Monday, February 23, 2009

Alone & some water thoughts

Quiet night

I spent a quiet night in SL tonight. Just me and the kitten, wandering around the island. It's kind of funny how often people think that I'm constantly surrounded by friends. Most of my SL is spent on my own, chatting in IMs as I do things. Oh, I know at any moment I could say "Someone come here" and they would, but I don't like to bother them much. Plus it's not like I'm ever REALLY alone when people are on the island. :)

I'm thinking about putting in some underwater stuff in the big space we have under the deck. It's just this huge empty space and I think it could use something. I saw this wrecked ship on Xstreet that I'm thinking about buying, because I think it would be kind of cool, but then I realized I have boats that I could just rip apart. And then I'll want coral and floaty plants and fish and all that neat stuff. I think it's just another way of keeping busy than anything else, but it would also be pretty. I haven't been to a beach in almost 10 years, and I've always been fascinated with sea life, so it would be nice to have.

My forearms have been aching lately when I type for too long, so if my blogs are shorter or further in between for the next few days, or if you talk to me in SL and I don't talk as much, that's why. I've had this happen before back when I used to write a lot more, and a few days of working out the muscles and not typing & using the mouse as much will do the trick. :)

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wrenling windlow said...

i have an idea for your underwater area - the mermaid ruins from balderdash!@! I love them so much.. really fun to find them on the oubliette sim too, as saiyge moves them around - look for the well, and go down the ladder. so beautiful!

should i have said - long time reader, first time commenter? lol