Sunday, October 12, 2008

I wonder.

Uneventful Saturday. So, let's see some things I'm wondering about before I go to bed.

* I wonder...why there aren't more twins in SL. Considering how many times I've been asked for my shape & skin, and how many times people have tried to look just like me for no reason [get your own look!], I'm surprised I don't see more twins. I mean, how easy would that be to do, you know?

* I wonder...why designers think that making the "slender" miniskirts with the prim insert means they can use just one prim. I need to be able to adjust the front & back separately, thank you.

* I wonder...why it seems to be so freakin' hard for hair designers to make a decent blonde shade.

* I wonder...when people are going to stop charging so much for sculpted items.

* I wonder...why you can't sell 15 cents worth of $Lindens. LOL

* I wonder...what is going through some peoples' heads when they have been here for over 2 years and still look like they just walked off of Orientation Island. And not even the avatars of Orientation Island now. The ones from 2 years ago. I have a theory that it's because since everyone looked like a hot mess back then, and there weren't options to look super hot like there is now, so they don't think about it. But when they're looking around at other people, don't they ever think, "Wow. Why don't I look like that?"

* I wonder...if I'll be able to go to any of the Halloween sims without freaking out.

* I wonder...why "Mature" primtionary tonight ended up being so dull.

Ok, I've officially bored myself into being sleepy.


Anonymous said...


I agree with all of it except for the part about everyone looking like a hot mess two years ago. I am just over 2 and while the skins were not as good as they are now...there was still AMAZING stuff on the grid. I don't get the old noob look at all. blech


Emerald Wynn said...

I wonder if my AV will ever be able to walk in a straight line or even cam around without everything swinging wildly around like a drunk spinning teacups ride at Disneyland.

Thanks Linden Lab, for this most recent SL update. It's doing wonders for the Dramamine business, no doubt.

Tymmerie Thorne said...

OMG!! I thought the same thing about Mature Primtionary! I think if they didn't insist that the builds be R and X rated it would help more. Plus the game moved too slowly last night. You looked adorable, though!!!

Dyami Jameson said...

*I wonder...where the mystery blogger went to? He hasn't been spotted anywhere in a long time.

Alicia Chenaux said...

Soph - I said 2 years ago because last night we saw a few people from 2006 and they were all in Linden skins & Linden hair & Linden shoes. Never a good look. LOL

Em - I get the jitters sometimes in SL like I'm on speed. LOL But I do get my cam moving on its own too. If there's ever a fix for this, I will be sooooo happy!!!

Tymm - You looked good too!! We giggled when you appeared to fall asleep. It DID move really slow. I didn't even finish the game. I think most of us left after you did.

Dyami - Hey yeah...where DID that mystery blogger go?! It's like he just disappeared!

Aisuru Rieko said...

yeah, I was going to say that about 06/07 people, as I understand the history, SL had a huge boom in 06 because of an article on Anshe Chung that made a lot of people think they could make money in it (lol). but the oldbies, they're for 04... some from 03. I think the beta was in 02! they might have a little excuse because it was ass on a stick back then. but it was much better by the time the 06'ers got here.