Thursday, March 8, 2012

Day 58 - Well, what did you expect?

A day late, a dollar short. Is that how the saying goes? In any case, I skipped yesterday because I was ass deep in sorting stuff out for some events I need to blog within the next couple of days, and as Aldwyn could tell you, our living room reflects it. It's totally totally a mess of boxes and bags in the house.

But, I took some time away from all that to hang out with Ulaa and Rylan this afternoon. That hardly ever happens because our schedules are a lot different and we're usually only able to really chat in private plurk. We decided to get nostalgic and headed to Gurl6 [I know, right? I'm forever surprised it is still open, too!] and we laughed at all the hairs that we remember so well. But just as we were wondering if anyone is still actually buying the hair there, this girl popped in.

Day 58 - Well what did you expect?

Well. That answers THAT question.

So speaking of skipping days in my little project here, I'll be skipping several this coming week. I'm finally able to go on a little vacation for a few days. I'm so happy to be getting away for a bit, I could scream. It's only for a little bit [Thursday - Sunday] but I'm excited. :) Only preparing for the trip requires some time since for the past few years, I've barely had the chance to REALLY buy any new clothes or shoes for myself. I might pick up a t-shirt or some flip flops if I see it on sale, but as you all know, a trip requires NICE clothes! And maybe new perfume. LOL Yeah, going all out!

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