Tuesday, April 19, 2011

The Shadow Knowsssss

I like shadows in Second Life. At least, I like when I can get them to work and when people use them well in their photos. What bothers me is when people force shadows into photos when honestly, you have no idea where the shadows would have come from. Unfortunately, I was doing a style picture when I realized I had done just that. It's obvious I'm inside a loft. It's obvious that it's not sunny outside. So where in the heck would have all these shadows come from??

Well those shadows would never happen.

Oh well, it's still a nice picture. I just have to redo it with normal lighting for the style blog.

I know people would say "But it's Second Life, you can have ANYTHING YOU WANT." Well...sure. If you want. I prefer my lighting/shadows for the style blog be a lot more natural in order to show off whatever I'm blogging better.

So last night, Plurk exploded with Meeroos. Everyone was talking about them in some way - either to scream about how awesome they are, or bitch about how they're sick of hearing about them. I'm more in the second camp, but I'm not going batshit crazy to mute all the plurks. People have opinions and that's perfectly fine. Personally, I got so burned out on...um...the Breedables That Shall Not Be Named that I don't believe I will ever, EVER, MOTHER EFFIN EVER get involved with SL breedable pets again. Even if they're cute, even if I can play with them, I will not do it. In fact, if I do ever get involved with another SL breedable, I want someone to simply whisper, "Griffin & Sabine" to me so I know to step AWAY from the pixel pet.

Hmm. I shouldn't read plurk while I'm blogging. Now I want to talk about something else. I guess that will be the next post.

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