Friday, February 11, 2011

Are we there yet?

In my physical world, my house kind of sucks. Oh, it's big enough, and it's nice, but I've never taken an interest in decorating it. I have some items above the fireplace that I move out of the way when I dust. I have two small prints hanging on the wall in front of me. My bedroom looks like a Jersey Shore cast member lives there. I've just never had an interest in decorating, and I never felt like I knew what went together anyway.

But in the past year, I've REALLY learned to love decorating in SL. I guess maybe because the home & decor genre had gotten so good. Yeah, a lot of the time it's the same sculpts being used by many stores, but sometimes you come across people who use the sculpt kits in a very nice way.

A few weeks ago, I showed Ulaa a photo of a house I liked. She's been battling a pretty heavy flu, but managed to work on it, putting her own spin to the design. It came out sooooo amazing. I have never loved a house as much as I love this one. It'll be blogged over in my style blog when she's ready to release, so I won't show pics [although if you're on my plurk, you've seen pics here and there], but I was upstairs decorating and noticed just what a beautiful view I have from my bedroom balcony.

Bedroom view

My island and my new house are exactly what I needed this week. It's been so freezing cold here, but spring is on its way, and soon there will be green beauty in both my worlds. And who knows? Maybe I'll even bring my SL decorating sense into my physical world.

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