Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Oversized Shopping

I have a bone to pick today. [No no no, not Bone. Don't hit me, Sehra!!] As I've been shopping quite a bit lately for the dress up challenge, I've finally realized something that I have kind of thought for a few weeks now.

Shopping is getting to be too BIG. No, not just big in "Oh my god, everyone's shopping constantly!" But big in the size sense!

I understand almost everything in SL is oversized. Prim skirts are almost always hula hoops. Couches are so huge, a person looks like a 5 year old trying to sit. Couples poses are never "right" because you'd have to be a whale or a giant to get it to fit correctly. I get it. And you don't want your store to be TOO tight and small, because of camming. But good grief!!

First of all, let's talk landing points. You paid for a whole sim, good for you! Guess what? Most of us aren't there to look at your sim when all we want is a skirt. Forcing us to land on one side of the sim when your store is on the other side of the sim is just rude! I cannot tell you all how many times I've landed somewhere and asked, "Where is the store???" A lot of the time, I'll just leave. Hey, you don't want to show me where your stuff is right away, that's cool. There's someone else who wants my money. Put us at the front door. That way, we can go in and shop, and then explore your sim later if we have time. Artilleri is a store that I believe does this correctly. You land at the door, and then you can turn around and go check things out when you're done. Not only that, but there are scooters to ride around the sim! That's even more fun!

Second, what's up with having several buildings? If you only have 7 hair styles and 10 outfits, there's no need to have us walking halfway across a sim to look at things. Condense! ETD has a million hairs and a lot of clothes and accessories, and they're all nicely packed into one not-overly-large building. If you absolutely feel it necessary to have 10 buildings spread out all over, please provide a TP board so we can get where we want to be without getting frustrated. I promise you I personally will spend more money if I find what I need quickly.

And last - just the size of the buildings are getting enormous. If I have to turn up my draw distance to 400 just to see to the other side, it's too big. If I have to fly to get from one side to the other, it is too big. [I totally hate flying in stores, anyway. Personal preference.] The worst offenders of this are the people who make huge stores for 5 items. Honey, set up a tent. If you're going to have a gigantic store, you need to fill it up. And maybe you have aspirations to later fill it up. I don't know. All I know is that when I walk in to a huge store and see 4 things, I really start to wonder.

Maybe I'm the only one who has these problems. Maybe everyone else is happy with running all over a store to find one item. But much like my real life, I will spend more if you show me more without me having to jump through hoops. Maybe others are the same. Just a little something to think about.


Terri Zhangsun said...

I agree!

Sehra Kauffman said...


And, yes. Stores are getting so HUGE!

Tristan Micheline said...

Well said Ali I completely agree.

If I can't find the store or a tp board or clear directions you can bet I'll be taking my money to a more shopper friendly store.

Thank you for bringing attention to this. Here's to hoping the store owners will actually listen.

TeSa said...

NO KIDDING! I always wonder what they are thinking with their landing point, and while we are at it, why can't we face the entrance when we arrive? It'd not hard to set this up, and I will leave often too if I have to search to find the store, there are A LOT of stores.