Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Day 234 - Shawty Get Loose

I don't realize just how big our height difference is until we attempt a couples animation.

Day 234 - Shawty Get Loose

The thing is, our actual height difference is about a foot or so, and I have always loved tall men. So I don't REALLY want to change anything, but oh my god. Couples poses and dances are hell to adjust. Not the poses quite as much as the dances, but ugh.

The dances or other animations are probably made on default height avatars, right? I don't know much about that. But please, can someone make poses specifically for tall guy/short girl couples?? I know we're not the only couple like this out there! I'd do it myself, but the one time I tried to make a couples pose, it was just totally crazy looking.

In other news, we went to check out a bit of SL10B. It was... Well, I don't know. Maybe we were in a bad area. It was just a total mess of old textures and big prims and people doing a lotttt of "Omg, look at my face." Of course, this is how it was the last time I went, which might have been SL6B. But then again, it's probably not a good thing that it looked almost exactly like SL6B when it's SL10B, huh? I crashed several times, so I'm sure not all of the event looks old.

Yawning soooo much. Goodnight!

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Lourdes Denimore said...

Yep, Sal and I have the same problem and its worse when I'm wearing flats. I've pondered just adding a soapbox to the couples pics we take where its a real issue. LOL