Tuesday, February 3, 2009

QueenKellee Has ROYALLY Amazed Me!

I have been blessed to have some wonderfully talented friends in my SLife. They amaze me every day with what they can do. So when my friend QueenKellee Kuu said "I'm going to make clothes and open a store," I had no doubts at all that what she would produce would be beautiful. And as it fits our Queen, her store is called Royally. Very fitting!!

But Kellee is not like a lot of designers that just slap things together and throw down a store just to do it. Oh no, this girl has been WORKING. A couple of months ago she dropped her very first creation on me. It wasn't finished yet, but she wanted me to see it because... It's named after ME! What a wonderful gift to me! Even if it hadn't been named after me, I would have loved it because it's the ballerina outfit that I've been searching for!!

Today she dropped the finished fatpack on me, and I just TORE into it because I was so incredibly excited!!

Royally - I love my outfit!!

Oh, I just LOVE it. I LOVE IT!!!!

In that picture I'm wearing the leotard and the solid skirt. But Kellee has THREE skirts included. The solid one, a fluffy tutu, and a layered skirt. And not only THAT, but the skirts have scripts for color changes! I'm wearing the purple & blue in my picture, so I could have had a blue skirt with a purple waistband, or a purple skirt with a blue waistband, or a blue skirt with a blue waistband... well, you get the picture. :)

I was so happy, I just had to run right out to her store to check things out.


Oh yes, it's a crown. :)

Cen and I had actually gone to the store ages ago, probably when Kellee first put it up, but of course it wasn't finished and the land wasn't as wonderful as it is now.

My outfit is the only one on sale at the moment. I couldn't resist posing in front.

Royally - Posing!

Each Alicia outfit is only $200L, and the fatpack is $700L. The fatpack comes with 4 special scripted skirts, so I think that's the one you should get. ;)

The texturing is just wonderful. Seriously great stuff. The skirts are adorable and SO well made. I mean, everything about this outfit just screams quality. You can't see the shading on the back of the leotard in my pictures, but it's really great!! Every wrinkle, every shadow, it's all exactly where it should be.

The skirts were also made using the latest RC, which has apparently fixed something in Windlight that has been forcing all of us to tint our prims, so while it might seem bright to you right now, Kellee's thought ahead to the future.

When you're out at Royally, be sure to walk around! There's so much cuteness out there!! I love being able to sit on everything.

Royally - O hai, chikin!

Royally - In the park

Currently the Alicia outfit is the only one available at Royally, but more is sure to come soon and I know I just can't WAIT to see what other luscious items Kellee puts out next!

Thank you, Kellee!! You've really made me your biggest fan!

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:D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D so glad you like it Ali!!! :D