Sunday, March 4, 2012

Day 55 - The Photographer

Back when we were getting married, our close friend Rylan offered to take a couples photo for us as a wedding gift. I always appreciate fabulous photos, and Rylan is totally amazing at what she does. [See her Flickr??] But unfortunately, it's been like moving mountains to find a time when all 3 of us are online and able to do it. [She and I are in the same time zone but Al is two hours behind us.] Luckily tonight everything lined up and we were finally able to catch up with her!

Day 55 - The Photographer

I cannot wait until we get the finished picture!! I know it'll be fabulous because, unlike me, she actually takes time with her photos. I'm more of the Snap-PS-Done type of person.

You know, I'm so lucky that I have some awesome photographer friends in SL. I've never had to pay for a professional photo, I've always gotten them as gifts, or I've sat for photos because someone wanted to build their portfolio or wanted to try out their Photoshopping skills. Believe me, I am totally grateful for them because I do so love awesome pics of my avatar!

Okay, I'm yawning up a storm now. Time for bed.

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