Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Day 320 - Well, that's romantic.

I've been pretty bored of our house lately. After I took down all of the Christmas stuff, it's been pretty bare. In fact, the best room in the entire house is Abby's room. She's has the cutest room!

My goggled girl

She asked me earlier if we could re-do her room after she gets back from camp, and I said that I was thinking about getting a whole new house. We headed out to Roost on the recommendation of some plurkers and totally fell in love with one of the houses there! It's a little smaller than what I have had in the past, but I think that it might work better for us. But it's pretty and green and each bedroom has a balcony. Plus there's a little closet that Abby already claimed as her own reading/nap room.

Since she went to bed early tonight, I took Aldwyn out to Roost to check the house to see if he liked it. He did, of course, because he obviously has good taste. We want to get the garage for it, too, if we do end up buying it. After I showed it to him, we went wandering around the sim. It's really a fabulous sim and we enjoyed our walk.

We did have a little trouble on the boat, though.

Day 320 - Well, that's romantic.

Me: Why am I up in the air?! This is like Shallow Hal!
Him: Hey! This is romantic as shit!
Me: Oh my god, why are you fat?!

Romance, y'all. We know how to do it.

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