Wednesday, November 2, 2011

A game to play!

I've been a premium member in SL since 2008. Most people would say it's worthless, but I've never really thought so. I like my little stipend, my Linden house has come in handy on occasion, and on the rare times I've needed support, my tickets have been answered super fast. When they came out with the premium sandboxes and the free furniture for premium members, that was even better! And now there's a little game in the works for the premiums! I think it's pretty much in the alpha stages right now, but it's kind of fun!

In the game

You're fitted with a HUD when you go in, and then it tells you what to do. Basically all I did was run around collecting crystals and trying to avoid rock monsters.

Oh yes. Rock monsters.

Rock monster!

You have to RUN from the rock monsters! If the rock monsters kick you around too much, you get sent back to a "safe" point. Same if you fall in the toxic water or get hit with fireballs! And if you detach your HUD during the game, you get sent home. But you don't lose any of your crystals because when you come back, your HUD reattaches itself.

Now I don't want for ALL of SL to be like a game. I really don't. I like the way it is - a community of people, a place to shop, a place to be creative and loud when you want to be and quiet when you want to be. But I DO like the idea of little fun game places to go into in SL. When I was a teen, I used to like to go play laser tag and it was really fun to run around, getting immersed in the game. This kind of feels like that to me. A game to play in my world where I can be immersed in it for a little bit and then teleport back home easily.

Now if I can just find more blue and green crystals....

Edit: I forgot to put a SLurl & Hamlet yelled at me. Go right here if you're a premium account. If it lands you up top where the gift is, follow the green beam down and walk through the crystal looking portal thing. Then your adventure begins!!

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Unknown said...

Yeah but there are no other things to do after you start collecting for Green and Blue crystals. NO further info