Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Day 114 - The Best Yard!

My friend Emerald is pretty awesome. She's bright, witty, and the kind of writer I'd like to be one day. She's also one of the original Bluebonnet residents and has been on the island with me pretty much since I took it over. But the BEST part of being Em's friend and neighbor?

She totally has the BEST YARD.

Day 114 - The Best Yard

I have absolutely NO idea where she finds half of the things that end up in her yard, but I'm glad she does, because it's so much fun to look at!!


Emerald Wynn said...

LMAOOOOO! I found that Jesus AV on Marketplace and just sort of threw him up in the air. I keep meaning to blog it.

Your pic actually makes my yard look good!! :D

Deoridhe said...

I liked the dinosaur! I have pictures of me with that dinosaur.