Thursday, March 26, 2009

Dancing Queen, young and sweet, a little older than 17...

There's a lot I could probably say right now, but eh. LOL Instead I'll talk about nice things, such as the awesome gift I was greeted with when I first logged in today. A gift that I probably would have missed given that I am SO BAD at reading notecards when I first log in. Luckily Sophia IMed me and told me to look. I had won one of the new dresses from Fishy Strawberry!

Fishy Strawberry is a store that I wasn't really aware of until pretty recently, but it is fast becoming one of my faves. I was so so excited to have won the new Dancing Queen dress!!

Dancing Queen

Dancing Queen - Back

Of course I had to get it in pink! Designer Fae Eriksen could NOT be sweeter. She was so nice when I IMed to tell her what color I wanted. :)

I absolutely love the texture of this dress. It shines in all the right ways! And of course I love the mostly open back because I usually wear a back tattoo and like to show them off. The best part, and something I wish all dress designers would do, is that there's a jacket layer of just the top of the dress to be worn with pants or another skirt. I just love that! A scarf and a matching bracelet are also included.

This cutie dress can be yours for just $225L. There are 5 colors available - black, bright blue, hot pink, silver and light gold. Go pick yours up and dance the night away!

Also shown in this post:

Skin: 'Meows In The Nude' by Belleza
Hair: 'Sienna' by Aden [there's a sale going on now! $50L a hair!]
Eyes: 'Marine' by Miriel
Shoes: 'Tease' by Kitties Lair
Poses by Pffiou
Back tattoo by me made with Photoshop brushes

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Anonymous said...

Gorgeous dress. I had spied it in your Crossword post. Texture does seriously rock. I'm going there. Now. :) Ty for leading me into povery and ruin btw.