Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Day 32 - Drop It Like It's Hot

The title of today's post doesn't have much to do with anything, except I told Aldwyn earlier I was dropping it like it's hot.

Day 32 - Drop it like it's hot

We have a little vacation spot away from Bluebonnet that we got after the wedding. It always appears to be raining, though.

But, it's lucky that we have the spot because I have a scene to set up for a blog post I'll be doing soon. It's not for this blog, or the style blog. I'll let you guys know what it is later, though, I promise! It's nothing like I've done in SL before, which is pretty exciting for me, and kinda scary because I don't want people to be like "Oh. Look at that bitch, eating crackers like she owns the place."

Of course, some people are probably like that anyway, so whatever. But I don't want to share my news yet! :)

Hmm...Al is demanding my attention at the moment, and we've had so little time together lately, I better go!

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