's Day!

I love them sooo much!! I am so so so lucky to have them as my family. They make me smile until my cheeks hurt! ♥

Friday, March 14, 2014

Day 345 - Just Like Heaven

I got some kind of not great RL news today. Oh it's not extremely horrible or anything. Everyone is alive and healthy enough and all that. But it's not news that we expected to come today. So I've been running around trying to help to get things in order for the next step. Things will be okay but my life will be different-ish for a bit until everything is settled.

I think that's when SL comes in really handy. First of all, my plurk friends? Amazing. SO supportive and a couple of them who are local to me had great advice and suggestions. And others simply had lots of virtual hugs for me, which are also awesome! Say what you want about plurkers, they are some of the most supportive and wonderful people in the world.

And of course, having my wonderful SL family is fantastic. I was able to come in tonight and dance with Abby and Aldwyn for a while. Then when she went to bed, she gave specific instructions to Aldwyn that he was to snuggle me tonight since I had a hard day. Bossy little thing. I don't know where she gets it from. *grins*

Day 345 - Just Like Heaven

We have a radio station at our house right now that plays a lot of 80s-90s songs, and the song "Just Like Heaven" came on as I was taking this picture, so that's why the title of my post today.

But I have to admit, it was great to just cuddle and talk about all kinds of stuff with Aldwyn for a couple of hours after everything that went on today. It really was just what I needed. ♥

[And because I love covers and Katie Melua...]