Tuesday, February 8, 2011

If you lived here, you'd be home by now!

I'm sitting here killing time before I head off to zumba tonight, so I thought I'd blog some stuff. Aren't you happy?! LOL

As everyone knows, I have a residential island. I normally just rent parcels to my friends because it's easier that way. But, the last time I blogged that I had an open parcel, it turned out awesome because I got Lolita as a renter, and I didn't know her before that. :) So hey, why not try it again? I have an open parcel! It's 7936sqm and has 1816 prims. The island is fairly quiet, we change terrains for the seasons, and the neighbors are amazing! It is residential only, but I don't mind if you keep your Marketplace boxes there. Breedables are allowed as long as it doesn't get out of control and lags up the sim. :) You have terraforming rights for your parcel, and you manage your own access list. If there's someone you really hate, hey, let me know and I'll simwide ban. LOL

If you're interested, IM me in world and I'll be happy to show it to you and discuss money. :)

Whew, now that all that business stuff is out of the way...

I've been trying to get better at Photoshop stuff. I don't know, I just don't have the patience/talent for it, but I do try. Last night as we were winding down for the night, I was playing with shadows and stuff and I snapped a picture of Aldwyn and me. Then I photoshopped the SHIT out of it. Someone else could have done more, I think, but I used all my minimal skills to try to make it pretty. This is the unedited shot:

unedited version

And then.........

Pretty butterfly

Go me! LOL!

Maybe one day I'll get better at making everything all smooth and pretty. I see some of the work my Flickr contacts do and it is oh my God amazing. I want to ask "How did you DO that?!" but somehow I don't think that all of them would be willing to sit and teach someone who can barely use the curves function in Photoshop. If anyone knows any good tutorials [I like video tutorials a lot], please pass them on. It would be much appreciated!

Oh. And if you think Aldwyn and I are always sitting around, gazing at each other... it's not true. Sometimes he attempts to run me down with a bus.

Short bus!

Seriously - who WOULDN'T want to live on Bluebonnet with all this fun that goes on!?

Oh. Don't answer that. :)


Emerald Wynn said...

Wow, what kind of ass would lag up the sim with a bunch of breedables?


Alicia Chenaux said...

LOL!! Actually, your cats were really low lag. I was surprised, since the chickens were like, enough to bring down the sim on occasion. Way to go, progress!!