Monday, February 25, 2013

Day 198 - Close Enough

The house is coming together slowly but surely. Tonight I spent time on the two bedrooms, primarily in the master bedroom. I just love putting out all the tiny things that bring a room together, like the tablet on his nightstand, and the glasses on top of the books on mine. It's just a small detail, but I think it makes such a difference in a room.

The outside...well, I haven't worked on it very much. I still haven't found the perfect garden set but that'll come soon. I did get to go to a new-to-me store thanks to one of my blog readers. [Hi Annaluisa!] Frog's Garden is a very pretty little store with some cute landscaping items. I didn't find exactly what I wanted, but I did find these flowers that are similar to bluebonnets!

Day 198 - Close Enough

They're not bluebonnets, but hey, close enough.

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