Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Creative Fantasy!

I was chatting with my friend Grant this morning and he said that someone had shown him a "Squirrel picnic" in SL, and if I turned my sound up, I could hear them get drunk. Well, heck. That's all I needed. He gave me the LM to Creative Fantasy at Shadow Brook and off I went to see some squirrels.

And there they were...just having a GREAT time!

Shadow Brook - Squirrel Picnic!

Sooo cute! And you could hear them hiccup and everything! I sat there for ages just watching them. But as I looked around, I realized I was in a really pretty sim, so I set off to look at stuff.

Shadow Brook - Wide shot

It really is just a super pretty sim, and you can buy almost everything that's out there - trees, flowers, houses, etc. Some of the prices are pretty fair, but some things are just a *little* more expensive than they I personally thought they should be. But the sim itself was gorgeous and so fun to walk around. If I had an extra sim [and if I ever win the lottery, I am totally buying myself another sim to just play with], I would want it done up kind of like this, with lots of foliage and pretty stuff. :)

And animals! Like foxes!

Shadow Brook - Hi foxes!

And bears!

Shadow Brook - Hi bear!

Shadow Brook - Mmm marshmallows!

Like I said, the place is really really pretty, so definitely go check it out. There are neighboring sims that are more for winter and summer, but still owned by the same person, and just as pretty. I may end up going back out there to shop, but it definitely gave me some ideas on landscaping if nothing else! :)

Shadow Brook - I love this arch!


mistyforeverlost said...

and the creator of all that (can't remember her name off hand) is really really nice. When I had mystical serenity, she de-scripted some animals for me since it was on a homestead. Very helpful and friendly.

I'm so glad to see her blogged, she was actually my inspiration when I started making my own plants. Amazing place!

Wilma Delgado said...

Julia Hathor! She is great and just a sweetheart!I have many of her creations. I fell in love with her winter sim. I'm glad to see someone blog her...she deserves many kudos!