Sunday, September 15, 2013

Day 268 - Dream Baby

Oh my goodness, what an evening!

I've been meaning to sign up for the SL Home Decor Tour that Tymmerie has been putting together. We did a similar thing back in 2009 just for our little group and it was so fun! [Although I think I didn't participate because I didn't actually have a house or something. I don't know. That was a weird year.] I definitely wanted to do it this time because I thought it would be the final push I needed to get our home finished up, and because you don't get the list of SLurls of participants unless you participate yourself. Let's face it, I'm nosy! :)

So I signed up. But in doing so, I started to get a little nuts.

I do home decor posts on occasion on the style blog. I enjoy it, but here's a little secret. When I do a decor post, often times, it's just a LOT of stuff popped into one little corner of a room. Just one little corner. The rest of the room is bare. So while people may see it and think, "Omg, that room is awesome!" It isn't really. It's half a room, or a fourth of a room, that's awesome. And as great as that is for blog posts, it's not that great for living in!

If you happened to see my post on last month's The Garden, I still had that set up in the room, so I decided to expand upon it and turn the room into a small computer/tv room. Of course, I crashed about 320948 times because I keep getting the "Textures discarded due to insufficient memory" notice every few minutes [Can someone PLEASE help me with that?!] but I managed to get it done. I have ONE more room to finish up this week, plus fix some of the landscaping, and then we'll be ready for the tour.

BUT, I still have to set up a party area, too! Our anniversary is coming up this week! We'll be having a party on Wednesday the 18th at 8pm SLT. I can't wait!

Only tonight... I'm pooped out. It's definitely time for bed. Moving furniture is hard work!

Day 268 - Dream Baby

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Unknown said...

I found this the other day with regards to the "insufficient textures" crashing deal.I use Firestorm and it seems to be working (so far) I hope that it helps... I really enjoy your blog btw. :)