Sunday, December 1, 2013

Day 299 - But He Didn't Cry This Time!

So The Arcade started last night. I told Aldwyn that his buying me what I wanted on my list could be my Christmas present this year. Unlike the last round, my list was only 3 and a half pages long. Last time it was like 6 pages and I'm pretty sure he cried.

He's done so so well and my list now is just a little over half a page long now. Yay!!

Day 299 - But he didn't cry this time!

Of course, that does mean that he has lots of extras. But the family got together and we've got a Yard Sale going on over on Bluebonnet. There's lots of stuff, including some rare stuff. And I think it's all just priced at the gacha price, because we're not total jerks.

Speaking of people who are kinda jerks, though, I did have to return peoples' stuff from the yard sale today. It's probably my fault for leaving the land to public rez, but why would you go to someone's sale and rez your stuff when you don't even KNOW the owner of the land? That's just kinda rude. Especially since they were taking up like 300 prims. Nope nope nope. I probably would have let them had they bothered to ask first. Probably.

We've also reached that time of the year where I will never know what day it is. I've spent all day today thinking it was Monday. Sighs. Someone buy me a calendar, please. :)

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