Thursday, November 17, 2011

The Wife Thing

So now that things in my life have finally settled down a bit, it's time to go back to doing the wife thing. Although I know Aldwyn is capable of it, I like to be sure to take care of things like laundry. I mean, you guys just don't know how much clothing we go through in a week! Well, okay. How much clothing I go through in a week. I keep trying to keep to a budget since the economy is not that great, as we all well know, and not just run out and buy new clothes every time something gets dirty. But isn't it REALLY better for the economy if I just shop???


While things were washing, I figured I better clean the kitchen up some, too. Since I was trying to do something to the backyard, I ended up tracking in a lot of dirt as I ran back and forth. I'd hate for Al to get home and see all the dirt and hit me.


I was going to do more cleaning after I finished up with the kitchen, but....


What? It's a big kitchen.

After my nap, it was time to do more laundry. Like I said, we go through a LOT of laundry around here. [I blame Aldwyn for not leaving me his wallet so I could just go buy new things. But for some reason he likes to go shopping with me. I think it's so he makes sure I don't buy anything ugly that will cause him to hit me.] The problem with laundry day is that then I have to find SOMETHING to put on. So usually, I just end up like this.

So obviously laundry day

Gogo said I should blog the look. I think it's part of her evil plan to make sure everyone looks worse than her.

I hear my dryer buzzing and so I guess I should go. Al should be home soon and I'll need to be wearing something nice or he might hit me.

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