Thursday, December 5, 2013

Day 300 - Catching Balls

So Tuesday, I was driving home from doing all kinds of various boring-but-necessary RL things and holiday music was playing and I thought, "You know what? I wanna have a holiday type party." Nothing too big and fancy because obviously I save all my "big and fancy" plans for the New Year's Eve Eve party. But just something fun and casual where people could get together and listen to some music and chat. And since I have new ice skates that Aldwyn got me from The Arcade, what better than an ice skating party??

I spent some time tonight fixing up a rink and playing with the weather maker that Aldwyn bought me forever ago. While I was doing stuff, Lolita and Takeo came over and she offered to let me borrow her skating system. So we had a lot of fun just chatting and skating around while I moved trees and stuff. :)

Day 300 - Catching Balls

Of course, you can't get the four of us together and the conversation NOT be crazy, so I spent more time laughing about things [like balls and riding snowflakes] than I spent actually moving trees, but that's fine by me! I'm gonna be stuck inside for the next few days, so you'll all get done.

If you'd like to come to our ice skating holiday party, we'd love to see you there! It'll be this Friday at 8pm SLT. Everyone is invited!

By the way, we still have our Arcade yard sale happening! There are soooo many things out there!! I'm crying because SL seems to have eaten pretty much all of my Tres Blah Arcade stuff, though. :( I managed to get a couple of things back from the yard sale, but ... wahhh!!! My cutting board and the bakeware and the cookie jars. All missing. Wahhhh!!!!! I've cleared cache and nothing. I did a clean install of Firestorm. Nothing. I even did a clean install of the latest LL viewer and...NOTHING. So not cool, SL. So not cool.

The only comfort I have right now is that this happened to me at the Arcade before last and at some point, everything just showed up again a month or two later. But by that time, I'd replaced everything that I'd lost so then I had duplicates. So...there's that.

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