Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Day 69 - I should learn something

I was hanging out for a bit with Ulaa and Rayvn while they finished up a collaborative project. I'll be blogging it later. [Because they threatened me.]

Day 69 - I should learn something

But as I was sitting up there watching them work, I started thinking, for probably the 84,000th time since starting SL, that I REALLY should learn to do something. I mean, yeah, I used to build random junk, but it was never anything that great. I've been told to get sculpt kits and start piecing things together, but I'm actually not quite sure how to go about that. Maybe I should start to learn? I dunno.

Oh, but speaking of random crap I used to build, remember the Blingis? It was that blinging freenis I built after a silly group chat one day. When Marketplace came out with that direct delivery thing, I wanted to play with it. So, I threw the Blingis 2.5 on the marketplace just to see how the direct delivery thing worked for merchants. [The 2.5 has extra bling & shoots. know what it shoots.]

Imagine my surprise and amusement when I got the email that I'd actually sold one! In fact, I've sold 5. I'd actually meant to unlist it the night I put it up but I think I might just leave it. It's a funny little thing, and I'm sure there are people out there laughing and shooting their friends with it. It's copy/transfer too, so hey, give one to a newbie?

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