Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Dress Up Challenge - Suggestion 5

Ok, I have to admit, this suggestion for the challenge threw me for a loop. :)

My friend Meara, who is quite the fashionista herself, suggested an "uber fashionista" look for me - clothes, new shape, everything. When she suggested it, I thought, "Oh, well that's easy enough." Turns out? Not so much easy!

It would have been completely easy to just run and deck myself out in head to toe Armidi or Cubic Effect and be done with it. But then I realized that doing that wouldn't make me a fashionista. That would make me a label whore. If there's one thing that I really don't like, and can spot easily, it's someone trying too hard to be "classy." Oh you see them all the time. It's like their look just screams "I spent money! I am better than you because of it!" The last thing I wanted to do is look like I was trying too hard.

But at the same time, it does kind of take a bit of money to be the Uber Fashionista. It has to because of the stores that they're expected to shop at, and the quality of the items they're expected to wear. Of course, with all the hunts and group gifts and whatnot, it's getting easier and easier to put together a wonderful look with very high quality items inexpensively.

The shape part of the challenge was the easiest part. I slammed the height slider up, the legs, hips and torso were made longer, and the chest was made smaller. For the face I was inspired by a few of the fashion bloggers and a designer that I admire.

So what did I end up with? A look that I think is fashionable, but hopefully doesn't look like I was trying TOO hard to be that way.

Dress Up Challenge - Fashionista 1

Dress Up Challenge - Fashionista 2

The main part of the outfit is called Malina, and it's from MichaMi, a store that I wasn't too familiar with before but most definitely will be returning to. The legwarmers and scarf are from Ce Cubic Effect. The belt was a Maitreya group gift from...who knows when. I don't remember, but I did darken it because it was brown. The shoes and hair are from ETD, because hello, sale! LOL The skin is from Minnu, and was given as a gift this summer. I just couldn't see buying a Minnu skin for the challenge because they look so horrible on my regular shape, so luckily I had this one in my inventory. Hooray for gifts! I think I look just hungry enough. :-p

I will admit, putting clothing on a super tall shape was amazing. Everything fit so much better. Those adorable leg warmers are going to have to be modded later for my regular shape because when I popped back down to being me, they were crazy looking!

Thank you, Meara, for the suggestion! It was really out of my comfort zone to do this, but I had so much fun and I have now seen some fabulous stores that I wasn't aware of before just by browsing fashion blogs and hopping around the grid. I don't think being a fashionista is really in my future, but at least I know now where to find some great pieces to work with my everyday look!


Anonymous said...

Great look! MichaMi is definitely a staple in my wardrobe and i love the way you've mixed in the scarf and legwarmers. I didn't even think about tinting that belt, though I have to admit I just found it during a recent attempt at cleaning my inventory, so thanks for the idea! Well done!

M said...

Yay! You look awesome! I have to admit I was starting to feel bad about throwing that challenge at you because you seemed frustrated with it, but I knew you could pull it off easy. Way to go! \o/

Casandra Shilova said...

Looks good :D

Savvy Avvy's Christmas hunt includes leg warmers that should work for you!