Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Day 218 - Har-RUMPH!

You'd think that my dear SL husband would want to spend ALL his spare time with me, but you'd be WRONG. He went on a trip this week and did not even submit the proper paperwork for taking vacation time! I feel like I should be screaming, "Ashley Katchadourian, you were supposed to be watching the door!"


Day 218 - Har-RUMPH

I still have like 3 days before he gets back. I should try to get into some mischief while he's gone. Like...go to clubs and go push people around in stores and...

Oh. Let's face it. I'll just send him stupid song lyrics on Kik and play Skyrim. But I COULD get into mischief without him, and that's really what counts, right? :-p

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