Wednesday, July 1, 2009

It's finally a home

I'm pretty spoiled in SL. Not bratty spoiled [I think] but spoiled in that when I need something, someone is usually right there to do it for me.

As I've mentioned before, my good friend Noelyci built me a fabulous house back in April because I was in dire need of one and I'm exceptionally picky about most things. So he took my vague descriptions and built me a wonderful house that I simply adore. [You can buy it at his store too, along with lots of other nice prefabs. /end shameless plug]

But the problem was...I'm not good at decorating. I'm honestly not. My physical world house is just kind of there. I find something pretty, I set it down, and that's about it. No mesh to it. But no one really comes over so as long as it's clean, I don't care.

It was really bothering me that I was leaving this gorgeous house empty. Or semi-empty, as I've had bits and pieces of furniture and photos scattered about. But it just wasn't very well decorated, and it wasn't very me. Only I didn't know what I really wanted, and any shopping trips for furniture usually left me frustrated.

Enter my best friend Sophia. Yesterday she said she wanted to decorate a house or something. I told her that she could decorate my home if she wanted. I was casual about it, but inside I was actually jumping for joy because I so badly wanted this place done up.

I think she did an excellent job. :)

The view from upstairs.

View from upstairs

The living room area.

Living room

The kitchen.


The dining area.

Dining / Photos

The full bath, including my dressing area.

Full bath view

Closer view of the bathroom.


She knows my tastes and likes well. Nothing overly modern, and she picked up on my butterflies love. :) She also decorated my office, but I'm waiting to show that until I finish up in there, since I moved all my photos off the walls and put them in the dining area. Noel also built me a desk and some shelves because I couldn't find an office desk that I liked, so he put his skills to work for me again. See? Spoiled. lol

Oh, and the bedroom is my own to decorate. It's kind of like Graceland. No one goes upstairs unless I allow. :-p

I'm just so overly happy with how my house is now. I was spending most of my time in the house sitting on a counter. But most of the time I was just standing around outside. Now I'm perfectly happy sitting in my charming new living room or in my office. I'm so lucky to have friends like I do. <3

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