Thursday, December 16, 2010

Love Thursday

I know, I did my sappy Aldwyn post last month. But it's Thursday, and I haven't done a Love Thursday post in a while, annnnnndddd.... we've been together for 6 months today! :)

Porch time

Yesterday reminded me why I love being with him. Even when he's busy [and he is often quite busy], he makes time to listen to me. Not that what I have to say is usually so super important, but he acts like it is. :)

Oh, and let's not forget that he lets me tell Plurk that I'm over him sometimes several times in a day, is terribly terribly patient with me when I'm in my bratty moods, let's me throw his dog out when I'm mad, and thinks I'm funny when I curse. [Which is often.]

He's pretty awesome. I think I'll keep him. ♥


Aldwyn Zanzibar said...

I am never too busy to listen and spend time with such a sweet and wonderful woman. happy Anniversary baby!

Steven Grant said...

I am *sure* he is not acting when he acts like you are important. Men never act about such things. Really.