Sunday, March 17, 2013

Day 206 - Pink Is The New Green

Happy St. Patrick's Day! Well, for another hour or so, anyway. :) I like green and all, but I felt called by the pink instead. Mostly because I love these shoes and felt it necessary to keep them on. I don't really do much for St. Patrick's Day anyway. I kept seeing a lot of my plurk pals talk about eating corned beef and stuff, but I can't say I'm a fan of it. Oh, if someone makes it and puts it in front of me, I'll eat it, but I sure won't go out of my way to make it myself.

I really need to focus this week on finishing up our landscaping. Things just got all crazy in my RL for a while and I kind of put it out of my mind. And, if I'm being honest, it's one of those things where in my HEAD I can see exactly how I'd want it to look, but my skills...oh my skills. They are not awesome! But I'll try anyway because I'd really like to have it finished up soon. At this point, it'll be flippin' summer before I get it all together.

But for now, bedtime.

Day 206 - Pink Is The New Green

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