Monday, April 29, 2013

Day 220 - My 3 Wishes

It's time again for a Berry Meme Monday! I just love these. I really enjoy talking about stuff, but sometimes I just have NO idea what to talk about! This one is a fun topic: My 3 Second Life Wishes.

Day 220 - My 3 Wishes

1. I wish tier was lower. I know, I know. Everyone wishes this. But even though I'm very blessed to have an island, and I'm very very lucky to have the people I have living there, I still dream of having an island just for Aldwyn and me one day. I want to landscape an entire island just for us. I feel like more people would have islands if tier was lower and that could only lead to more beauty and fun in Second Life. We can dream!

2. I wish I had skills. I would LOVE to create in SL. I would make so much furniture and landscaping stuff and jewelry if I only had the skill! It's not that I haven't tried, believe me. But there are some people who pick up these things easily and some who do not, and I am a do not. :-p Plus, I have like no artistic talent at all, so doing textures and whatnot would be ridiculous and everything would look like a hot mess. I'd like photography skills, too. Or at least social skills!! I think that I am a decent enough DJ, but not social enough these days to be able to throw parties like I used to, and my RL schedule doesn't allow me to work at clubs. I would just like to be able to do something!

3. I wish people I didn't like would leave SL. Hahahahaahha.... sorry. Had to say it. Okay, let me cross this out.

3. I wish people loved SL in the way that I do. Despite the lag, and the viewer problems, and the bits of drama here and there, I adore this world. I hate when people say mean things about it. And if they DON'T like it or don't want to be here, I wish they'd leave and just...go away. Don't stick around talking about how they're not in SL any more because of *insert whatever overdramatic issue here*. I see it on plurk sometimes. People are excited about something in SL and someone else has to pop their head in to say "I'M NOT EXCITED BECAUSE SL SUCKS AND I LEFT IT AND I'M NOT IN IT AND Y'ALL ARE STUPID BECAUSE YOU'RE EXCITED ABOUT SL STUFF." No. Go away. Shoo. This world is big and beautiful and sure, it has its problems, but it's Second Life. It's ours. As with anything, it is what you make of it. If you expect problems, you get problems. So stop and get in there and enjoy what we have while we have it!


Anonymous said...

Yes, yes, YES to the negativity! Nope, it's not perfect, but it's perfectly ours to make of it what we will :)

As for the DJing thing, there are clubs who will hire DJs who can just do fills. Like when a DJ can't make it or doesn't show up. Hmmm...would I know of a club like that? *winks*

Strawberry Singh said...

Oh man, I totally agree with both your #3s, lol! All these people just need to leave and be gone forever! :P