Friday, June 28, 2013

Day 236 - Crazy Eyes

Oh my god, could I look more crazy in this picture? My eyes look ridiculous and ... Well, whatever. It's 2:30 in the morning and I'm coming down from some caffeine I accidentally drank.

Day 236 - Crazy Eyes

Tonight I was invited out to see my friend Kirsten's home. It was so much fun to finally meet her in world [we're plurk friends] and to see her home. I even got to meet her cowboy! I don't get out a whole lot to peoples' houses, but I think that's mostly because most of my friends live on platforms where they build or blog and well...that's kinda not as interesting. :-p

But it made me realize that our own home is quite unfinished. Basically we've got pigs and a couch. Almost everything I have shown you guys was specifically set up for a blog post and that really makes it a lot less personal, you know? It's PRETTY, but it's not terribly personal, and a lot of the time my "sets" are torn down right after I finish the photo. [Except for the fact that I have 3 of Barneworth's skyboxes up in the air and I have junk in each one. I really need to clean the air space at some point but I forget about it unless I'm up there.]

So since Aldwyn was not able to be in world tonight, I spent my caffeine fueled evening decorating our bathroom and finally setting up our bedroom. Neither room is finished because I got caught up looking for mirrors in my inventory, but they're well on their way. I still have to finish our living room, too. And the dining area. And our kitchen is COMPLETELY empty. I need some really good kitchen stuff. I probably HAVE really good kitchen stuff and just don't realize it. Has anyone made any amazing mesh kitchens?

Oh my goodness, I'm yawning like crazy. Bedtime!!

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Kirsten Corleone said...

I never put a kitchen or a toilet in my houses in SL. I just make game rooms or play rooms or a bar (or my GIRL room!!!). I feel honored to be in your blog! Thank you for visiting. =)