Sunday, July 1, 2012

Day 116 - 4th on the 1st

Tonight I DJed for the Oleanders' 4th of July lake party! It was super fun!!

Day 116 - 4th on the 1st

There were water raft races...

Water Races



It was my first time being around a bunch of child avatars in SL, and it really was kind of refreshing! I realize that every community in SL has its own kind of drama, and the family community isn't much different than the fashion community in that way, but these people were just having such a good time and lots of fun. They were out there being goofy and laughing, not being a hermit or anything. It was really fun. :) Don't get any ideas, though. We're not going to be parents any time soon. As much fun as it seems to be to be in a family like that, neither one of us has the time to devote to that kind of roleplay.

Oh, but you know the funniest part? There were a LOT of men at this party!! I'm so used to our parties where there's 2-3 guys at most, and then a whole bunch of girls. It was kind of cool to see a bunch of dads and uncles bringing these kids to the party.

After a really great Sunday, it's time for bed!

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❤ Pey ❤ said...

Yay.. it was so fun at the party and your music is awesomes Ms Alicia! Thank you soo much! ~ Pey Oleander