Saturday, August 25, 2012

Day 131 - Nom nom nom!

I was preparing for another quiet evening in SL. I thought maybe I'd do some inventory cleaning...or some shopping to clutter up my inventory more. But Lolita mentioned that they were going to go play Pacman Munchman, so to heck with inventory cleaning!! I put some clothes on [I wasn't NAKED. I was just in my trampy dress from yesterday and I knew this would be a family friendly event] and went on over.

Day 131 - Nom Nom Nom

It was really fun!! You wear a HUD and when it's your turn, you just run run run through the game "eating" pellets and avoiding ghosts! I was surprised that I was actually good at this, but I always have been amazing at walking in SL. It's one of my few skills! :-p

It's been a pretty good weekend, even without my husband, but I sure can't wait to see him again!! ♥


Wild Bedrosian said...

Hi Alicia, where can I find this game?

Alicia Chenaux said...

Hey! I don't have the LM to the exact game, but it's here at Ember Games. They have other things to play as well. :)