Monday, October 5, 2009

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I feel like we can't win with SL shopping lately. Most of my friends are bloggers/extreme shoppers. So when something new comes out, they're either given it immediately as a review copy, or they run out and buy it. Some people think, "Oh, if I buy it new, then I'm the only one with it." Nope. Sorry. By the time you get it, more than 20 other people already have it. You'll never be the only one, no matter how fast you rush to get it on release day.

And then there's sales. There have been soooo many unbelievable sales lately!! I certainly appreciate them, as I know many people do. It helps make SL a little more fun for those without a huge budget, and that's always a fabulous thing. But...does anyone else feel a little disappointed when a store has a crazy good sale and suddenly your $500L pair of shoes is $50L? It's getting to the point of me being scared to buy anything because a week later, it's half price or more! Not that I'm saying to stop the sale. Believe me, I'm NOT. I love love love sales. But um, a little advance warning would be nice. :)

But speaking of unbelievable sales that came out of nowhere, Pixel Mode is having a fabulous one right now. $50L on pretty much everything - INCLUDING her prefab houses. $50L + prefab houses = One happy Alicia.

I am not kidding when I say I have a prefab addiction. :-p

I have a problem...


I think I decided that we're going to live in the Fallingbridge one from Pixel Mode, but I need to make sure it's ok with Tyson [which I know it will be, considering he's the most easygoing guy ever and loves when I'm happy and supports my prefab addiction completely], and then we need to decide how best to set it up. We both really like the yard on our A.E. Worx skybox, so we'll have to have a yard. But the house is kinda primmy, so some skyboxes will have to come down and other things picked up because I have this thing about prims. lol Even though we can well afford the prims, I don't feel right using all of them up. I need a cushion for things like party rooms and yard sales and because I don't mind when my friends come over to open boxes or rez houses or cars.

I really did have something I was going to talk about, but it's completely slipped my mind. So um... have fun watching me morph into Adriana Lima!

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Casandra Shilova said...

oh good! I was wondering where to rez a cottage to look it over. Yay!