Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Oh, just more pics.

As promised, more pics! LOL At some point I'll actually stop being distracted from writing real posts again. But what ARE real blog posts anyway? I suppose I could go on some diatribe about people who wear 250 prim wings and carry heavily scripted guns and genitalia to clothing fairs where there are more than 100 avatars running around and 10 billion textures trying to load. I could wax poetic about how beautiful Lamb hair is. I could even sit here and make vague comments about people who annoy me even though I know they are nice people. But I won't. Today, I like pictures. :)

Sophia and I needed a new job to support our shopping habits.

Our new job. lmao

But then Pumpkin wanted to turn it into a carnitas and raspas stand. So we made her get in there to cook the carnitas. She was understandably sad. I don't like cooking either.

Pumpkin can't cook, yo.

I got eaten by an alligator! But it's cool. I'm going to punch it from the inside and in about an hour, I'll have shoes and a purse.


But after I went to wash my hands, I slipped outside of the public showers. That's not good.


I love this hair, but I rarely wear it.

My puffy hair

Elle climbs in my lap when I blog. It's SO freaking cute.

Lap kitty

Soph and I were Loco Pocos avs one night. We spent far too much for what amounted to about 30 minutes worth of fun. LOL

Sophia & me being tiny

And here we are again, this time at the clothing fair yesterday, rockin' our 1 ARC avs and riding the drama llama.

Ridin' the Drama Llama

I think that clears my desktop for today!


Marnix Malifozik said...

That fourth pic, Alicia, makes it look like you were headed into the blokes' bathrooms.

Not a suitable place for a lady surely...

Pumpkin Saenz said...

I smelled like carnitas for THREE DAYS after those pics were taken

Alessandria S said...

So I was looking through your blog and saw the Raspas part.
You'll never guess what I was eating at that time!
Reading your blog is ..... like laughing therapy!