Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Day 127 - It's like brand new.

You know, it's really hard to find a skin for a blonde man in SL. I never realized how hard until last night when Aldwyn and I were out shopping for one. I guess that's why most men in SL are "tall, dark, and handsome." It's certainly not all that easy to find a skin for a "slim, blonde, and good looking" man. We did eventually find one that would work with lighter hair and I really like it, but it's still kinda tan. Although, I will say, Aldwyn has become significantly LESS tan in the time we've been together. I guess my pale skin is rubbing off on him.

[That's what SHE said.]

Do you guys have ideas of where a blonde man could go to get a nice skin? We don't want like, vampire pale. Just...like my color pale.

But I will say this much. Every time he gets a new skin or a new hair color, it's like being with a brand new husband because in general, he doesn't change skin or hair that much because he's pickypants. Of course, we all know he's picky. After all, he waited for me, right? :)

Day 127 - It's like brand new


Deoridhe said...

The broadest color variations I've found are De la Soul; everything from dark chocolate to actual vampire pale with stops along the way for olive and reddish. He also includes most color eyebrows, I think. I know he does for the girls, but whether they're a tattoo layer or on the skin varies from line to line, I think. I mostly know the female skins, but he does male skins for every line.

Ry said...

Tricky needs to start making color options for men like he does for women. Someone tell the man that!