Friday, October 23, 2009

Uh...hello? Demo?

So I don't mean to be a complainer all the time, but doesn't it make sense that if you're going to spend THIS much on a shoe...


...that you are able to get a demo first?

I won't even buy a $100L hair without demoing it. As hot as I think this shoe is [c'mon, look at it. It's pretty!], I'd be so so so scared to buy it without a demo.

Well, and I'm a bit scared the price. There is that. :-p

Just my random complaint of the night. I should probably go to bed now.


Anonymous said...

yes i totally agree! i mean OMG it is cute and slinky and sexy and strappy and all that but i would hate to buy it only to discover that it looks icky on me or doesn't fit right at the ankle (like so many don't on me)!
For this price for criminey's sake give us a demo please! kk thanks! ;)
*goes off to drool thinking about the cute shoe*

Tymmerie Thorne said...

Now the franken-foot is getting ridiculous. Why do these even have a frankenfoot? There are no toes!! I swear this trend is going to leave me to wander the grid barefoot.

Gabby McCullough said...

I totally agree. I probably would have bought a lot more at the Moody sale if I could have demo'd. I don't get hard would it be to throw up some demos?

Shattered said...

Tymmerie - In this case it's because you cannot get that heelheight with a system shoe and "standard" shoe prims. Anything that high requires a fake foot and invisiprim combo.

And yes, I agree - their refusal to put out demos of anything is one of the major reasons why I will never buy their shoes, even with that delicious heel hight. If they're trying to prevent copybotting and theft by not using demos, I've already sent them proof in-world (which, funny enough, I did not receive any sort of response/thank you to) of their stuff being copybotted, anyhow.

Alicia Chenaux said...

Shattered - I also sent in a notecard once with photos & names & details of some SM ripped shoes and I don't even know that they ever opened the card. LOL

I have no idea why demos are not offered. Every other shoe designer does them, especially if they have a prim foot attached that needs to be tinted. You have to be sure you can even tint it properly!

And Tymm... I don't know what to tell you about your prim feet dislike. LOL But there are a few designers who still don't always put in a prim foot, so don't worry. You'll still have a few shoes!