Tuesday, October 6, 2009

New House & Life Is Good

So yesterday when I logged in, my adorable Tyson was attempting to create a yard in the sky for the Fallingbridge house I decided we should use. But unfortunately, that house was never designed to be a skybox. Not one bit. LOL So after talking about it, we decided to join the majority of the Bluebonnet residents down on the ground because I so badly wanted to use that house. I picked up the beach house and we set to work putting the house down. But much like my ass in my pants lately, it was too big for that little plot of land. I decided that Tyson should learn to terraform and be the man and fix it for me. :)

I'm a pretty crappy teacher, though. I'm sorry, honey. LOL

Tyson's terraforming

Luckily for me, he's really smart and after a bunch of adjustments, and a visit from Sophia, SySy, and Dezi, we finally got the house situated on a lovely little hill.

New house

I so love this house! The fun part is going to be decorating it together and landscaping our new yard. :)

We moved from a beach terrain to one more autumn grassy on the island recently, but before that, I had noticed a bunch of gorgeous autumn trees popping up around the island. I decided to go inspect to see where people were getting their trees so we could have some similar to "match" the rest of the island. I stopped over at my friend Lolita's place first and she had some trees from Heart, which I am familiar with, and some trees from a place I've never heard of called Life Is Good. So I decided to run out there first.

And yes...there are trees...

Life Is Good - Trees

But there is so much more! I was really amazed at how completely lovely and fun the whole sim was. They don't just do landscaping items, they even do furniture, shapes, and poses. Plus they had a swing and a ferris wheel and one of the best streams I've heard in a while was playing in the background. Check out some pics. :)

I love these little birds, but I don't make too many big purchases close to tier time justtttt in case. :)

Life Is Good - Birdies!

Pretty underwater stuff!

Life Is Good - Underwater

A really cool art gallery.

Life Is Good - Art gallery

Stopped for lunch.

Life Is Good - Picnic

Cute furniture!

Life Is Good - Furniture

Yay, there's a ferris wheel!!

Life Is Good - Ferris wheel!

The ferris wheel has piggy seats. :)

Life Is Good - Piggies!

Did I buy anything? No, but I saw lots of things I eventually WANT to buy! I highly suggest going out to this sim to look around and hang out, even if you don't end up buying anything. But all the stuff is super cute, so you should totally shop there. :)

Life Is Good - Moon


♥ Lolita ♥ said...

I totally love that place! *Giggle* I started working on my under water world after I saw that one. I did get those sky towers and placed them on my property. I just need fish! *giggle* Your pictures are so pretty. I loved those birds too. (( HUGS ))

:: Lolita ::

Joonie said...

Ali..I love the house and your place. Great to see you happy.

Enjoy decorating. I've been to that place! Cool stuff! I'll need a bajillion lindens before I return.


chestnut rau said...

I got that bird house last week! I love it.

realtor from Vancouver said...

Hi. Very nice pictures. I'm always amazed what can be done in 3D. The new house and the landscape around reminds me that inspiration can be found also beyond the real world. Moreover, you created really wonderful atmosphere of this year period which is my favorite period of year.

Good luck,